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  • Mini Lan Cable Tester

    MT-7058 - Prokit's Industries Co., Ltd.

    Complies with CE safety standardAutomatically detect good connections, opens, crossed wires & split pairsTest RJ45 TIA568A/B (AT&T) 258A), 10 Base-T, Token ring, RJ-11/RJ-12 USOC and coaxial BNC cablePin to pin cable map indicatorNon-contact voltage detection for user safetyTraces wires with tone & remote lights allows one person operationCompact size and lightweight design for easy to carry aroundCircuit Protection for both units to ensure the testing qualityLow power consumption with auto power off function to preserve batteryLong cable test more than 300 meters

  • Mini Lan Tester

    21-8580N-0 - LANTAC Techtronics Co. LTD

    Auto decipher the link status is NIC or Hub.?The deveices is working in 100 Base -TX Full Duplex 10 Base-T Full Duplex or Half Duplex?The deveiceis transmitting a pack or not?Data transmitting error has occurred

  • Mini Lan Tester

    21-8572-00 - LANTAC Techtronics Co. LTD

    Auto decipher the straight and cross-over pinning?RJ45 each pair connected display.

  • Missile Servo Tester

    Chaban Electronic Ltd.

    The test equipment is based on PC platform, and Combines standard off-the-shelf items suchas data acquisition cards, etc., with specializedbut modular hardware And softwarecomponents that are developed at Chaban suchas drivers for cards, self-test programs, Operating unit, and a specialized PC generalPurpose cards and Adapters and signalsmultiplexes cards. This combination of uniquecomponents provides the Test equipmentmaximal control of the missile Components andthe testing environment concurrently performsall acceptance and diagnostic testes of theRafael's newest servo Missile System InATEasy software environment.

  • Missile Servo Tester

    Chaban Electronic Ltd.

    In this field as in others, Chaban group, Israel'sLeader in the development, production andmarketing of universal, automatic testaquipment (ATE), Provides you with theoptimal solutions for the Development andmanufacture of Rafael's newest Missile Servounit. The test equipment is based on PCplatforms, Software, as well as automatic testequipment for Rafael's newest servo Missilesystem.

  • MIT Folding Endurance Testers

    31-23 - Testing Machines, Inc.

    With this machine, a pliable specimen is placed under a constant tension load. The specimen is then folded to an angle of 135° in either direction, at the rate of 175 double folds per minute until the specimen is severed at the crease. A variable folding rate option allows the operator to vary the folding rate between 20 and 175 double folds per minute.

  • MIT Folding Tester

    SKZ110 - SKZ Industrial Co., Ltd

    1. It automatically counts the times of double-folding about specimen.2, It takes photoelectric control to make folding clamp back after testing and convenient for the next operation. 3. Motor control the movement of clamp, but not gear wheel4. The instrument has powerful function of data processing. 5. It can not only convert the double folding times and values of single specimen, but also analyze group specimens' data to show maximum, minimum, average and variation coefficient. 6. The data stores in micro-computer displayed by LED. Date print out.Technical characters:

  • Mixed Signal Tester

    AMX400 - FETtest, Inc

    The FETtest AMX400 is a modular, high performance system for aproduction analog/mixed-signal test applications. Offering a variety of instrumentation options. The AMX400 provides a wide array of testing capabilities in a small footprint at an affordable price

  • Modbus Simulator & Tester

    Modbus Poll - Witte Software

    Modbus Poll is a Modbus master simulator designed primarily to help developers of Modbus slave devices or others that want to test and simulate the Modbus protocol. With the multiple document interface you can monitor several Modbus slaves and/or data areas at the same time. For each window you simply specify the Modbus slave ID, function, address, size and poll rate.

  • Modular Cable Tester

    PA-42 - Pansco, Ltd

    The PA-42 provides loop-back and remote testing of installed and uninstalled STP/UTP and BNC coaxial cables. A shielded RJ-45 jack lets you test modular terminated RJ-45, RJ-12, and RJ-11 cables such as USOC 8/6/4/2. A built-in BNC connector lets you test coaxial BNC cables. Features a tip/ring polarity test.

  • Modular Gigabit Ethernet Tester

    TC702 - Deviser Instruments

    The TC702 is the Gigabit Ethernet module for the FC-1 modular platform. The FC-1 platform is Deviser's newest modular platform with advanced technologies that host a wide-range of test and measurement modules. The TC702 supports both RFC2544 and Y.1564 testing, enabling the user to guarantee service level agreements for Ethernet services.

  • Module Breakage Tester

    King Design Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Test rack dimension is 370cm x 240cm x 350cm; sufficient to install the 260cm x 220cm x 200cm test module and run test. Accept customized order.Test rack: made by a20 I-beam; coated by paint.Rack earthing: need 12mmx8 round holes to install anchor bolts.Test module fixing rack is made by two 2500mm 80x80mm standard aluminum beam in transverse direction; fixed on the I-beam of test surface by specific right-angle fixer; about 300mm above floor. The workable vertical space is about 2300mm; there are 2x2600mm aluminum beams installed in longitudinal direction and fixed by specific right-angle fixer on the transverse aluminum beam; the width is adjustable per test requirement.

  • Monolithic silicon steel Tester

    TYU-2002M - Hunan Loudi Tianyu Electronic Co.,LTD

    The TYU-2002M Type Single Silicon Steel Sheets Testing Instrument made by Luodi Tianyu Electron have many advantages such as little weight、small size、portable、simple test、stable performance and so on. Meanwhile, it can test the losses and magnetic induction and have fully compatible with method which recommended by the national standard GB/T13789-92. It is adapted to test the iron loss and magnetic induction parameter of cold rolling orientation, non-oriented and hot rolling silicon steel slice with various thickness.

  • MOST Core Compliance tester

    TESTERLYZER - Ruetz System Solutions GmbH

    TESTERLYZER is the test system for network testing and for the MOST Core Compliance test which accompanies development processes. TESTERLYZER has a modular structure and consists of the system components TESTERLYZER pro Compliance (testing software) and TESTERLYZER Box (measuring and automation hardware), as well as two Optolyzer® modules by the company SMSC, which provide an interface to the MOST bus.

  • Multi-Volt Twin-Lead Tester

    69135 - Klein Tools, Inc.

    Checks and indicates voltage on circuits up to 460 volts, AC or DC.Tests for DC polarity, frequency, and polyphase line.Four separate bright neon AC/DC indicators indicate voltage being tested 110, 220, 277 or 460 volts.Reinforced test leads, stored in the case, and furnished with probes on the ends.Reinforced casing.