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  • Advanced Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester

    KH3100 - Testech Group Co., Ltd

    Horizontal protrudent Indenter Design, suitable also for internal and external testing.· Testing on Surfaces difficult to reach. Testing internal surface of rings and tubes with diameters over 23mm.· Modern design with Titanium metallic Silver finish· Can be used directly to measure Rockwell Superficial hardness for metal and plastic material.· Provided with many features such as high measuring precision, wide measuring range with 15 Rockwell Superficial scales.· The tester is suitable for testing of carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, non ferrous metal, especially small and thin parts.· Automatic load cycle. The loading, dwell, unloading process of the main test force are controlled exactly to meet standard.· Measuring results digitally displaying and can be printed, or transmitted to external computer automatically by USB or RS-232 data output port.

  • 500 VAC AC Hipot Tester

    298 Series - Slaughter Company, Inc.

    The 298 is a 500 VAC AC Hipot tester that offers 100 mA of AC output current. DUT’s that are highly capacitive in nature will require a higher level of output current during the AC Hipot test. With 100 mA of output current the 298 is able to test these DUTs as well as meet safety agency requirements for a 500 VA Hipot tests. Released in January 2016, the 290 series provides an improved interface that eliminates confusing menus and redundant button pushes allows manufacturers to set-up and run production Hipot tests in a matter of seconds. The 290 series also provides common sense security settings that make it easy to set the permission levels. With a rugged and reliable design, the 290 series is well suited for production line applications. Optional USB interface provides a simple way for manufactures to automate their production line.

  • Digital Rockwell /Superficial Hardness Tester

    TIME6103 - Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd.

    Digital Rockwell and Superficial Hardness Tester TIME®6103 is highly functional with large screen, easy to operate and high accuracy.Features● Large newly-designed displaying screen with full function, easy to operate and read● Conversion of common hardness scales● Transfer to PC for more further management, and connect to printer● All hardness scales selectable for Rockwell and superficial Rockwell test● Dwell time selectable for hardness test● Review and revise the test values of year, month and date.

  • Rockwell & Brinell & Vickers Hardness Tester

    TH725 - Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd.

    TH725 is the most powerful digital hardness testing machine. It provides reliable Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers testing methods with different testing forces and indenters. Large LCD display. Conversion scales of different kinds of hardness. Equipped with RS232 interface and printer.Features● Large LCD display shows stable and accurate results● Digital versatile hardness tester for Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers testing● Conversion among different hardness scales● Selection of dwell time and setting of time and date● Storage and printing function● RS232 interface for optional functions

  • Micro Vickers / Knoop Hardness Tester

    TIME6301 - Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd.

    TIME6301 is an economical micro vickers/knoop hardness tester supplied by TIME Group Inc. It perfectly combines the mechanical system, optical measuring system and electric features to perform precise hardness measurement. It can also work with knoop indenter to measure knoop hardness value.TIME6301 economical micro Vickers hardness tester conforms to GB/T4340, ISO6507, JIS B7725 and ASTME92 standards.Features● Combination of the precise mechanical structure, high definition optical measuring system, CPU controlling test procedure and photoelectrical sensor technology for accurate result.● The LCD screen shows measuring method, test force, diagonal length of indentation, hardness value, dwell time and the times of measurement.● Presetting dwell time, Vickers or Knoop measuring method, light intensity, and easy operation with setting on the front penal● Automatic calculation of the hardness value after inputting the diagonal length and automatic loading and unloading technique● Equipped with hand turret for your convenience● Conform to GB/T4340, ISO6507, JIS B7725 and ASTME92 standards.

  • Automatic Rockwell and Superficial Hardness Tester

    TIME6356 - Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd.

