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  • Multiway Life Tester

    CH316 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    • Measure 16 samples at the same time, evaluate and record the life of each sample. • Very flexible: Samples can be added and changed at anytime. • The life of each sample is readable at anytime. • The switch ON/OFF time is adjustable (Test period is min 1s). • Automatically remember the test result when the power is off, and resume the old measurement when power is on. • Sound and light alarm when the products were failed.

  • Multiplex Temperature Tester

    TMP-8/TMP-16 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    • 8 channels temperature signal (TMP-8) or 16 channels temperature signal (TMP-16) • T type or K type thermocouple • Temperature range: -40 ~ 300°C. Testing accuracy: 0.5% • Channel sequence is displayed by 2 LED and temperature is displayed by 4 LED • Freely set up the software with PC and record the change of temperature and select the channel.

  • HID Ballast Tester

    WT2000-HID - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    • Input Parameters Measurement: 1) Test voltage, current, power, power factor, power line frequency, total harmonic and 0~50 harmonic 2) Range of voltage and current basic wave frequency: 45Hz~65Hz 3) Range of narrow frequency: 45Hz~5kHz 4) Range of wide frequency: 45Hz~1MHz

  • Deflection Temp and Vicat Testers

    HDT - Tinius Olsen

    All testing hardware is fully complemented by Tinius Olsen developed software that turns your hardware into a sophisticated quality analysis system. Be sure to examine the software products to determine which package is right for your application.

  • IK Level Tester

    IK07-10 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    IK ratings are defined as IKXX, where “XX”  is a number from 00 to 10 indicating the degrees of protection provided by enclosures (including luminaires) against external mechanical impacts. The different IK ratings relate to the ability of an enclosure to resist impact energy levels measured in joules (J). IEC 62262 specifies how the enclosure must be mounted for testing, the atmospheric conditions required, the quantity and distribution of the test impacts and the impact hammer to be used for each level of IK rating. The IK test applicate on lighting luminaires test according to IEC60598 (GB7000) and IEC60068-2-75 (GB2423.55).

  • Wire Damaged Tester

    WDT-1 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    This equipment is designed and manufactured according to corresponding regulation in standard IEC884-1, GB299.1-96, GB16915.1-97 and other electronic accessories relevant standard. Mainly used to test damage degree of fixed connection components lead wire of with thread clamping type and no screw terminals, so as to inspect whether it can withstand mechanical stress during normal use.Specification: • Power supply: AC220V 50Hz • Test rate: 10±2r/min (GB16915.1-97: 12 ±1r/min) • Rotating radius: 100mm • Test distance: 250~500mm adjustable • Test numbers (Number of rotating): 0~999999 any set • Mass: 0.3KG, 0.4KG, 0.7KG, 0.9KG, 1.4KG, and 2.0KG (GB16915.1-97: 30N, 40N, 50N, 60N each of 2 pcs) • Stations: 2 • Dimension: 1200×1400×400 (mm) • Remarks: The mass and rotating radius can be optional as per customer requirements.

  • Temperature Rise Tester

    WS-1 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    Applied to test electrical accessories heating conditions when connected to load current, whether the temperature rise of electrode is compliance with standard requirement or not. And it can effectively detect whether the plug bush is slants thin and whether plug and socket cooperated with all right. It is designed and manufactured according to IEC884-1, GB2099.1-2008 and other relevant standard of electrical accessories.

  • Gas Tester Meter

    Shenzhen UYIGAO Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

    Is a device that detects the presence of gases in an area, often as part of a safety system. This type of equipment is used to detect a gas leak and interface with a control system so a process can be automatically shut down. A gas detector can sound an alarm to operators in the area where the leak is occurring, giving them the opportunity to leave. This type of device is important because there are many gases that can be harmful to organic life, such as humans or animals.

  • LD/LED ESD Tester

    Hanwa Electronic Ind. Co.,Ltd.

