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  • 8 CHANNELS ARINC 429 Simulator Analyzer Tester

    CIC429 - Andor Design Corp.

    The CIC429 is a full featured, high performance Serial bus Simulator Analyzer Tester developed by Andor Design for test and simulation of ARINC 429 or similar Avionic buses. The CIC429 is designed as a 5/8 size plug-in card for an ISA bus. An on board microprocessor off loads the host by organizing the data in a predefined structure in the dual port RAM. Pro­gramming the CIC429 consists of changing this data, which can be done on the fly for real time applications

  • Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

    HCFPT - Hention Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

    The HCFPT Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester is designed and made as per National Standard GB/T 261 “Test Methods for Flash Point of Petroleum Products (Closed Cup Method)”. It is suitable to determine the lowest temperature that the mixture of petroleum products vapor and air contacts fire and flashes when heating petroleum product in a closed cup under stipulated condition. The temperature is closed cup flash point.

  • Digital 3 Phase Industrial Earth Leakage Tester

    6221 EL-M - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    High contrast OLED display. ● Designed for viewing in the dark, for mining industry. ● Microprocessor-controlled. ● Indicates phase rotation ● Indicates phase presence ● TEST for disconnection sensitivity ● Battery status indicator ● Measures Voltage Phase to Earth ● Select one of 3 Phase to test ELCB. ● Color-coded test leads. ● Phase presence indication from as low as 100Vac. ● Fused earth leakage tester. ● ELCB works 50Vac to 330Vac 50Hz / 60Hz. ● Phase rotation and presence does not require battery to indicate.

  • Digital Macro Vickers Hardness Tester w/ Printer

    900-398 - Phase II Plus

    The 900-398 Vickers Hardness Tester is engineered to produce a clear indentation and a more precise measurement. By means of a load cell, closed circuit system for control, the CPU controls testing force to load/dwell/unload, allowing for the highest degree of accuracy. The large LCD shows the measuring methods, the testing force, the indentation length, hardness value, the dwell time of the testing force as well as the number of the measurement on its screen.

  • Optical Fiber Cable Repeated Bending Tester

    TT-OFB Series - Torontech Group

    Optical Fiber Cable Impact Tester TT-OFB Series allows a cable sample to be bent backwards and forwards at an angle of 180°, while the sample is subjected to a tensile load.The bending arm is designed to hold the cable securely during the entire test, without crushing the optical fibers or inducing optical loss. The bending radius is controlled by replaceable cushioning reels, chosen to match the cable bending radius. The machine is capable of cycling at a rate of 30 cycles per minute

  • Coupler And Decoupler Used With Lightning Impulse Simulation Tester

    Kast Eng Co. LTD.

    All electric equipments & systems is required Impulse Simulation Test to the to be tested under the condition where the power source is applied to the product-under-test.At this test condition, the decoupler is needed to reduce the impulse flowing through the power line while testing. And the coupler which is inserted between tester and product, to simulate the actual condition, so the electric circuit of decoupler is prescribet by IEC rules.

  • Fuel Hose Assembly Tester - Basic, USAF

    9901-10FHT - Hydraulic Technology, Inc.

    The basic fuel hose assembly tester is utilized by those users who do not require the complete 9201A test system which includes all test adapters and components required by U.S. Air Force PD 89MMI638. The 9901-10FHT however includes the identical test pump, manifold and controls and with larger valves, ports and fittings for increased fluid flow, is designed for the identical mission of testing fuel hose assemblies. Maximum pressure is 1000 psi allowing better control resolution at lower test pressures.

  • Ultra Fast Open / Short / Diode Drop Tester

    Panther - Qmax Test Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Designed as an Ultra Fast Open / Short / Diode Drop tester for semi-con industry, where production testing of high pin count devices are involved and test time is critical. High speed testing at 2 seconds for 2 million test combinations. Can be interfaced to any type of test fixtures. Multi-Site Test support for Strip or Multiple device test.

  • XGA 1024x768 Computer Monitor / Video Projector Tester

    VGA-SE10 - Data Sync Engineering

    This is the brand new, pocket sized, VGA-SE10 computer monitor tester designed for on-site testing and aligning of computer monitors and video projectors without the need of a computer. The VGA-SE10 provides 16 switch selectable display patterns at the 1024 x 768 video resolution commonly used with XGA projection systems. The VGA-SE10 will test for Bad Pixels, Color Wheel Operation, Blank Raster, Convergence, Linearity, Color Balance, Screen Alignment and Interconnecting Cable Quality.

