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    ANPS-1D - All New Point System CO., LTD

    Unique BBT machine presented to improve your testing specification, higher price per unit PCB, multiple layers and thin lines.Can actually test the continuity as low as 10.Insulation test can reach 100M.Insulation test can reach 300V and can perform O/S test at the sameCan test higher resistance lines separately.Can test probes and cable connector.


    ANPS-1B - All New Point System CO., LTD

    The world highest level of PCB 4-Wires O/S m tester.Special for vehicle application PCB, HDI with Multi-layer PCB and thin-circuit line PCB.Continuity test spec. can reach up to 1m.Option choice of 250v for isolation test.4-Wires design which can effectively solve the influence under contact resistance.

  • Circuit Testers

    Southwire Tools

    The circuit breaker finder pinpoints the specific breaker powering the circuit being worked on. Eliminates guessing and unwanted power outages caused by tripping the wrong breaker.

  • Hand-Held Testers

    Qmax Test Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    multifunction test instrument comprise of Single Channel Oscilloscope, High precision Digital Multimeter, Function Generator, LCR Meter and Frequency measurement functions . The compact and hand held size with re-chargeable battery makes it your ideal companion for the ideal for on-field operation. Measuring and testing just became easier and more affordable than ever. The high pixel LCD High Density Back-Lit Graphical display with live auto measure functions makes this tool more valuable in test and repair industry.

  • CMT - Tester

    UNITES Systems a.s.

    VPC G12 interface - interchangeable fixturesQuick exchange of test applicationMinimum of equipment in the fixture - fixture only as contacting interfaceManual fixtures ATXFixture identification - automatic test program loadingConnection to external meas. instrumentsControled by SCADUS / LabViewSelftest of internal cards and connected instrumentsCentral test program, configuration and datalog files location possibility (server)Uninterruptible power supply for PC

  • Vibration Tester

    Shenzhen UYIGAO Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

    The parameters used to define sinusoidal vibration testing are amplitude (usually acceleration or displacement), frequency, sweep rate and number of sweeps. Figure 1. Sinusoidal Vibration Wave Form. A typical sinusoidal vibration test profile is shown in Figure 2. The amplitude is defined over a range of frequencies

  • Video Tester

    Shenzhen UYIGAO Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

    Measure the video signal level, and displays exception information

  • Grease Tester

    MINITEST FFK - Grabner Instruments

    MINITEST FFK automatically determines the flow-pressure properties of lubricating grease at low temperatures down to -50°C by means of the Kesternich test. The original and time-consuming method is fully automated and the measuring range is extended far below the original one, resulting in a considerably improved test precision. A powerful two stage Peltier element avoids the use of a large and expensive cryostat. The principle of the test is based upon the necessary pressure build-up to press an amount of grease through a standard test nozzle at a preset temperature.

  • Combined Tester

    Argus 145 - Packet Data Systems Ltd.

    *The ARGUS 145 offers an exceptionally broad spectrum of measurement functions & supports tests on SHDSL, ADSL, ADSL2 & ADSL2+ as well as POTS, U-interface & BRI accesses.*The Argus 145 is a comprehensive tool for installation, maintenance & development testing of DSL, ISDN, POTS, VoIP and IPTV services & equipment.*The unit enables you to check that the wiring allows DSL services & that the promised services are being delivered. Determine quality of service automatically within seconds by receiving connection rates & noise margins from the DSLAM.*PING the service provider to prove internet connectivity, test the xDSL modem by IP PING via it's Ethernet port & support xDSL modem bridge mode.

  • Resistance Tester

    KT-2000RD - Kast Eng Co. LTD.

    This equipment represents the wanted resistance value in digital figures and at the same time, is an ohmmeter which decides products to be bad in case of being out of the previously set range of H,L and to be good in case of being within the range. Moreover, because it is designed and manufactured on the basis of KAST's business experiences and know-hows accumulated through on-the-spot works for a long time, it is highly trustable, especially strong to noise and impulse that occur on the bad electric condition of on-the-spot or on the connection with any other equipments, and also is convenient for use. 

  • Tribocorrosion Tester

    ASTM G119 - Rtec Instruments

    Tribocorrosion involves studying Wear Evaluation of Protective Coatings. It involves mechanical and electrochemical interactions between components in motion. Rtec Tribocorrosion modules measures inline current, voltage, friction, wear, temperature , down force, ear, acoustic emissions at all times. Currently used by several Fortune 500 firms globally.

  • Bump Tester

    KD-163 - King Design Industrial Co., Ltd.

    *Comply with IEC-68-2-29 testing specification(10g/ 16ms、15g/6ms、 40g/6ms、100g/2ms).*Easy installation and simple operation; Low noise; no maintenance required; function holds long.*Well-designed and no resonant-structure, air anti- vibration pad can effectively isolate floor vibration.*Accelerometer adopts repeated measurement and adjustable half-sine wave generator; to control the data is precise.*Magnesium alloy platform is anodized, Servo motor cam to drive, and can adjust the frequency automatically.*The adjustable acceleration value and shock domain is patent design (1ms-13ms).

  • BCI Tester

    Peritec Corp.

    Test scenario creation function of BCI test.・Test scenario auto-run feature.・Test results file generated automatically. (CSV file: can be customized)・CAN / LIN communication function, data logging. (FlexRey available)・Power I/O, ECU I/O control functions, data logging.・Anomaly detection function display.・Noise detection function.

  • Vacuum Tester

    Changzhou Chanlon Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    This machine is applied to vacuum cleaner type motor. Its LCD shows all technical data which obtained by industrial control computer, which check and verify the quality of testing stator.

  • Stator Tester

    Changzhou Chanlon Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    This machine is applied to test varieties of iron stator like pump motor, air-conditioning motor, washing machine motor, paper shredder motor, servo motor and stepper motor etc. Its LCD shows all technical data which obtained by industrial control computer, which check and verify the quality of testing stator.