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  • Digital LOOP/PSC/EARTH Tester

    1824 LP - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● Microprocessor-controlled.● Measures Earth Resistance without the need for poles    in the ground or external measuring wires.● Earth measurement uses the real earth current path   and the current generated by the electric network,   without the need for any disconnection.● The Earth Resistance displayed is exactly the earth   resistance that the earth current will need to go   through if an earth fault occurs.   (you do not need to add all the bonding points and    connection paths)● Displays voltage supply at the transformer(Line to   Neutral), without loading the transformer.● Single one smart push button operation; ON, Scroll   through results and menus.● Checks wiring integrity (LEDs).● Auto-off / Auto-ranging (software range).● Color-coded test leads.● Combined prospective short circuit current, loop, and   earth tester.● Loop test for L-E and PSC between L-N.● Voltage test L-N.● Display can be customized for large orders.

  • Dry Arc Resistance Tester


    Dry Arc Resistance Tester is designed to conduct high voltage,low current Arc Resistance test on solid electrical insulation material as per:ASTM standard D495-99 (2004) and UL 746A. Why Arc Resistance Test? Many Cases of insulator failure are due to deterioration of its surface because of sustained electrical discharge or Arc. This test method is intended to test the resistance of insulating material when a high -Voltage low -current Arc close to the surface of insulation, intending to form a conducting path therein or in causing the material to become conducting due to decomposition and erosion.AdvantagesThis Test ensures that your products meet high standards of quality & safety. This product is meant for all Switchgears/ insulator/ Polymer/ electro plastic manufacturers and manufacturers who use insulators in their products e.g. Wiring Accessories, Appliances, HT/LT line insulators etc.

  • Power Integrative Characteristic Tester

    Shanghai Selon Scientific Instrument Co. Ltd.

    Powder is a complex system both in flowing and static state. The intrinsic properties as well as friction between particles express some special flowing properties, research on which is significant for powder processing, packing, transport and storage. BT-1000 Powder Integrative Characteristic Tester is co-developed by China Tsinghua University, Dept of Power Tech. Development and Danodong Bettersize Instrument Co., Ltd designed for evaluating flowing properties of powder including angle of repose (AOR in short), collapse angle (CA in short), flat plate angle, dispersibility, loose (bulk) density, tap density, etc. through which the difference angle, compressibility, voidage, regularity & uniformity (R & U in short) are obtained, as well as flowability and jetting ability by Carr index. The instrument is characterized by multi-use, easy operation, good repeatability, flexible test requirement and multi-standard available, etc. It provides a new method for powder integrative characteristic test in research and production.

  • Digital Leakage Current Tester

    Educated Design & Development, Inc.

    Fast - All operator controls are located on the front panel to expedite testing. The entire test can be performed in a matter of seconds! Pays for itself in time and stress savings. Versatile - Measures Leakage Current in accordance with UL, CSA, EN, and IEC/ International Standards. Includes ability to perform open neutral, open ground, and line polarity forward/reverse test conditions. Adaptable - Universal rear panel receptacle allows for testing products with any plug configuration. Accurate - True RMS meter accurately measures both sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal waveshapes. This is important when testing products using a switch mode power supply which can generate non-sinusoidal leakage currents. Calibrated, traceable to NIST. Flexible - A front panel switch permits testing either through the power cord of the product under test, from surface/ patient connection-to-ground, or from surface/ patient connection-to-surface/ patient connection. Portable - Lightweight, with integral handle. Other Features - Product Ground Switching (grounding conductor maintained to device under test when not measuring leakage). Automatic front receptacle disconnect when configured in the 240V test mode (prevents inadvertent connection of 120V when configured for 240V operation). Proven - These are the only leakage current testers designed and supported by Product Safety experts. That is part of the reason why they have become the standard in the industry. Full technical support by experienced safety engineers.

  • 0-600 AMP Load Tester

    6039 - Associated Equipment Corp.

    Easy-to-read DIGITAL voltmeter and ammeter combine with the versatility of a carbon pile load to give a quick and precise determination of battery and charging system problems.

  • 1000 AMP Load Tester

    6036B - Associated Equipment Corp.

    Ideal for battery distributors, high volume testing, and fleet use. High resolution carbon pile assembly, featuring unique curved carbon discs, ensure maximum contact, reduces hot spots, prevents edge burning and provides smoother operation and longer life. High RPM fan cools for continuous battery testing. Voltmeter leads are protected with PVC tubing around cable. MADE IN USA. (Optional Model 6038 Cart available for easy mobility).

  • 100Amp Battery Load Tester

    BLT100 - Draper Tools Ltd

    Suitable for testing 6 and 12V lead acid batteries, charging and starting circuits found on most motorcycles, cars, light commercial vehicles, tractors, boats etc. Tests: state of charge, cranking ability, charging system output and starter motor. Tests up to 100A.

  • 100kV Withstanding Voltage Tester

    AllWin Instrument Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

    1. Leakage current at real-time detection2. Alarm value can be preset freely3. Audio alarm, High-voltage breakdown protection

  • 12v Car Battery Tester

    Hangzhou Xun Anda Electrical Co., Ltd.

    1).Voltage test2).CCA (Cold cranking Ampere)3).Battery Condition (%)4).Start voltage detection


    SB230 - Matco Tools

    *To find shorts, push or pull the offending wire and hear a loud beep*Features re-set/re-power capability for dead shorts to keep working hands free*Set amp levels at 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A and 30A

  • 19-Pin Six-Circuit Cable Tester


    Diagnose and Troubleshoot 19-pin Multicables and Circuits! Designed for real-world entertainment and staging production, where time, durability, and ease of use are essential!

  • 1 Kg Impact Tester

    G201A39 - SDL Atlas

    To simulate the mechanical damage through an impact action likely to be performed by a child. Assessment of sharp edges, sharp points and small parts may be carried out after impact.

  • 2D Color Temperature Tester

    LCC-900 - OptCom Co., Ltd

    Screens the pass/fail results or module type LED image information that is automatically reset via data transfer with handler unit. Data results are stored in server for unified management.

  • 2 Digital Tachometer tester

    971-2 - Aircraft Instrument Support Services, Inc.

    A.I.S.S. proudly introduces the Model 971-2 Digital Tachometer Tester.This advanced instrument uses digital signal processing technology toachieve unrivaled performance and versatility. Its crystal-referencedsolid-state design provides drift-free, reliable operation.

  • 2 in 1 LAN Tester

    PLTM20 - Pyle Audio Inc.

    Tests Pin Configuration for 10 Base-T, 10 Base-2, RJ45/RJ11, 356A, TIA-569A/568B and Token Ring CableRemotely Test Cables Up to 330 Yards AwayTest Ground WireMeasure DC/AC Voltage, DC/AC Current, Resistance, Continuity, and DiodeDC Voltage: Max Range 600 V, Accuracy +/- 0.5%AC Voltage: Max Range 600 V, Accuracy +/- 1.2%DC Current: Max Range 200 mA, Accuracy +/- 1.2%AC Current: Max Range 200 mA, Accuracy +/- 2.0%Resistance: Max Range 20 M, Accuracy +/- 0.8%Continuity Test: Beeps If Less Than 100 Accessories Included: Test Leads, LANtest Remote Terminator, 9V Battery, Carrying CaseDimensions: 6.38' H x 2.93' W x 1.73' DWeight: 10.86 oz.Sold as : Unit