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llquid state of H2O.

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  • Ultrasonic Sensors

    MaxBotix Inc.

    People Detection, Remote Bin Measurement, Automated Store Displays, Water Level Measurement, Parking Sensor

  • On-line Bacterial Load Analyzer

    EZ-ATP - AppliTek

    The EZ-ATP monitors total bacterial and pathogen load in water by measuring portions of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) of any type of bacterial microorganism present in the water sample. These may include fecal coliforms such as E. coli, sulphate reducing bacteria, nitrifying bacteria or Legionella. The analyzer can be used as an Early Warning System in various applications with focus on water safety, when high ATP values indicate a potential risk in surpassing a threshold value of microorganisms in the past or in the near future. The perceived need for more rapid and reliable methods for measuring water quality, especially in the area of drinking water safety, has established new interest in the use of the ATP chemiluminescence. In a process environment, or for any process where the microbiological water quality is critical, corrective actions depend on timely data. Traditional plate counting methods take days for results to become available and this may be further increased by laboratory reporting times. The EZ-ATP On-line Microbiology Analyzer presents a unique alternative to current analysis procedures, taking the standard ASTM test method a step further.

  • Well Control

    Herrin Design & Manufacturing Co.

    The Herrin Design Model 1644 Well System Pump Control is designed to provide a cost effective means of controlling water system reservoir levels. Through precise monitoring, the Well Control is able to reliably sense reservoir water levels by measuring water pressure at the well head. By monitoring reservoir levels at the well head, it is possible to mount the water system controls in one location, eliminating the costly communications link--leased lines or buried cables--between reservoir level sensors and the pumps. Typically, mechanical sensors at the reservoir deteriorate or are broken frequently due to weather; and communications lines are a large, continued expense.The Well Control tolerates temporary variations in water pressure due to surges and usage. The pump will not start until there is a constant low pressure level for 2-3 (variable) minutes (OFF TIME). This insures the pumps are activated only when necessary. Once the pump is turned on, it remains on for a preset period of time--up to 24 hours (ON TIME). During the pump cycle, the control does not rely on water pressure measurements to indicate if the reservoir is full. This feature eliminates sporadic pumping due to pressure variations created during the pumping cycle.

  • Shoe Bending Waterproofness Tester

    SG-P03SW - Jinge Testing Machine Co.,Ltd

    It determines the water resisitance and durability of flexing for shoe immersed in water. It will stop automtically after the presetted mumbers or predetermined time are reached. It is also adopted with the advanced sensor to detect and indicate even the water being permeated inside the footwear lightly to avoid the judging errors by naked eyes.

  • Bundesmann Rain Tester

    Sataton Instruments Technology CO., Ltd

    Bundesmann rain tester which is also called as Bundesmann water repellency tester can provide artificial rainfall to simulate the process of rain under natural environment. The tester is designed to determine the water repellency of fabrics by the bundesmann rain shower method. It can provide water repellency performance of tested materials under a certain rainfall in a certain time.

  • Interface Meter

    INT - PASI srl

    Water level indicator / Interface Meter

  • Digital Shirley Hydrostatic Head Tester

    SG-F06C - Jinge Testing Machine Co.,Ltd

    Digital Shirley Hydrostatic Head Tester. To determine the resistance of dense fabrics, like canvas, linoleum, non-woven fabric, apparel waterproof fabric, etc, to water penetration under pressure whilst firmly clamped in the test rig of 100cm2 area. Water pressure is applied by means of compressed air and distilled water with a range of 0-1500cm water gauge +/- 0.1% full scale recorded on a digital display. The rate of rise is adjustable by digital control and display and recorded in centimetres per minute.Pore Size Attachment. To determine hole size in textile structures under pressure of water.

  • Moisture Meter

    Water Damage Restoration - Tramex Ltd.

    We supply individual moisture meters, both non-destructive and with probe attachments, as well as complete kits. These instruments and kits are an essential part of a Restorative Drying Professional’s toolbox. The restorative drying industry needs to have the right diagnostic and drying equipment to carry out restorative work in a professional and efficient manner. Excess moisture and humidity left within a building environment or in its structural elements is usually the cause of the greatest damage such as rot, mold growth, reduced insulation values, failure of flooring, roofing and wall support. For a restorative drying professional to carry out the restorative drying process correctly, the moisture and humidity conditions of the building structure and its environment need to be monitored during the drying process, as well as at the beginning and end of the job. This cannot be done successfully without the proper equipment.

  • Ozone Generators

    PCE Instruments

    The Ozone Generators are devices that can be applied in multiple ways. In our assortment we have ozone generators that are applied either for air or even under water. The ozone generators are such devices, which e.g. perform air treatment after damages caused by water or fire. But there is still the option to clean contaminated water. Apart from the areas of application that are mentioned above, there are also ozone generators that are often used in areas of the car industries in order to e.g. eliminate smells after mold infestation. While using the ozone generators, it is the size of the room or space that shall be cleaned out. Therefore the ozone generators feature a variable hourly ozone performance, that can be adjusted to the size of the room that is to clean.

  • Portable Sterile Chamber Fogger

    2001 - MSP Corporation

    1) A non-contaminating fogger for air flow visualization in pharmaceutical sterile production facilities; 2) Produces highly visible fog of water droplets by quenching steam with liquid nitrogen; 3) High purity water droplets leave no measurable residue when water evaporates; 4) Small (~3µm) droplet size and neutrally buoyant fog for faithful airflow tracking over long distances; 5) Suitable for photographic or video recording of air flow patterns in sterile chambers; 6) Ideal for operator training for good pharmaceutical sterile chamber practices; 7) The full-sized Model 2001 will provide ~45 minutes of steady fog output without fluid recharging

  • Profiling CTDs

    Sea-Bird Scientific

    A CTD measures Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth. Despite the name, all CTDs actually measure pressure, which is not quite the same thing as depth. The relationship between pressure and depth is a complex one involving water density and compressibility as well as the strength of the local gravity field. The CTD data can be used to calculate salinity, density, sound velocity, and other parameters of interest. The term CTD is often used today to describe a package that includes the actual CTD as well as auxiliary sensors to measure other parameters (such as dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, fluorometer, altimeter, etc.) and a water sampler to collect water samples for later analysis in the lab. The term Sonde is sometimes used as an alternative to CTD.

  • Automated Thermostat Test System

    BCO, Inc.

    Quality Control inspection system. Tests water heater safety thermostats in hot water enclosures with complete shielding for operator protection. Tests water-heater safety thermostats. PC controlled transport and measurements. Self-test and calibration.

  • Waterproof EC Tester Low with ATC

    ECTestr Low - Eutech Instruments

    ECTestr Low tester series can measure natural water, verify reverse osmosis system operation and tap water quality. Check nutrient solution concentration in hydroponics applications.

  • Waterproof EC Tester

    ECTestr10 High - Eutech Instruments

    For use in water and wastewater treatment, boiler blow-down, electroplating rinse tanks, drinking water, hydroponics, printing industry, aquaculture, aquariums, fish farms, swimming pools and spas.

  • Waterproof EC Tester with ATC

    ECTestr10 Low - Eutech Instruments

    For use in water and wastewater treatment, boiler blow-down, electroplating rinse tanks, drinking water, hydroponics, printing industry, aquaculture, aquariums, fish farms, swimming pools and spas.