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  • Trailer Light Tester

    LCA1002 - Wolf Technologies, LLC

    Light Check Electronic Diagnostics Device with 12 Volt Rechargeable Battery (internal), 7 Pin RV Style Trailer Wiring Connector, Battery Charger, Ground Wire and Instruction manual.

  • Transformer DC resistance tester

    GZD205 - Shijiazhuang Handy Electrical CO.,LTD

    DC Output:0.05A、0.5A、5A Measuring Range:1μΩ-4KΩ Resolution:1μΩ Error:±(0.2%R+2个字) Power Supply:AC220V±10% 50HZ Environment:-10℃-40℃ Hu<85% Dimension:403mmX330mmX178mm Weight:5kg

  • Transformer Dissipation Factor tester

    ZC-202 - Kvtester Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

    Product Features1. Can test the transformer on load current, no load losses, short circuit voltage, short circuit (load) losses 2. Can make harmonic test, can analyze 31 harmonic.3. The device auto-switch the measurement range, wide range for voltage, current test, easy to connect wire.4. The device can auto check if the wire was correctly connected, and display the vector diagram of three phase current, voltage when test the three phase transformer.5. Single machine can make the loading test for substation transformer under 1000KVA; can make the loading test with 1/3 of the rated current for substation transformer under 3150KVA (the device can convert to the loading losses parameters if the rated current under 1/3 of the rated current)6. All test results can be auto calibrated. It can calibrate following: wave form, temperature, non-rated voltage, non-rated current, so improve the accuracy.7. 320x240 LCD, friendly man-machine interface, brilliance control, adapts to all seasons. 8. The device can preset 40 groups parameters ,and these parameters can be added or deleted according users needs.9. With electronic clock, auto record the data, time , it is good for saving and managing the test results.10. Panel type printer can print the test results on site.11. Data (specimen setting, test results, measurement time) can be saved on power failure and can be reviewed, it can store 500 groups test results, can connect with computers to transmit data. 12.allow external connecting CT and PT to make extension measurement, can test the specimen with any parameters. Technical ParameterMeasurement Range: Voltage10-650VCurrent0-100AFrequency45Hz-65HzAccuracy: voltage, current, frequency0.2Power measurement error0.5% (Cos0.1), 1.0% (0.02Cos0.1)

  • Transformer Dissipation Factor tester

    HTBS-V - Wuhan Huatian Electric Power Automation Co., Ltd.

    This equipment according the JB/T501-91 : power transformer test regulation and GB1094-96: power transformer , can test voltage, average voltage, power, frequency, and others parameters for the single and three phase transformer, accuracy is 0.1.With intelligent and professional designs, it applies to no-load, load, inductance tests for transformer. It is the ideal renewal equipment for traditional pointer type devices

  • Transformer Oil Tester

    ZC-210B - Kvtester Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

    Product Features1. This device with the self-detect function, after start up the device will auto enter the reset condition to regulate the voltage to 0. 2. Can change the measurement times, stirring and standing time, sound and light alarm, print or not.3. This device use automatic magnon stirring, eliminate the asymmetry and bubble of the sample oil.4. Use micro TPUA panel type printer. Technical ParameterInput voltageAC 220VOutput voltageAC 0~80KVVoltage boosting speed2KV/s10%Accuracy degree3Number of times of continuous test1-9Stirring time0~99 seconds Standing time0-9 minutes 59 secondsCan store 100 groups data.Voltage limit setting20KV----70KVVoltage withstands time:1-----10 minutesTemperature:5-40Humidity 80%RHDimension420mm380mm410mmWeight28kg

  • Transformer On-load tap-changer tester

    ZC-220 - Kvtester Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

    Product Features1. with function of light oscillograph2. strong integration capability3. equipped with a panel type high-speed printer 4. with good anti-interference performance Technical ParameterThree phase constant current source charging, charging current3A/1A;0.6A/0.2APort maximum voltage24VMaximum range of resistance100 Measurement range of excessive resistance1A : 0.4~200.2A 10~100Waveform record time length300msSampling rate30kTime resolution0.1msResistance resolution0.1AccuracyExcessive resistance:0.5% reading0.1Excessive time: 0.5% reading0.2msTemperature-10 ~40 Using relative humidity< 85%RH

  • Transformer On-load Tap-changer Tester

    HTBYC-H - Wuhan Huatian Electric Power Automation Co., Ltd.

    This device applies to measure and analyze loading tap switch property index of power transformer and special transformer. It is controlled by computer, using special loops , to test the transition time, transition wave, transition resistance, three-phases synchronism of tap switch, etc. Customers can use tapping switch down-lead to test according needs and field conditions, also can use transformer three phase cannula and neutrality point to test.This device can analyze, store and print the test results.

  • Transformer Polarity Tester

    PMT20030 - Power Measurement Technologies Inc.

    A hand held instrument for polarity identification of current, voltage and power transformers with an operable ratio range from 1:1 to greater than 5000:1.

