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  • Washing Fastness Tester

    TF418A/B/C/D/E - TESTEX Testing Equipment Systems Ltd.

    Washing Fastness Tester, to determine color fastness to washing or dry cleaning to ISO, BSI, AATCC and Marks & Spencers standards.

  • Water Vapor Permeability Tester

    QT-WVP - Qualitest International Inc.

    Qualitest Water Vapor Permeability Tester QT-WVP series is used to test the water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) of packaging materials.

  • High Frequency Spark Tester

    HF-15B - Clinton Instrument Company

    The HF-15B is a compact, digital 3kHz spark tester with a test voltage range of 500v to 15KV rms.

  • Home Garden Testers

    Hanna Instruments, Inc.

    Upgrade from chemical test kits with handheld testers designed to make testing easy and accurate.

  • Waste Water Testers

    Hanna Instruments, Inc.

    Handheld water testers are a great way to test quickly and adeptly wherever you go.

  • IP Camera Tester

    Sylo Vision Technology Co., Limited

    3 in 1 TVI 3MP or AHD 1080P or CVI 1080P+H.264 IP+Analog CCTV Tester.

  • CCTV Security Testers


    CCTV Security Tester is a kind of multi-function test tool for CCTV and security camera installation professionals. CCTV Camera Tester is developed aiming to CCTV security system installation and maintenance, combining the following function: Optical Fiber Communication test, low power circuit test, video test and PTZ control, and DC12 1A output for camera test, etc. Helps solving varies problem of security system. It could be also used in laboratory tests, equipment maintenance, etc. CCTV Tester is really an ideal multi-function instrument for CCTV Security System, Optical Fiberal Communication, CATV and other optical fiber networks.

  • Charpy/Izod Pendulum Impact Tester

    Qualitest International Inc.

    Qualitest offers a wide range of pendulum Charpy / Izod impact testers for tests according to the relevant test standards such as ASTM D256, ASTM D6110, ISO 179, ISO 180, as well as other DIN, ASTM, and ISO standards. These pendulum Izod / Charpy impact testers cover a range from 0.5 Joules to 50 Joules, and we can even go up to 800 Joules with the models in the Metals category. The Plastics Pendulum Izod / Charpy Impact Testers are available in a variety of models, e.g. for instrumented or non-instrumented tests, with analog or digital displays and with a range of different options especially made for your tests.

  • Surge Suppressor Testers

    SST 450 - ATSI

    The ATSI SST-450 Surge Suppressor Tester is designed to quickly and easily test all commonly used transient voltage suppressors: metal-oxide varistors (MOVs), gas-discharge tubes (GDTs), silicon avalanche diodes (SADs), thyristor surge protective devices (TSPDs), and hybrid devices. The tester''''s 1mA DC current source up to 1000 volts has both peak and average-reading detection to provide complete test parameters for both crowbar and clamp devices. Measurements are displayed with a 0.1V resolution. The tester is capable of testing suppressors with a filtering capacitor up to 200uF. An adapter box is also available for plug-in style suppressors.

  • Digital Iron Loss Tester

    VDW-2065 - Veer Electronics

    VEER make Digital Iron Loss Tester VDW-2065 is portable & easy to use instrument which is very useful to find Watt loss of electrical steel immediately. Internationally accepted standard method of testing is Epstein frame method but that method needs 30mm x 305 mm size & min. 250g weight of material. Stamping, Laminations can not be tested on Epstein Frame because of size. So, we have designed a direct reading type Single Sheet Tester called Digital Iron Loss Tester VDW-2065 which provides very fast testing of final products like Stamping, EI & other laminations etc...

  • Battery & Starting/Charging System Tester

    725 - Electronic Specialties Inc.

    *6 & 12 V Battery Tester - 12 & 24 V Charging System Tester. *Tests battery condition and the starting/charging system. *Guided test sequence covers - battery, cranking volts and charging system. *Charging system test checks the alternator voltage and the AC ripple voltage for bad diodes. *Battery test results include the State of Health %, State of Charge % and actual CCA capacity. *Diagnosis of battery condition also displayed. *Tester removes surface charge prior to battery test resulting in more accurate results. *2 line LCD display in 7 languages. *Tests discharged batteries down to 1.5V

  • Cable Tester with Tone Generator

    PH-10 PINSCAN - Pansco, Ltd

    The PINSCAN Cable Tester with Tone Generator is a helpful companion for any network professional. It combines the functions of an easy-to-use cable tester with a built-in tone generator. The tester enhances one’s ability to quickly locate and verify the status of commonly used voice and data cables. The PINSCAN performs loop-back and remote tests for continuity, opens, shorts, miswires, and pin-to-pin configuration. It also generates a low emission frequency tone. When coupled with NET PROBE (PR-06P) or any other compatible tone tracer, the tone can help a technician to quickly isolate and locate the cable being tested without manually tagging it.

  • Twisted Pair Cable Tester

    PA-41 - Pansco, Ltd

    The Twisted Pair Cable Tester is an easy-to-use Network cable tester with a continually scanning green and red LED display for testing continuity, miswiring and polarization of 10/100 Base-T, E1A/T1A 568 A/B, Token Ring (RJ45) and Thin Ethernet (BNC) Networks. Two-piece design allows for remote testing of pre-installed wiring, with the test results observed on the remote unit. This tester also verifies shield integrity for all STP cables and its dual colored LED will identify normal or reversed pairs. The main unit can be used for local loop-back test of a patch cord and verifies the continuity of coaxial cabling terminated with BNC connectors.

  • Leeb Hardness Testers

    GAO Tek Inc.

    GAOTek proudly presents an extensive and wide range of Leeb hardness testers for sale to the United States, Canada and globally. A Leeb hardness tester is used mainly in the manufacturing industry to test the structural integrity of a metal object by applying a definite amount of force on the object. Structural integrity is crucial information as in some cases it is treated as a specification or standard that companies must meet in order to release a product. It may also be used to set a limitation or restriction for a specific device or item. Our testers are designed to ensure standards are met by providing users with a variety of features to make the process of testing and monitoring results efficient and convenient.

  • EW Systems Testers

    Meltronics Systemtech

    PSS LRU Test Set is used to test the RWR (Radar Warning Receiver) system by simulating the input signals and testing the output signals. The Continuous Wave Repeater Tester is a computer controlled system used to test the CW unit electronics and its module. The RF tester is a computer controlled system used to test the RF unit, Logic Unit (ECM) and its modules. Dual High Voltage Power Supply Tester used to test and service the dual high power voltage supply units. High power in the range of 4KV to 11KV can be tested.