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  • Safety Testers

    60204 - Whitelegg Machines Ltd

    Easy to read colour screeninnovative handy data entry via an illuminated rotary buttonstructured menu with practical functional buttonsmultilingual user softwarelarge storage capacity for subsequent data transferPE resistance test in four-wire-technologyinsulation resistance testhigh-voltage test incl. burning functionilluminated ring around the rotary button to shows the high-voltage levelresidual voltage testself-test via black box according to VDE regulationselectronic PE test current controlPE test with resistance or voltage drop displayelectronic high-voltage settinghigh-voltage with ramp up/down timethree HV modes: manual, automatic with time lapse and burningworldwide voltage supply 110V…250V / 47…63Hztest start upon touching the test object with the PE test probeacoustical and visual status messagespassword protectiondigital I/O interface and analog actual value outputs for connection to other devicesinterfaces for printer, remote control or result queryintegration into production lines with PLC / PC remote controltwo-circuit safety inputssafety circuits with restraint-guided safety relaysPrintCom-software to save and print test results on a PCdesigns options: tabletop unit, box unit, mobile caddy, 19”-installationcan be fully configured and optimised for specific OEM requirements

  • Resistance Tester

    METRISO® 3000 - Wolfgang Warmbier GmbH & Co. KG

    Suitable for resistance point-to-point and resistance to ground measurementsIntegrated data logger with USB communication port for data transmission (50.000 test values). The supplied Report Generating Software ETC allows to generate a complete test reportA barcode scanner can be used in order to record measurement points before testing

  • Resistance Tester

    KT-2000RD - Kast Eng Co. LTD.

    This equipment represents the wanted resistance value in digital figures and at the same time, is an ohmmeter which decides products to be bad in case of being out of the previously set range of H,L and to be good in case of being within the range. Moreover, because it is designed and manufactured on the basis of KAST's business experiences and know-hows accumulated through on-the-spot works for a long time, it is highly trustable, especially strong to noise and impulse that occur on the bad electric condition of on-the-spot or on the connection with any other equipments, and also is convenient for use. 

  • Resistance Tester

    DCSS502BC - Sanshine Electronis Co., Ltd.

    Resistance meter is designed to measure copper resistance of transformers, wires, cables, other conductors and other coil products etc. 4 terminal test clamp.

  • Chip Tester

    TL2000 - ficonTEC Service GmbH

    The ficonTEC TL2000 is a fully automated test and inspection system for unmounted laser diode bars, single chips and chips on submounts.

  • Circuit Tester

    69105 - Klein Tools, Inc.

    Tests circuits rated from 80 to 600 volts AC/DC.High-visibility neon lamp indicator.High-impact, sealed 5-11/16'' (144 mm) probes on long 24'' (610 mm) leads for convenience in testing motors, fuses, relays, switches, etc.Resistor between each probe and lead.Reliable electronic components.

  • Circuit Testers

    ADSYS technologies Co. Ltd.

    Patented on board electrolytic capacitor polarity and missing part technologies: ECJPatented SMD IC solder joints open/contacted discriminating technologies: TAJ.Auto guarding functions.Auto open/short and components learning functions. Pane board edit/ pane board skip test/automatic board view generate/test results data logger functions. Windows operation console:Superior board view functions:Test results reports and statistical functions.

  • Circuit Testers

    Southwire Tools

    The circuit breaker finder pinpoints the specific breaker powering the circuit being worked on. Eliminates guessing and unwanted power outages caused by tripping the wrong breaker.

  • Circuit Testers

    Precision Mastech Enterprises Co.

    AC Voltage Range: 125V AC, 50/60 Hz, 0.3WOverload voltage: CAT II 125VHumidity: <80% relative humidityOperating Temperature: 32 to 104 (0 to 40)Storage Temperature: 14 to 122 (-10 to 50)Altitude: ~6500 ft. (2000m); indoor use onlyDimension: 3.23*1.73*1.26 in. (82*42*32 mm)Weight: Approx. 1.5oz (42g)Safety rating: TL CAT II 125V RoHS

  • CMT - Tester

    UNITES Systems a.s.

    VPC G12 interface - interchangeable fixturesQuick exchange of test applicationMinimum of equipment in the fixture - fixture only as contacting interfaceManual fixtures ATXFixture identification - automatic test program loadingConnection to external meas. instrumentsControled by SCADUS / LabViewSelftest of internal cards and connected instrumentsCentral test program, configuration and datalog files location possibility (server)Uninterruptible power supply for PC

  • Backplane Tester

    401 - Testronics Inc.

    The 401 has been in operation for over 15 years with millions of backplanes having been tested. However, due to the difficulty in obtaining replacement parts, we've been forced to cease support for the model 401.

  • BARAK Tester

    Chaban Electronic Ltd.

    The test equipment is based on PC & PXIplatform, and Combines standard off-the-shelfitems such as, fast communication cards, MAC PANEL interconnect connectors, NationalInstrument data acquisition cards, etc., withspecialized and modular hardware Andsoftware components that are developed atChaban such as drivers for cards, self-testprograms, Operating unit, and a specialized PCand general purpose cards and Adapters andsignals multiplexes cards

  • Cable/Harness Tester

    LX-650 - Shenzhen Lian Xin Technology Co., Ltd.

    The system provides Chinese/English free switch operation interface;.·Up to 1000Vdc/700Vac Test Voltage.·256 Max. Test Points.·Auto Scan and Auto Pin Search.·The system provides advanced instant open-circuit, short-circuit, continuity test.·Intermittent Conductance Test.·Intermittent Open/Short Test.·Providing Double-End/Single-End Testing.·Large 320×240 LCD display.·Full Programming Sequence Test.·Versatile I/O Ports for application.·Statistics and Print Function

  • Cable Tester

    PK-3456 SpySplitpair - Pansco, Ltd

    The SpySplitpair is designed for detecting the split pair to qualify data twisted pair (UTP / STP) cables. The unit includes Test, Debug, and Tone modes as well as Voltage warning and Low battery indicators. The Test mode start with the voltage check test, then automatically scan each twisted pair. The LEDs for each pair will either be ON, OFF or Flashing, indicates a good pair, an open or a bad pair. Deburg mode to diagnose a specific pair of cable.

  • Cable Tester

    CT100 - BEHRINGER International GmbH

    The intelligent, CPU-controlled CT100 accepts virtually any connector type: XLR, mono and TRS phone ( 1 /4 ", 1 /8 ", TT), RCA and MIDI. It shows which input pin is connected to which output pin. Separate LED's indicate proper shield connection and phantom power presence. The CT100 also offers an installed cable test mode and a continuity check plus a test tone generator.