  • Transformer Ratio Tester

    ZC-203B - Kvtester Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

    Product Features1. Auto test the wire groups.2. Auto change the groups.3. Auto switch the phase sequence.4. Auto change the measurement range.5. Self calibrate the meters.6. Can auto calculate the relative error after input the standard ratio.7. Auto cut off the measured voltage after the test finished.8. Set the data, auto save the test results, can review the historical data.9. Only can enter one ratio value when testing the loading transformer. Technical ParameterEnvironment condition: Temperature: -5 C~50 CRelative humidity95%(25C)Altitude2500mmExternal interference: no special strong vibration, no special strong electromagnetic fieldPower supply160VAC-280VAC,45Hz~55HzOutput range20V : Voltage0~20V Current 0~10V50V : Voltage0~ 50V Current0~5AThe ratio test range1~4000 Group test range0~11Angle measurement range0~ 360 or - 180~ 180

  • Transformer truns ratio tester

    ZC-203 - Kvtester Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

    Product Features1: Simple operation.2: Variable than the wide measurement range :1-9999.93: Powerful: while for single-phase measurements, while achieving a three-phase windings of automated testing, join groups can be arbitrary choice, a complete measurement of AB, BC, CA three-phase variable ratio, error, on-line groups and other parameters.4: Measurement speed.5: The completion of a measurement, automatic cut-off test power supply.6: Set of data, the measurement results is automatically saved, you can see previous data.7: Test-load transformer, enter only one turns ratio.8: Easy to carry, suitable for field work.Technical Parameters1: Variable than the measurement range :1-9999.9.2: Accuracy 1-999.99 0.2% 1000-9999.9 0.5%.3: Power: 220V 10%, 50HZ.4: Group :1-125: Operating temperature: -10-40 .6: Environment humidity: less than 80% non-condensing.7: Size: 400 290 170MM 3

  • Transformer turn ratio tester

    HYBC-901 - Wuhan Huaying Electric Power Tech & Science Co., Ltd

    Test functions1.The voltage ratio measurement of three or singe phase transformer2.The group vector measurement of three phase transformer.3.The polarity measurement of single phase transformer or CT/PT (CT that knee-point voltage should be more than 80V)4.Voltage ratio error calculation 5.Voltage ratio range calculation of three phase transformer6.Current transformer ratio measurement7.Excitation current measurement in ratio testing8.Reproduction the AC test voltage from power source to reduce the effects of bad power source 9.Save the test results in the memory internal the tester10.Print the test results by micro printer11.Reverse connection detect unit to prevent the high voltage injected to the operate 12.Over current protection in test voltage13.Upload the test results to make word report by RS232 interface

  • Transformer Winding Deformation Tester

    ZC-206B - Kvtester Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

    Product Features1. Use high-speed, high integration microprocessor to sample and control.2. Use USB to connect the notebook PC and device. 3. Use wireless blue-tooth interface to communicate the notebook PC and device. The high-speed microprocessor integrated with device, need not move the computer during the field test.4. Hardware cassette mechanism adopts DDS (from America), can correctly detect the breakdown :distortion, swell, shift, tilt, inter-turn short circuit deformation and contacting short circuit inter-phase.5. High resolution dB to test, dual channel, 16 bit A/D sampling (the wave from curve will change obviously if change the tapping switch during the field tests. )6. The software can adjust the output signal range, the maximum amplitude peak10V.7. The computer automatically generating the test results to be Word document.8. Use precision , high stability components, repeat to test , the measurement repetition rate >99.5%.9. Finished circuit boards, the surface with special treatment.10. The device with two measurement system: linear scan and sectional scan.11. Amplitude-frequency characteristic complies the national technical specifications. 12. Test data automatic analysis system, horizontal compare the similarity of A,B ,C, the results as below:conformance is very goodconformance is goodconformance is badserious deformationVertical compare A-AB-BC-C, obtain the original data to compare the winding deformation with the test data in the same phase, the results as below:normal slight deformationmoderate deformationserious deformation13. Automatically generating Word documentconvenient for customers to save and print.14. Totally meet the technique conditions of DL/T9112004:Survey of Frequency Response Analysis on Winding Deformation of Transformers. Technical ParameterScanning modelinear scan distributionSweep frequency measurement range(1k Hz)~(2MHz) 2000 Sweep frequency point ; resolution ratio 1kHz rangeMeasurement accuracy0.1dBScanning frequency accuracy<0.01%Scanning measurement range(0.5kHz)-(1MHz) 2000 Sweep frequency(0.5kHz)-(10kHz) resolution ratio 0.02kHz(10kHz)-(100kHz) resolution ratio 0.02kHz(100kHz)-(500kHz) resolution ratio 1 kHz(500kHz)-(1000kHz) resolution ratio 1 kHz

  • Transformer Winding resistance Tester

    ZC-204B - Kvtester Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

    Product Features1. LCD screen, data can be read clearly even in direct sunlight.2. Measurement data is accurate.3. Single phase measurement mode. When selecting transformer connection, each phase short circuit resistance can be obtained automatically after three times measurements.4. Voltage, current and power can be measured at the same time. The frequency of imposed power supply is also measured.5. With memory to storage data.6. Small size and light weight. Technical ParameterMeasurement accuracy: Voltage, Current :0.2classPower: Cos0.1:0.5 class; Cos0.1:1.0classImpedance: Cos0.1:0.5 class; Cos0.1:1.0classVoltage measurement rangeAC 3V~300VInternal power output rangeVoltage: 0~250V Current: 0-10ACurrent measurement rangeAC 0.2A-20AWorking temperature-10 C~50 "CWorking humidity0~80%Working power supplyAC 220V10% 50Hz1HzOutline dimension360mm*220mm*150mmWeight5KG

  • Transient Immunity Tester

    KES7700 series - Kikusui Electronics Corp.

    The KES7000 conductive immunity test system complies with ISO7637-2, which is one of an EMC test standards for automotive electronics.

  • Transistor, Zener Diode Tester

    ZSTZDT - ZEAL Services

    Forward drop @maximum test current 10A,Reverse / Breakdown voltage up to 1000VReverse leakage current up to 1 micro A