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  • Current Transformer Tester

    HTCT-300 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    • Full-featured, can not only satisfy various CT (eg: protection, measurement and TP category) but also PT type electromagnetic unit for its excitation characteristics (ie voltage current characteristics), ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, secondary load, ratio deviation, angle deviation and other test requirements. • Automatically gives the knee point voltage / current, 10% (5%) error curve, accurate limit factor (ALF), instrument security factor (FS), secondary time constant (Ts), remanence coefficient (Kr), saturated and unsaturated inductance CT, PT parameter. • The equipment is according to IEC60044-1 (GB1208),  IEC60044-6 (GB16847), GB1207 and other transformer standards. Moreover, it can automatically select the standards for testing in accordance with the type and level of transformers. • Based on the advanced low-frequency testing theory, it is able to cope with the CT test which inflection point is up to 30KV. • Elegant appearance with English graphical interface. • The device can store 2000 groups of test data which won’t be lost when power is cut off. Customers can use U disk to import the data into the PC after test, and use software for data analysising, and also can export reports as WORD for application. • Testing is simple and convenient, one click to complete the test of CT straight resistance, excitation, ratio and polarity. Besides external load test, other tests such as CT all apply the same wiring. • Easy to carry, total weight is less than 9kg.

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Tester

    Shijiazhuang Zhongshi Testing Machine Co., Ltd.

    XGY plastic pipes hydrostatic pressure testing machine is used for the resistance to internal pressure determination of the plastics pipes, fittings and valves, which are given the same or different pressure with the constant temperature.

  • Melt Flow Rate Tester

    Shijiazhuang Zhongshi Testing Machine Co., Ltd.

    This testing instrument is used for determining the melt  flow performance of thermoplastic polymers under high  temperature. Nor only higher melting point engineering plastics, such as polycarbonate ,nylon but also lower melting point material such as polystyrene and ABS can be determined by the apparatus. The apparatus can be widely used in production and scientific research of factories, universities and research institutes structure and principle

  • Negative Pressure Tester

    Shijiazhuang Zhongshi Testing Machine Co., Ltd.

    It can detect the leakage automatically, and once there's sample leakage or unstable pressure, system will record automatically can warning, and the vacuum pump will stop work automatically.

  • Leakage & Torque Tester

    Shijiazhuang Zhongshi Testing Machine Co., Ltd.

    Thermoplastic valve leakage testing machine is a testing equipment designed on the basis of the thermoplastic valve pressure test method of the relevant national standards and the seal test and operating torque measurement in ISO 8233, ISO9393. The machine can test other valvesealing performance and torque as well and it’s a necessary inspection equipment in plastic valve industry.

  • Ground Resistance Tester

    Greenlee Tools

    Measure Grounding Circuit Performance Without Disrupting Service

  • Concrete Water Impermeability Tester

    Qualitest International Inc.

    The concrete water impermeability testing system is designed with many different standards in mind including DIN 1048, ISO/DIS 7031, EN-12390-8 & UNI 9533. This impressive piece of machinery comes in different models with either 3 or 6 measuring points and with or without quantitative measurement of water permeability. The supporting structure is very stable and is at a convenient height to allow the easy access. The pans are made out of stainless steel, the specimens are easy to insert due to the clamping device.

  • Circuit Board Tester

    Huntron® Tracker®3200S - Huntron

    The Tracker 3200S features two 64 pin IDC connectors (one per channel) where custom cable interfaces can be used to quickly scan PCB connectors as a type of "first pass" test. If signature differences are detected then you can trace the connector pin to the component level saving you troubleshooting time. The two 64 pin connectors can be combined for a total of 128 pins and you have the ability to select any pin to be used as Common. You can also use standard IC clips and cables to easily scan standard ICs and select SOICs. Clip and cables are readily available from companies such as Digi-Key and Pomona Electronics (see FAQ below for more information).

  • Circuit Board Tester

    Huntron® Tracker® 2800 - Huntron

    The 2800 series of Huntron Tracker are designed to complement conventional test instruments in the debug and troubleshooting process. Using the proven power-off test method known as Analog Signature Analysis it eliminates the risk of further circuit damage, which often occurs when power is applied. The Huntron Trackers are suited for todays varied signal circuit cards where Analog and Digital are mixed together. The Tracker 2800's features variable range parameters resulting in over 100 combinations of voltage, source resistance and frequency. The 2800 series is a great off-line support tool for the automated Huntron Access Prober diagnostic systems. The Tracker works by applying a current-limited AC signal across two points of a component. The current flow causes a vertical signature deflection, while the applied voltage causes a horizontal deflection. Together they form a unique V/I signature that represents the overall health of the device under test. Analyzing the signature can quickly determine whether the component is good, bad, or marginal.

  • Circuit Board Tester

    Huntron® Tracker® 2800S - Huntron

    The Huntron Tracker 2800S is designed to complement conventional test instruments in the debug and troubleshooting process. Using the proven power-off test method known as Analog Signature Analysis it eliminates the risk of further circuit damage, which often occurs when power is applied. The Huntron Tracker 2800S is suited for todays varied signal circuit cards where Analog and Digital are mixed together.

  • Turns Ratio Tester

    TRT4x series - IBEKO Power AB

    True three-phase test voltage allows testing any type of transformer, including special transformers like phase shifting, arc furnace, rectifier transformers, etc. Together with optional Extension Transformer CVT40, it can produce up to 5 kV single-phase test voltage, allowing easy testing of capacitive voltage transformers turns ratio.

  • Standby Battery Testers

    Franklin Electric - Grid Solutions

    A user-customizable, flexible, efficient and economical battery management tool for service providers, operations, and maintenance teams.

  • High Frequency Digital Surge Tester & DC Hi-Pot Tester

    SPM - PJ Electronics, Inc.

    High Frequency Digital Surge Tester and DC Hi-Pot Tester (similar to the "SP" Model) together in a compact cabinet. Take this portable tester to your test site and accurately perform Surge, Hi-Pot, PI and Resistance Tests.

  • CableEye Tester Calibration Verification Board | Cable & Harness Tester

    CB50 - CAMI Research Inc. (CableEye®)

    Populated with precision resistors, it allows users to determine empirically whether the tester requires calibration. The CB50 may be used on all CableEye models. The CB50 is intended for periodic verification of tester calibration. To ensure that resistance measurements remain accurate, CAMI recommends yearly calibration. However, depending on environmental conditions and usage, testers may need calibrating more or less frequently. Certain components within models M3U, M3UH, HVX, and HVX-21 (i.e. those capable of measuring resistance) are analog components whose characteristics change slightly over time. This aging is a natural phenomenon common to all electronic components and may cause resistance measurements or gradually deviate from normal. A tester that is out of calibration will give inaccurate results. Some (maybe all) resistance measurements will be incorrect. Consequently, it may Pass what should Fail and, conversely, Fail what should Pass. In other words product yield will be contaminated due to unreliable quality.

  • HIPOTS (High Voltage Testers) / AC Hand Gloove and Boot Safety Tester


    Compact and rugged BDV testers for AC dielectric withstand / breakdown testing of Safety glooves and boots. Panel mounted controls and indicators with easy to follow legend.