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  • DIP LED Aging Tester

    LS6100 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    Designed to measure the aging-life and color comparisons of 260pcs DIP LED. • 260 separate constant current supply • Aging functions: constant current, impact pulse, on-off mode • Range of forward voltage(VF): 5.0V • Range of forward current(IF): 1) constant current: 0-100.0mA 2) Impact pulse: 0-200.0mA • Range of impact pulse frequency: 10-9999Hz; Duty ratio: 1%-99% • Range of on-off circle: 0-9999H59M59S • Range of on-off times: 0-9999times • Range of aging time: 0-9999H59M59S

  • Electronic Ballast Tester

    WT4000 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    • Measure parameter: 1) Input: Vrms, Lrms, W, PF, Hz, Phasic angle, total harmonic and 0-39 component of harmonic. 2) Output: Lamp voltage, Lamp current, Filament current, Guided cathodic current, Lamp power, crest factor and oscillatory frequency, single high frequency analysis. • Startup: Startup lamp voltage, lamp current, filament current, guided cathodic current curve and parameter, preheating time; • Simultaneously display on 8 windows for input and output parameters, convenient for comparison and analysis; • Test preheat energy, filament preheat time. And the parameters changes from 0 to 5s of filament voltage, filament current and filament power; • Up to 1MHz lrms test content to every EB; • Analysis symmetry of high Frequency curve of lout; • 12-bit high-speed A/D, sampling rate up to 10MHz, can easily analyse signal curve of output; • Finish an input and output testing at the same time within 1 minute; • Portable, can test, display, print without computer. Test report include data and curve, comply with international standard; • Communication port for PC, run under Windows98 or Windows2000, English Version available.

  • Time Synchronization Tester / Analyzer

    Digital Communication Technologies Ltd

    Embedded time and frequency GPS / Rubidium reference Visible Fault Locator fast locates defective connectors, faults in macrobends, patch cords and patch cord panelsBuilt-in Rubidium oscillator, High sensitivity GPS receiver,BD receiver for timing measurement vs UTCHigh sensitivity measurement 1588v2 time server, PTN/ OTN Data transmission devices and traditional physical sync level (PTP,1PPS, 1PPS+TOD)

  • Electromagnetic Radiation Tester

    Model KM 196 - KUSAM-MECO

    • Unit : Electric Field : V/m; Magnetic Field : mT• Precision : Electric Field : 1V/m; Magnetic Field : 0.01 mT• Range : Electric Field : 1V/m ~ 1999V/m.• Magnetic Field : 0.01 mT ~ 19.99 mT• Alarm Threshold : Electric Field : 40V/m, Magnetic Field : 0.4 mT• Reading Display : 3½ Digit Digital LCD display with Backlight.• Frequency Range : 5Hz ~ 3500MHZ• Sampling Time : About 0.4 second.• Measuring Mode : Dual Mode• Overload Alert : “1” appears on LCD• Sound & Light Alarm• Data Hold function.• Auto Power Off.• Average & Peak measurement.• Low Battery Indication.• Operating Temperature & Humidity : 0°C ~ 50°C; below 80%RH.• Power battery : 9V Battery.• Dimension : 63.6 x 31 x 125.8mm• Weight : Approx. 146g.

  • Integration Automatic Tester

    Haomai Electric Power Automation Co.,Ltd.

    ◆High Voltage and Current Accuracy: 4-phase voltages and 3-phase currents output, high precision and high stability, the amplitude and phase position can be adjusted as will.◆Build-in High-Precision GPS Module: It makes sure that the time mark error of all variables < 10us.◆Powerful Test Function: Remote control, telecommand(storm) and telemeter test functions. SOE test are available inside substation or inter-substation. GPS time-matching module is applied to test the response time and PPS error of telecommand and telemeter of the integrated and automatic system.◆High-Fidelity & High-Reliability Modular Linear Amplifier: Output units adopt power amplifier with high performance, which can guarantee the waveform of all the large and small current smooth and high precision.◆6 Non-Polarity Binary Inputs: compatible with empty contact and 0~250V potential contact.◆7 pairs binary outputs use isolated empty electric contact, withstand DC400V/AC220V and high-speed output without jitter.◆Excellent heat dissipation structure, self-diagnosis, self-protection and lock-out function, high reliability.◆High performance build-in IPC with Windows XP system, analyzing various of telecontrol protocols.