  • Three-Channel Wireless HV CT Ratio Tester

    GT00YC00ZZ - GAO Tek Inc.

    GAOTek Three-Channel Wireless HV CT Ratio Tester is a core technological product which is specific for the on-line measurement and is useful in the detection for primary and secondary current, transformation ratio, error, phase (group) angle difference, polarity, phase sequence, and leaker in the high & low voltage current transformer and the voltage transformers in distribution system under 70 KV (such as 10 kV or 35 kV).

  • Simulator / Analyzer / Tester PCI BUS Interface Card

    CIC301 - MIL-STD-1553 - Andor Design Corp.

    The CIC301 is a full-featured, high performance, Dual Redundant MIL-STD-1553 A/B serial bus Simulator Analyzer Tester designed as a plug in card for PCI backplane. The CIC301 includes full error injection and can operate in indepen­dent or simultaneous mode as a Bus Controller, multiple simulated Remote Terminals and full/sele­ctive Monitor. Its data structure can be changed on the fly without interrupting the processor for real time operation. The active monitor stores, time tag and annotates bus traffic with the message type and any detected errors. Stored words are annotated with a break down of the word error.

  • Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester

    HCPT - Hention Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

    The HCPT Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester is designed and made as per the National Standard GB/T3536 “Test Methods for Flash Point and Fire Point of Petroleum Products (Cleveland Open Cup Methods), and T0651 “Asphalt Flash Point and Fire Point Test (Cleveland Open Cup Methods)” in the Industry Standard Specification and Test Methods of Bitumen and Bituminous Mixtures for Highway Engineering. It is used to determine flash point of petroleum products and bituminous materials, excepting fuel oil and materials having a flash point of lower than 79 °c.

  • HCAI-1 High Current Arc Ignition Tester

    HCAI-1 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    The HCAI-1 High Current Arc Ignition Tester is according to IEC 60950-1:2001, BS EN 60950-1:2001, BS 7002:2000, GB 4943.1-2011and UL746A, IEC60947.1: 1999, GB/T14048.1-2000, IEC730.1:1993, GB14536.1-2008 and other standards required simulated safety test project. Parts and components of insulating materials or other solid combustible materials that are prone to flame spread in electrical and electronic equipment may ignite due to proximity or contact with electric arc, causing electrical fire and endangering the reliable operation of equipment and personal safety.

  • International Wireless 6V/12V Battery and 12V/24V System Tester

    SBT1 - Schumacher Electric Corporation

    PERFORM BATTERY AND SYSTEM TESTS WIRELESSLY FROM YOUR SMARTPHONE OR TABLET.For 6V and 12V automotive batteries (SS EFB and AGM included) and 12V/24V charging/starting systemsEasy and fast Bluetooth® pairing Works with SBT1 SchulinkTM app, which includes eight language settings.Performs Battery Test, System Test, Start-Stop Test and EV Battery Test Email or text test results – stores 2,000 test records Test batteries with as little as 1.5V3 LED indicators (Blue: Connected, Green: Power, Red: Trouble)On/Off button20-inch cable with durable clamps3.7V rechargeable internal lithium ion batteryContents: (1) SBT1 tester (1) Manual

  • Digital Ior Leakage Current Clamp Tester


    About Ior Leakage Current Recently, the leakage current clamp meter is widely used for insulation control of low voltage circuit as the supplementary method of the insulation resistance measurement. The control of leakage current has the advantages to enable the prediction of insulation condition in the electrical power line without having to shut off the power. The leakage current (Io) includes the capacitive leakage current (Ioc)originated in the capacitance and the resistive leakage current (Ior) originated in the insulation resistance each related to the ground. It is considered that the measurement of resistive leakage current (Ior) is the very useful and effective method for the insulation control of low voltage circuit. However, it was difficult to measure the resistive leakage current (Ior)with traditional leakage current clamp meter. MCL-400IR new digital clamp tester enabled the measurements of the resistive leakage current (Ior)without voltage input(phase detection).