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  • Automatic Anti-interference Pilot Frequency Dielectric Loss Tester

    Wuhan Nanrui Electric Co,. Ltd

    Automatic anti-frequency dielectric loss tester as a precision instruments, used for power plants, substations, to automatic measure the on-site high voltage electrical equipment dielectric loss tangent and electrical capacity. As it adopts inverter technology, that can ensure the measured accurately in the strong electric field interference. Automatic anti-frequency dielectric loss tester uses Chinese menu operation, the microcomputer automatical complete the whole process of measurement. Automatic anti-frequency dielectric loss tester also apply to workshops, laboratories, research institutes and high voltage electrical equipment tgδand electrical capacity. The instrument can use the positive and negative wired method to measure the grounded or ungrounded high voltage electrical equipment. Also can measure the tgδcapacitor voltage transformer and the main capacitor C1, C2 capacitance Inside the instrument equipped with a high-voltage step-up transformer, and take a zero closing, lightning protection and other security measures. During the test output 0.5KV ~ 10kV different levels of pressure, simple and safe to operate.

  • Base Station Tester 3G, 4G & 5G

    UCTT - Sage Instruments

    SAGE Universal Cellular Test Tool (UCTT) 8901 is the industry’s most advanced and versatile portable test instrument for base station deployment and troubleshooting. The UCTT combines a laboratory quality spectrum analyzer, an innovative antenna tester and fully integrated backhaul test capabilities for E1/T1 and Ethernet (10/100/1000). In addition, the UCTT provides in-depth demodulation and monitoring capabilities for all 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G (NB-IoT) technologies.


    Nippen Electrical Instruments Co.

    NIPPEN's Insulation Testers are used for direct reading of insulation resistance of electrical rotating machines, power distribution lines, communication cables, insulators , control and switching equipment etc. They are robust instruments, incorporating a built-in-hand driven generator and a solid-state circuit for a stabilized D.C. output.They are robust instruments, incorporating a built-in-hand driven generator and a solid-state circuit for a stabilised D.C. output.

  • BT-3915 Battery Tester/Resistance Conductance Tester - Kongter

    BT-3915 - Kongter Test & Measurement Co., Limited

    The excellent performance of BT-3915 for testing cell internal resistance/conductance and voltage will help you eliminate the weak batteries and ensure their performance. - Model:  BT-3915 Battery Tester- Parameters measured:  Cell resistance, conductance and v-oltage- Battery Capacity: 5~6000Ah- Resistance Range: 0.00mΩ~ 100mΩ - Voltage range: 0 – 16 VDC- Application:  Utility, Telecommunication, Data Center (UPS), Motive Power

  • Digital 3 Phase Industrial Earth Leakage Tester

    6221 EL-M - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    High contrast OLED display. ● Designed for viewing in the dark, for mining industry. ● Microprocessor-controlled. ● Indicates phase rotation ● Indicates phase presence ● TEST for disconnection sensitivity ● Battery status indicator ● Measures Voltage Phase to Earth ● Select one of 3 Phase to test ELCB. ● Color-coded test leads. ● Phase presence indication from as low as 100Vac. ● Fused earth leakage tester. ● ELCB works 50Vac to 330Vac 50Hz / 60Hz. ● Phase rotation and presence does not require battery to indicate.

  • Digital Macro Vickers Hardness Tester w/ Printer

    900-398 - Phase II Plus

    The 900-398 Vickers Hardness Tester is engineered to produce a clear indentation and a more precise measurement. By means of a load cell, closed circuit system for control, the CPU controls testing force to load/dwell/unload, allowing for the highest degree of accuracy. The large LCD shows the measuring methods, the testing force, the indentation length, hardness value, the dwell time of the testing force as well as the number of the measurement on its screen.

  • High Voltage Circuit Breaker Characteristics Tester

    HVBT - Hention Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

    HVBT High Voltage Circuit Breaker Characteristics Tester, a popular high voltage test equipment in China, it is widely used to test live tank oil, bulk-oil, vacuum, SF6 and other models, with different voltage level of high voltage circuit breaker, can also be used for opening and closing & contemporaneous performance of the low-voltage electrical appliances such as contactors, relays.

