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  • c-Si Solar Cell Tester

    Chroma ATE Inc.

    I-V test is the most important test for PV cell/module manufacturing because the measured power rating or efficiency of the cell or module directly affect the selling price of the product. Therefore, highly accurate and repeatable I-V test result is not only for quality issue but also for business issue.

  • CT Error Tester

    594 - Red Phase Instruments Australia Pty Ltd.

    Utilities have always found a major problem in field testing PTs and CTs. The test equipment available for testing is generally very bulky, heavy, expensive and difficult to use. This new product from Red Phase employs a novel technique to test CTs. The operator keys in data for the CT under test. This data includes primary current, 1A or 5A secondary, VA rating, burden PF, accuracy class and serial number.

  • Current Transformer Tester

    HTCT-300 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    • Full-featured, can not only satisfy various CT (eg: protection, measurement and TP category) but also PT type electromagnetic unit for its excitation characteristics (ie voltage current characteristics), ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, secondary load, ratio deviation, angle deviation and other test requirements. • Automatically gives the knee point voltage / current, 10% (5%) error curve, accurate limit factor (ALF), instrument security factor (FS), secondary time constant (Ts), remanence coefficient (Kr), saturated and unsaturated inductance CT, PT parameter. • The equipment is according to IEC60044-1 (GB1208),  IEC60044-6 (GB16847), GB1207 and other transformer standards. Moreover, it can automatically select the standards for testing in accordance with the type and level of transformers. • Based on the advanced low-frequency testing theory, it is able to cope with the CT test which inflection point is up to 30KV. • Elegant appearance with English graphical interface. • The device can store 2000 groups of test data which won’t be lost when power is cut off. Customers can use U disk to import the data into the PC after test, and use software for data analysising, and also can export reports as WORD for application. • Testing is simple and convenient, one click to complete the test of CT straight resistance, excitation, ratio and polarity. Besides external load test, other tests such as CT all apply the same wiring. • Easy to carry, total weight is less than 9kg.

  • Current Transformer Tester

    CTT - ndb Technologies Inc.

    The CTT is designed to test the current transformer ratio, Phase shift, Polarity, Excitation, Saturation, Winding resistance and Insulation resistance using the voltage method in compliance with ANSI/IEEE C57.13.1 and IEC 60044-1 standards, where voltage is applied to the secondary X terminals of the current transformer.

  • Current Transformer Testers

    Vanguard Instruments Company, Inc.

    Performs CT excitation, current-ratio, polarity, and phase angle testsMeasures insulation resistance and winding resistance of the CT seconday windingsMeasures the CT's secondary burdenTest record header information including company, substation name, circuit ID, manufacturer, CT serial number, operator name, and test record-commentsBuilt-in 4.5-inch wide thermal printerPlot Multiple Saturation CurvesStores up to 128 CT test plans and 140 test records internallyUSB, Bluetooth, and USB Flash drive interface


    EMSYST Ltd

    The CTS-1 Test System is designed for a precise verification of the basic parameters ratio and phase shift of all types of current transformers according to the requirements of IEC 44-1/1996 standard. The Test System generates current up to 2400 A for the primary of the current transformer under test. A Z-burden with selectable value is provided for the secondary of the current transformer. By means of the CTS-1 system demagnetization of the current transformer under test can be performed.

  • Composite Insulator Tester

    378206/2 60 Hz / 378206/4 50 Hz - Positron Inc.

    Used for Polymer or Composite insulators• Sled mounted (custom design sled available)• Best for insulators of more than 4 skirts• Captures up to 15,000 readings• Rechargeable battery• Adjustable skid for different insulator diameters from 4.3" to 6.7"

  • Compression and Deformation Tester

    SG-P09 - Jinge Testing Machine Co.,Ltd

    Speccially test rubber on static compression under a certain temperatrpure&time period.And take it off cooling for 30 minutes to measure its thickness for calculating its permanent deformation rate.

  • Computerized Automatic Relay Tester

    CVRT-S16 - Vasavi Electronics

    CVRT-S8 & S16 are ideal for automatic testing of ELECTRO MECHANICAL AND READ RELAYS (only DC relays) both for static and dynamic characteristics. This system scans at one stroke, all the parameters of the relay as per definition of test procedure. The test sequence can be pre-programmed and stored in the disk. You can select the tests as per your requirement. Can include or exclude the test and you can have several options to match your test definitions. Semi skilled person can be engaged for actual testing, as he need not make any settings and need not interpret the readings. The system conducts the tests and gives PASS / FAIL indication on overall test results. If a printer is connected, each test result will be printed.


    MT160 - GME Technology

    Test a wide variety of PC & Mac computer monitors-all in one unit. Extended scanning formats range from 15.7K to 80 KHz.

  • Computery Control Torsion Tester

    SG-L10 - Jinge Testing Machine Co.,Ltd

    The machine is mainly used for torsion test of metal and nonmetal,also it is applicable to the torsion test of parts and members. Servo-motor and cycloid gear reducer are introduced to the loading system in this product, the system for measuring torque and distortion angle are composed of high accurate torsion sensor, photoelectric encoder and computer measuring force.It possesses automatically tracking test torque and distortion angle, maintaining maximum peak load and displaying loading speed.Test data automatically display and process, print the test report according with the national criterions, including test date, number, material quality and torsion strength etc. The machine characterizes advanced technology, high accuracy, good stability, reliable quality and easy to operate, and it is necessary test instrument for aeronautics & astronautics, construction material, traffic, wire & cable, science research departm ent and universities.

  • Concrete Compression Flexure Tester

    Qualitest International Inc.

    The Compression & Flexure testing product line from Qualitest offers a wide variety that will fit almost any budget. Different options between models include digital or analog display, single or dual range, and different types of configurations. All the Compression & flexural testing machines conform to international standards for compressive & flexural tests.

  • Concrete Hardness Tester

    W-M-250 - James Instruments Inc.

    The W-M-250 Manual Test Hammer is the traditional instrument used for the non-destructive testing of hardened concrete. This easy-to-use instrument provides a quick and simple test for obtaining an immediate indication of concrete strength in various parts of a structure. The minimum verifiable strength is 1400 PSI (10 MPa)

  • Concrete Hardness Tester

    W-M-350 - James Instruments Inc.

    The W-M-350 Recording Test Hammer gives you the same quality as the W-M-250 but with the added feature of a built-in automatic chart recorder. Every test you take is automatically recorded as a bar chart on a paper strip.This creates a field record to verify your findings.In addi- tion to this paper record,you can see each test as it happens through the large easy to read window

  • Concrete Hardness Tester

    W-C-7312 - James Instruments Inc.

    It is recommended that calibration of the test hammers be checked regularly usually after about 2000 strokes.The James Calibration Anvil (W-C-7312) has been designed for just that purpose.