  • Portable OTDR Tester

    CARY-OT4000 - UC Instruments, Corp.

    The CA OPTRONICS CARY-OT4000 series portable optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR) is the latest FTTx optical fiber cable-based test instrument. It has light weight, elegant appearance, small size, easiness of installation and maintenance, high-capacity built-in battery. It provides multiple built-in test wavelengths and optical testing functions like visual fault locator (VFL). As a new product specially designed for FFTx network testing, it provides site technicians with the highest performance and upgrade services.

  • 2Mbit/E1 Error Rate Tester

    CA6037 - UC Instruments, Corp.

    CA6037 is a hand-held equipment designed for 2M bit erroe rate test, applicable to telecommunication access networks, transmission networks and the start-up, check and maintenance of optical communications systems.


    MS6810 / MS6811 - Shanghai Yi Hua V&A Instrument Co., Ltd. CO.,LTD

    MS6810 · Tests for Coaxial Cable (BNC), Unshield Twisted Pare (UTP) and Shield Twisted Pair (STP) Cable. · Automatically checks for open circuit, shorts, miswires and reversals. · Shield detection tests a cable's shield integrity. · Easy to read fault display and high speed.

  • Power Tool Tester

    SafeCheck 5S - Seaward Group USA

    Complete electrical integrity check for the safety of your employee and your business.The Safecheck 5 is a bench top "quality meter" that facilitates fast and reliable electrical integrity checks on almost any electrical device plugged into a wall.

  • DUT Resistance Tester

    AllWin Instrument Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

    1. This test verfies the integrity of DUT2. The resistance is measured by measuring voltage3. Current is made by distribution

  • Earth Continuity Tester

    4022 - Red Phase Instruments Australia Pty Ltd.

    The 4022B is used to assess the continuity of connections within an earthing system. The integrity of buried conductors and connectors is difficulty to determine. In small systems, a periodic resistance check will highlight any breakages. In larger systems, a D.C. continuity check is likely to be of use.

  • Digital Insulation Resistance Tester

    DMEG3 - UEi Test & Measurement Instruments

    The DMEG3 Megohmmeter allows you to predict, prevent and identify insulation failures that can cause appliance failure, stop production, create power problems and even put lives at risk. It quickly tests insulation integrity on motors, power distribution systems and other installed wiring. 600V AC measurement capability. Insulation resistance ranges 0 - 2000 MO Three test-voltage ranges (250, 500, 1000 V DC).

  • Megohmeters / Insulation Testers

    Extech Instruments Corporation

    This autoranging megohmmeter measures insulation resistance up to 2000MΩ. Choice of 250, 500 or 1000VDC test voltages. The large backlit dual display indicates test voltage output and insulation resistance. Low resistance, continuity and AC/DC voltage measurement functions. Other features include automatic discharge at the end of test, protective holster with stand, power lock on feature and data hold. Complete with test leads, carrying case and 6 AA batteries.

  • Network & Cable Testers

    Platinum Tools

    Detects PoE end/mid-span voltages on network cables. LED indicators instantly show “GO/NO-GO” detection on PoE networks. Plug cables directly into the builtin RJ45 jack or use the included patch card to detect voltage in wall jacks.

  • pH/Conductivity/TDS/Temperature Testers

    MW804 - Milwaukee Instruments

    The large display shows readings in an extended range from 0.00 to 14.00 pH and 0 to 3999 μS/cm, 0 to 2000 ppm (MW803), 0 to 20.00 mS/cm, 0 to 10.00 ppt (MW804) and simultaneously shows temperature from 0.0 to 50.0°C or 32.0 to 122.0°F. They have a stability indicator and hold function that freezes the display for easy and accurate recording. The large display also has graphic symbols to guide you through all operations. The EC/TDS conversion factor is user selectable as well as the temperature compensation coefficient (β).