    TIME®6356 is the latest load cell type Rockwell hardness tester developed by TIME Group Inc. It can automatically test both Rockwell hardness and superficial Rockwell Hardness. TIME®6356 provides an ideal solution for hardness testing with easy operation and high accuracy.Features1.Conform to the standards of GB/T230.2, ASTM E18 and military industry2.Multi test forces for testing both Rockwell hardness and superficial Rockwell hardness3.Protrudent indenter design to easily reach the inner part of the object (minimum Ф23mm) and the outer part4.Real-time force control system ensures providing precise test forces.5.For continuous measurement, the indenter automatically moves back and forth instead of lifting the table to improve the accuracy.6.Auto lift the table and automatic setting preliminary test force7.Touch screen and back-light LED display8.Curved surface auto correction9.Conversion to other hardness scales (HV, HK, HBW) and tensile strength10.OK/NG tolerance judgement

  • Pen Type Leeb Hardness Tester

    TIME5100/5102/5104 - Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd.

    Pen Type Hardness Tester TIME®5100/5102/5104 is economically priced and suitable for quick hardness testing on metal materials, especially on-site hard testing of large, non-transportable components. Features● Light Mini Unit with simple menu, easy and convenient to use● Conversion of hardness scales(HL, HV, HB, HRC, HRB and HS)● USB interface to connect the PC, assisted by Software Dataview TH51X (especially for TH51X series Hardness Test) with both online measurement and offline data analysis mode:curve chart, data sheet, setting of tolerance limit and data report are available.● Connected to Printer by RS 232 and test values can be printed directly● Measuring Direction:Any direction 360°● Automatic identification of impact test direction● Memory of 270 data in 9 group● Backlight for convenience in darkness● Upper /lower limits setting● AAA 1.5V battery, whose capacity shown in display● Auto power off● TIME®5100: integrated with D impact device for the majority of hardness testing requirements● TIME®5102: integrated with C impact device for hardness testing on thin, light and surface hardened components● TIME®5104: integrated with DL impact device for hardness testing of deep grooves and tooth surface

  • Hand-Held Wire Crimp Pull-Force Tester

    63801-9700 - Molex, Inc.

    Application Tooling Series T1701 Function Pull Force Geographic Area Global Level of Automation Semi-Automatic More Detailed Tech Information

  • Expert Vehicle Key Fob Tester

    KFT - Draper Tools Ltd

    Expert Quality, detects radio and infrared wavelengths from vehicle key fobs and remote controls helping diagnose potential faults on the emitters. Operates between 418MHz and 43 MHz.

  • Fast Upgrade RF ATE Tester

    MP5800 - Adivic Technology Co.

    * MP5800 seamlessly upgrades your existing Chroma 3380/3650 to RF ready ATE test solution.* User friendly debug tools* IOT turnkey test solution* Able to generate complex waveforms to verify receiver performance

  • Feather & Down Filling Power Tester

    TF135 - TESTEX Testing Equipment Systems Ltd.

    Pressure on the sample by dropping the platen is applied to the filling material at a constant speed and after a stipulated time the level of the platen is noted. The massic volume is calculated with regard to the height and the known diameter of the graduated cylinder.

  • Fiber Checker Pro - Fiber Testers

    FC-2005 - Hobbes & Co. Ltd

    The FC-2005 Fiber Checker Pro is used for checking the defects of a fiber cable. It sendsa visible 650nm wave length red laser light through a fiber optic cable, the breaks orfaults in the fiber will refract the light, creating a bright glow around the faulty area.

  • Flexible PCB Bare Board Tester

    BFPS-330/350 - BiOptro

    Multi-arrayed FPC/PCB automatic step and repeat, open/short testing with fine-pitch pattern. PCB Size(m/m) 330: 60W x 150L ~ 300W x 500L, o.1~1.2T. 350: 60W x 150L ~ 450W x 500L, o.1~1.2T. Semi-auto loading. Test Points Top: 4,096 Points / Bottom: 4,096 Points.

  • Flight Line Phase Noise Tester


    The integrated components of the FLNT automatically make the required phase noise measurements, determine pass/fail, and display the results on the computer.


    LA-1 - Walter G. LEGGE Co., Inc.

    Easy-to-use meter developed for accurately testing the conductivity of floors and equipment. The LA- 1 must be used regularly to monitor proper conductivity with NFPA code # 99. Regular use of the LA-1 will establish and maintain procedures for the proper maintenance of conductive floors, eliminate fire hazards, and provide a static free environment.