  • Horizontal Dedicated Friction Peel Tear Tester

    FPT-H1 - Mecmesin Limited

    The FPT-H1 is a dedicated horizontal tester, designed for testing to all the key industry and international standards for coefficient of friction, and for appropriate horizontal peel and tear methods. Its sleek contemporary styling incorporates ease of use and maintenance. Built to exacting standards, yet affordable, the FPT-H1 provides the most accurate and detailed measurement, with guaranteed repeatability in testing. It is ideally suited for the packaging industry, for manufacturers, converters and users of paper, board and plastic films, plus coatings, floor coverings and textiles.

  • 8 CHANNELS ARINC 429 Simulator Analyzer Tester

    CIC429 - Andor Design Corp.

    The CIC429 is a full featured, high performance Serial bus Simulator Analyzer Tester developed by Andor Design for test and simulation of ARINC 429 or similar Avionic buses. The CIC429 is designed as a 5/8 size plug-in card for an ISA bus. An on board microprocessor off loads the host by organizing the data in a predefined structure in the dual port RAM. Pro­gramming the CIC429 consists of changing this data, which can be done on the fly for real time applications

  • 500 AMP Carbon Pile Load Tester

    710 - Electronic Specialties Inc.

    The #710 will perform variable load testing on 12 volt batteries rated as high as 1000 Cold Cranking Amps. Use this battery tester to simulate actual cranking loads. Also tests alternator charging voltage and relative starter current draw. The #710 features large dual meters to display the battery voltage and load current simultaneously, during the test.

  • Optical Fiber Cable Repeated Bending Tester

    TT-OFB Series - Torontech Group

    Optical Fiber Cable Impact Tester TT-OFB Series allows a cable sample to be bent backwards and forwards at an angle of 180°, while the sample is subjected to a tensile load.The bending arm is designed to hold the cable securely during the entire test, without crushing the optical fibers or inducing optical loss. The bending radius is controlled by replaceable cushioning reels, chosen to match the cable bending radius. The machine is capable of cycling at a rate of 30 cycles per minute

  • Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

    HCFPT - Hention Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

    The HCFPT Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester is designed and made as per National Standard GB/T 261 “Test Methods for Flash Point of Petroleum Products (Closed Cup Method)”. It is suitable to determine the lowest temperature that the mixture of petroleum products vapor and air contacts fire and flashes when heating petroleum product in a closed cup under stipulated condition. The temperature is closed cup flash point.

  • LAN Network Cable Tester for RJ-45, RJ-11 and RJ12

    43008 - LINDY-Elektronik GmbH

    The LINDY Network Cable Tester is a compact, palm sized unit for testing network cables. It can be used to read and check the pin-out configuration before and after installation. A separate passive module is included for remote testing of pre-installed cables. A single switch starts the automatic cable test, indicating the pin-to-pin configuration and quickly highlights any underlying problems by using the LED display.

  • Ultra Fast Open / Short / Diode Drop Tester

    Panther - Qmax Test Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Designed as an Ultra Fast Open / Short / Diode Drop tester for semi-con industry, where production testing of high pin count devices are involved and test time is critical. High speed testing at 2 seconds for 2 million test combinations. Can be interfaced to any type of test fixtures. Multi-Site Test support for Strip or Multiple device test.

  • T8997 Air Leak Tester/Flow Tester ALL IN ONE

    ForTest Italia Srl

    A touch of innovationThe new T8997 leak tester was designed with the idea of combining two different types of measurement in a single instrument, making it suitable for leak tests and flow tests.The new video controller “ForTest MMI” brought a superior level of human-machine interaction, thanks to an innovative capacitive panel in tempered glass, around a splendid 6.2” colour display.Parameter programming is much faster thanks to the new numerical keyboard integrated in the menus, and the big display makes viewing even clearer of the test cycle.