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  • Brittleness Temperature Tester

    SG-S02D - Jinge Testing Machine Co.,Ltd

    The specimen is struck under a low temperature bath to detect whether it has fracture.

  • Nonwovens Run-off Tester

    TN130 - TESTEX Testing Equipment Systems Ltd.

    A piece of standard absorption media is placed under and the specimen, the combined sample are placed in a tilted pad, measuring when a specific amount of artificial urine to flow downward to the combined sample, the liquid penetrate nonwovens and be absorbed by absorption medium. Weigh the standard absorption media before and after test, the performance of fluid loss of nonwoven samples is evaluated according to the change of the weight of the absorption media

  • NBS Rubber Abrasion Tester

    SG-P01N - Jinge Testing Machine Co.,Ltd

    The specimen under the specified load is abraded by the grinding paper stuck onto a rotating drum to check its abrasion consumption.

  • Folding Endurance Testers

    Models 1-3 - Tinius Olsen

    When using these machines, a pliable specimen is placed under a constant tension load.

  • MIT Folding Tester

    SKZ110 - SKZ Industrial Co., Ltd

    1. It automatically counts the times of double-folding about specimen.2, It takes photoelectric control to make folding clamp back after testing and convenient for the next operation. 3. Motor control the movement of clamp, but not gear wheel4. The instrument has powerful function of data processing. 5. It can not only convert the double folding times and values of single specimen, but also analyze group specimens' data to show maximum, minimum, average and variation coefficient. 6. The data stores in micro-computer displayed by LED. Date print out.Technical characters:

  • Falling Dart Impact Tester

    FDI-01 - Jinan Leading Instruments Co., Ltd.

    FDI-01 Falling Dart Impact Testeris applicable in the impact result and energy measurement of the falling dartfrom a certain height against plastic films and sheets with a thickness less than1mm, whichwould result in 50% tested specimen failure.

  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / LTE Tester

    MP5000 - Adivic Technology Co.

    *Supports FDD LTE cellular test standard. *Supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac, 802.11a/b/g/n standards. *Supports Bluetooth V1.x/V2.x/V3.x EDR/V4.x BLE. *Software Defined Radio(SDR) architecture with Wideband VSG/VSA in one box. *Software upgradable for future RF test standards*4 port multi-site parallel test. *User friendly GUI for R&D/QA applications.

  • Ultrasonic Hardness Tester

    Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Ltd.

    ◆ Perfect Accuracy——±3% HV, ±1.5HR, ±3%HB.◆ Microscopic Indentation—— Only high-power microscope can observe the indentation.◆ Quick Measurement——Result in 2 seconds.◆ Large LCD Display——Directly display measurement result, times count, maximum, minimal, average and deviation.◆ Friendly Operation——Operate well after short training.◆ Promised Warranty——2-Year warranty for main unit (Excludes Probe).◆ Mass Storage——Save 1000 groups measurement data.◆ Simple Calibration——Save 20 groups calibration data for invoking, improve calibration efficiency.

  • Live WiFi Tester

    AirScout PRO - Greenlee Communications

    The AirScout® Live PRO is an easy to use, engineering grade troubleshooting tool that helps you identify WiFi and non-WiFi interference on your network. It also provides a real-time view of how your network is being utilized and by what, down to the client. The simple, easy to use interface means there is no need for expensive training - users can quickly and easily get to the root of the problem without being a Wi-Fi genius.

  • Bit Error Rate Tester

    BSX Series BERTScope - Tektronix, Inc.

    A fast-moving market requires faster Rx test processes and workflows. The BSX Series BERTScope is the quickest path to compliance. This new BERT receiver test solution has unique features that take the complexity out of receiver testing and brings confidence to Gen3/4 designs. Single solution for Receiver stress testing, debug and compliance. Automated Rx compliance testing for Gen3/4 standards: PCIe, SAS/SATA, USB, DisplayPort + custom standards. Supports data rates and DUT handshaking up to 32 Gb/s. Industry’s most-sophisticated bit error analysis captures and stores the context of each error (timing and bit position). Observe device’s response to loopback and link training test cases.

  • The Short Stop Electrical Tester

    350 - Sotcher Measurement, Inc.

    The Model 350 SHORT STOP is designed for the rental equipment dealer or tool crib that must verify the safety and performance of electrical equipment on a regular basis. It's fast and easy! Just plug in the tool, attach the ground clip and operate push buttons 1-5. No special skill or training required.

  • Multifunction Installation Testers

    Shanghai Beihan Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Loop impedance and prospective short circuit current measurement• Line impedance and prospective short circuit current measurement• Earth loop resistance in TT-systems• Rotary field test• RCD measurements (contact voltage, trip time, trip current - ramp method)• RCD analysis for test of all RCD parameters • Low Ohm and continuity measurement • Insulation measurement up to 1000V (suitable for 690 V industrial mains systems)• Earth resistance measurement with probes and clamp adapters• Voltage and frequency measurement • Current measurement with clamp adapters(optional)• Power and energy measurements• Harmonics measurement for voltage and current upto the 21st harmonics

  • Circuit Breaker Tester

    Chongqing Gold Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd

    1) Closing and opening time measurement of 12 channels2) Max difference of closing or opening time measurement of three phases3) C-O and O-C time measurement4) Rated operation sequence test5) Bounce time and frequency measurement of breaker closing6) Circuit breaker closing and opening speed measurement7) Travel-time, coil current-time curve of circuit breaker operation measurement8) Travel and clearance of circuit breaker measurement9) Variable DC circuit breaker operation power supply10) Closing arc resistance value and connected time measurement11) Closing time and opening time of graphite circuit breaker measurement12) Print test results by internal micro printers

  • DIP LED Aging Tester

    LS6100 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    Designed to measure the aging-life and color comparisons of 260pcs DIP LED. • 260 separate constant current supply • Aging functions: constant current, impact pulse, on-off mode • Range of forward voltage(VF): 5.0V • Range of forward current(IF): 1) constant current: 0-100.0mA 2) Impact pulse: 0-200.0mA • Range of impact pulse frequency: 10-9999Hz; Duty ratio: 1%-99% • Range of on-off circle: 0-9999H59M59S • Range of on-off times: 0-9999times • Range of aging time: 0-9999H59M59S

  • Electronic Ballast Tester

    WT4000 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    • Measure parameter: 1) Input: Vrms, Lrms, W, PF, Hz, Phasic angle, total harmonic and 0-39 component of harmonic. 2) Output: Lamp voltage, Lamp current, Filament current, Guided cathodic current, Lamp power, crest factor and oscillatory frequency, single high frequency analysis. • Startup: Startup lamp voltage, lamp current, filament current, guided cathodic current curve and parameter, preheating time; • Simultaneously display on 8 windows for input and output parameters, convenient for comparison and analysis; • Test preheat energy, filament preheat time. And the parameters changes from 0 to 5s of filament voltage, filament current and filament power; • Up to 1MHz lrms test content to every EB; • Analysis symmetry of high Frequency curve of lout; • 12-bit high-speed A/D, sampling rate up to 10MHz, can easily analyse signal curve of output; • Finish an input and output testing at the same time within 1 minute; • Portable, can test, display, print without computer. Test report include data and curve, comply with international standard; • Communication port for PC, run under Windows98 or Windows2000, English Version available.