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  • Inclination Tester

    tecsis LP

    As part of our Oil & Gas Series, tecsis LP now offers the Model LPI inclination sensor to measure inclination in the X, Y, or both X and Y directions (2-dimensional), used to measure the tilt angle of objects with respect to the horizontal. This unique sensor is useful as a safety component for measuring boom angle on construction cranes, platforms, and lifts. It also provides accurate data for leveling agricultural and commercial vehicles, monitoring drilling angles and derricks, or recording pitch and roll of ships.

  • ESD Testers

    Hanwa Electronic Ind. Co.,Ltd.

    ◆Adaptable to the following international standard waveform;JEDEC, ESDA, AEC, and JEITA◆This system’s uniquely short discharge circuit is made possible by its original mechanical design.◆The short circuit minimizes the influence of inductance and capacitance on the data.◆The use of a single circuit ensures data stability for each device pin tested.

  • Insulation Testers

    TES-1600 - MRC ltd.

    2000M W /1000V, 200M W /500V, 200M W /250V. Power lock for 3 minutes (Auto power off). Auto-Zero adjustment. Data-Hold-Function. Digital readout easy to obtain by 0.65" LCD display. Automatic unit & sign annunciator. Rotary switch easy for range selection. Continuity beeper. Battery operated/Overload Protection. Safety test leads. ImA test current.

  • Vacuum Tester

    Changzhou Chanlon Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    This machine is applied to vacuum cleaner type motor. Its LCD shows all technical data which obtained by industrial control computer, which check and verify the quality of testing stator.

  • Transformer Testers

    101T/102T - AB Instruments, Inc

    Model AB-101T is designed to have all parameters of two winding of any transformer in a single go.This is particularly used to have full transformer data is available on PC.Micro –Controller based meter,that provides all parameters that are selected to be available on PC with two winding jig.It normally gives L,R & Q but other parameters can be selected.. With basic accuracy of 0.2 offers various test frequencies . Four wire measurement minimizes error in reading. RS232 Communication & Binning facilty upto 8 bins possible. Loading of pre-setted parameters also possible to save time.

  • Drop Tester

    KD 688 A - King Design Industrial Co., Ltd.

    *PLC control, linear motor fast speed control the height setting.*Alarm warning before testing.*Light support structure decreases the test impact.*Support dropping very smooth with dual lubrication guide.*No second impact. *A data acquisition for the impact wave record (Option).*Non maintenance request for continue operation.*According to ISTA, ASTM .....etc international standard.*Equipped edge & corner holder.

  • IP Testers

    Digital Communication Technologies Ltd

    *Complete test functions from physical layer to application performance measurement for the managed Ethernet service.*Support Data, VoIP and IPTV application analysis by enabling Triple Play Analysis Suite software on GigE PIM*Comprehensive prioritization support including VLAN Q-in-Q, layer 3 IP Tos and Cisco DSCP.

  • Firewall Tester

    atelier web

    The major concern nowadays is related to pieces of software installed in your computer which may contact and exchange information with the outside World without being authorizated and noticed by you.Odds are that your machine is open wide. Some piece of software you have installed in your computer may be sending private and confidential data to some place in the World without your knowledge.AWFT probes the protection provided by your Personal Firewall software using six different tests. Each test uses a different technique for gaining access to the outside World.



    ground bond test (also called bonding test, ground continuity test )- insulation test (also called high resistance test, megger test)- hipot test to make a high voltage test (also called dielectric strength test, hipot test, hi-pot test, breakdown test or flash test)- leakage current measurement (also called line leakage test)The final purpose of those tests is to validate that the product under test is safe for the end user, and complies with the quality requirements from the Low Voltage Directive (LVD), applicable to the corresponding standards (IEC335, IEC950, IEC601, IEC1010, IEC598, IEC990, IEC204...)

  • Cable Tester

    PR-08 Outlet Verifier - Pansco, Ltd

    he Outlet Verifier lets technicians electronically “see” the equipment at the other end of a wall outlet or cable. It checks the termination pattern at the cable’s far end and tells you whether that pattern is of a network hub or a NIC, and whether it operates using 100 Bit, 10 Base-T, Token Ring, or ATM protocol. It also checks phone lines for line 1/line 2 polarity and AC voltage, and coaxial cable for the impedance created by a terminator at the cable’s far end.

  • Pendulum Testers


    Instron pendulums are designed to meet the growing demand for accurate and repeatable impact testing on a wide range of materials. Used to determine the mechanical and physical properties of metals, polymers, composites, and finished products for both research and development (R&D) and quality control (QC), the pendulum family is capable of performing Charpy, Izod, and Tensile tests according to international standards. As uninstrumented systems, they provide the absorbed energy value. By fully instrumenting the pendulum, a more complete study of how the material reacts to impact can be gathered. This information is useful when evaluating the type of failure and the dynamic response of the material.

  • Cable Continuity Tester, VGA Link Tester

    72-9270  - Tenma

    The 72-9270 is a VGA In-Line Signal Link Tester. Quickly test VGA connections with this handy tester. No need to carry bulky, expensive cable testers to test only one or two cable types. Mini link tester fits easily in your pocket or tool box and requires no external power. Connects in-line and displays signal data connectivity on LED's per each conductor. Save time and money by diagnosing connectivity issues.

  • LAN Tester / Wiremap Tester & Cable Fault Locator

    RapidTrace 700 - Vonaq Ltd

    Compact, Powerful and Easy to use. This high performance low cost LAN Tester / Wiremap Tester and Cable Fault Locator is the perfect tool to enable you to test and certify structured cabling continuity to TIA568A/B, USOC and ISDN standards.

  • Defibrillator Analyzers, Pacemaker Testers and AED Testers

    Fluke Biomedical

    Fluke Biomedical’s defibrillator analyzers and defibrillator/transcutaneous pacemaker testing devices are rugged, portable precision test instruments that ensure proper operation and ultimate performance of critical life-support cardiac-resuscitation equipment. We offer best-in-class defibrillator testers that feature capabilities which encompass a wide spectrum of worldwide established pulse shapes, showcasing AED tester compatibility, and outperforming competitors in accuracy and standards.

  • Microhardness Tester/ Vickers Hardbess Tester: Automation System

    Future-Tech Corp.

    By combining this system with the hardness tester, it is possible to automate the indentation measurement and the stage control in multi-point measurement. This system is very effective to reduce the dispersion caused by errors of the workers and to realize rationalization and energy saving.