    ◆Automatic operationPerforms automatic destructive evaluation of Lazer-power after zap.After the measurement, the destruction judgment condition can be changed, and it judge again for the acquired data.◆Optical characteristic measurementThe output level of the laser diode (power) is measured by the Photodiode.After zap, it display Optical data displayed(IL), Performs the process of destruction.Settings: slope efficiency, differentiation resistance, and threshold current, etc◆Two kind LDAutomatic settings of two kinds wavelength.◆For variegated deviceThe socket (Jig) is separates. Perform to any device.The P.D. can be changed.Its height can be changed.

  • Crease and Board Stiffness Tester

    CBT1 - Hanatek Instruments

    The instrument measures crease folding force at 90°, board stiffness at 15° and requires no external software for operation. It automatically calculates the crease to board stiffness ratio for instant indication as to whether the material will run correctly on a high speed packaging machine.

  • Advanced Diagnostic Trailer Tester

    Alpha MUTT - Innovative Products of America

    The Alpha MUTT® takes IPA's industry leading Super MUTT® platform, and adds the ability to instantly save, store, and share inspection reports. It gives customers peace of mind with complete accountability through detailed reports and gives technicians a better, faster way to enter and track report results. The mobile, durable Alpha MUTT® tests trailer lights, air brakes, and ABS systems via a Bluetooth-connected tablet with IPA's custom diagnostic software suite.

  • Field Sync Tester

    Sentinel - Calnex Solutions

    All-in-one TesterPTP, NTP, SyncE and TDMMulti-port, simultaneous measurementsEmbedded GPS Rx and RubidiumHigh performance. Optional battery to maintain Rb in holdover during transit

  • Arc Ingintion Tester


    The product is designed to carry out Arc Ignition Test as per IS/IEC 60947-1 Clause (material used for electrical products). The adjustable current source is 230V AC @ 33A. The load is adjusted to get 32.5A at 0.5 power factor. Included on control unit are Digital Voltmeter, Digital Ammeter, Digital Power Factor Meter and Micro Controller based programmable Sequence Timer with LCD display for display & setting. The arrangement is made to mount the test piece with electrodes as per the specification given in the standard.

  • Surge Tester with Performance Tests

    MEA MSU100 - M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    *MEA MSU100 Series – Fully automatic SURGE testing of 3 phase and single phase stators, armatures, transformers, and motors, ranging from 10 W to 500 kW, and patented Stator/Rotor performance testing.*MEA MSU101 Series – Customized, fully automatic production line testing system with SURGE testing of 3 phase or single phase stators, armatures, transformers, and motors, ranging from 10 W to 500 kW. The system can be also equipped with automatic testing of H.V. and 4-wire resistance, temperature, and patented Stator/Rotor performance testing.*PERFORMANCE TESTING – MEA patented tests – MEA patented performance testing provides fully automatic Stator/Rotor performance tests, showing the UUT performance as it will be after assembled as motor.*Integrated database.*200 V up to 5 kV programmable impulse.*Option for Partial/Low-Energy Discharge.*Go/No Go tests with comparison detection of: Area Size, Diff Zone, Corona Amount, and Corona Number.*Performances tests comparison at cold and hot state (temperature tests via up to 8 thermocouples).*Interfaces: RS-232, USB, Ethernet (for remote control).*Can be controlled via I/O for OEM applications and easy integration for automatic lines.*Special self-calibration function. No need to send back for the vendor's calibration, saving time and costs.*MSU101 integrated and operated with PC having user-friendly Windows 7 interface, with large database for storing test programs and test results.*Barcode reader, individual print-out of test protocols and labels, of H.V. and 4-wire resistance, and temperature measurement can be integrated into the system.

  • Linear Load Tester

    M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    *Measures time-load-distance with high-accuracy.*Measures speed characteristics in the work piece loaded.*Measures propulsive characteristics in the work piece in its excited state.*Measures cogging torque characteristics in the work piece not in its non-excited state.*Adopting in-house load cell and a linear scale of 1-micrometer resolution, the system enables high-accuracy testing of load vs. distance of linear movement.*It performs load control and force detection in both forward and backward directions.