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  • Brake Fluid Refractometer

    DOT3 - MISCO Refractometer

    The MISCO Palm Abbe Brake Fluid Refractometer is a precision digital instrument designed for measuring the water content, and estimating the boiling point, of DOT3 brake fluids. It only takes two drops of brake fluid to get an accurate indication of water content or boiling point in only seconds. Brake fluid may be measured from the master cylinder or from each of the wheel cylinders.

  • Brake Fluid Refractometer

    DOT3 Fahrenheit - MISCO Refractometer

    Fahrenheit model – The MISCO Palm Abbe Brake Fluid Refractometer is a precision digital instrument designed for measuring the water content, and estimating the boiling point, of DOT3 brake fluids. It only takes two drops of brake fluid to get an accurate indication of water content or boiling point in only seconds. Brake fluid may be measured from the master cylinder or from each of the wheel cylinders.

  • Highly Sensitive Silica Monitor

    SLIA-300 - HORIBA, Ltd.

    The ultra-pure water that is used in the semiconductor production processes can be further purified by using an ion-exchange resin. Capturing the silica that is dissolved from this ion-exchange resin as quickly as possible can control the ultra-pure water quality, which is important during the production processes.HORIBA Advanced Techno has developed and employed a new "long light path length measurement cell" to enable highly sensitive measurement of ultra-low density silica and also realized a compact desktop model to improve the usability.

  • HUMIDITY Sensor

    DSHS07 - Smartec bv

    The Smartec humidity sensor is a two terminal capacitor, which increases in value as water molecules are absorbed into its active polymer dielectric. The capacitor plates consist of a base plate and a water permeable platinum top plate. The sensor will be delivered with gold-plated lead wires attached. Besides the active dielectric, polymers give protection to the base plate, prevent polarisation and pinholing and generally ruggedise the sensor so that it can be used in a wide range of hostile environments.

  • Digital Refractometer for Sodium Chloride Measurements

    MA886 - Milwaukee Instruments

    The MA886 is an optical instrument that employs the measurement of the refractive index to determine sodium chloride concentration in aqueous solutions used in food preparation.It is not intended for sea water salinity measurements. The measurement of refractive index is simple and quick and provides the user an accepted method for NaCl analysis. Samples are measured after a simple user calibration with deionized or distilled water.

  • Differential Pressure and Temperature Data Logger

    PRTemp1000D - MadgeTech, Inc

    The PRTemp1000D is a rugged pressure and temperature data logger designed to accurately monitor and record pressure and temperature at user programmable reading intervals. The rugged stainless steel design allows for the device to be placed in harsh environments, which makes it well suited for use with air conditioning systems, chilled water, hot water, air, gas, oil and steam pressure systems.

  • Bathless Tablet Disintegration Instrument

    sensIR 3200 - Distek, Inc.

    Distek’s sensIR 3200 uses proven bathless heating to offer a disintegrator without the hassle of and inconveniences associated with conventional water bath-based instruments. By eliminating the water bath and utilizing a sleek modular unit, Distek’s sensIR 3200 offers two, four or six disintegration test stations in the smallest foot print of any comparably equipped model.

  • Automatic Oil Interfacial Tension Tester

    HITT - Hention Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

    The HITT Automatic Interfacial Tension Tester is designed and made as per GB/T6541 “Test Methods for Interfacial Tension of Petroleum Products between Oils and Water (Ring Methods)”. It is suitable to determine interfacial tension between mineral oils and water under non-equilibrium conditions (Liquid-liquid interface). It can also be used to determine surface tension of various liquids (liquid-gas interface).

  • Audio Frequency System

    Locator Set / UL 30 - BAUR Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH

    Cable fault location with the BAUR Locator Set / UL 30. The audio frequency system Locator Set is used to exactly determine the alignment of cables and metal gas or water pipes. With various accessories, this system becomes a universal, indispensable device for power companies, industries, installation companies and water suppliers.* Output energy up to 50 VA* Automatic or manual impedance adjustment* Charging unit and rechargeable battery integrated; battery or mains operation* Continuous or cyclical output

  • Open Channel Flow Meter

    Dynasonics iSonic 4000 - Badger Meter

    An economical open channel flow meter, iSonic 4000 measures level, flow rate and total volume of water flowing through weirs and flumes. The meter includes a non-contact ultrasonic level sensor to detect the water level and then calculates the flow rate and volume using the Manning equation and characteristics of the channel. All the measurements are available over Modbus RTU and can be logged for historical records. Open channel flow meters perform best where the sediment does not build up.

  • Photometers


    The ideal companions for all measurements on site: in the wastewater treatment plant to measure wastewater and for reference measurement, in drinking water analytics on the well head or in the cistern and last, but not least for the monitoring of surface water. The smart adapter allows large measuring ranges and versatile test kits. AQA is possible as much as data management with LIMS transfer, which supports routine analyses in the food and beverage industries.

  • Pipe & Duct Inspection Cameras

    General Tools & Instruments

    Pipe & Duct Inspection Camera are video inspection cameras with a probe long enough (roughly 70 ft.) to locate and identify an obstruction in a water or sewer line or HVAC duct by taking close-up video clips and photos of it. The P16PIP probe (also available separately) that comes with the DPS16 Pipe & Duct Inspection Camera has better camera lighting and optics and slightly better resistance to water than the P610-20PR probe that attaches to a recording or non-recording wet/dry inspection camera console.

  • Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler

    ASL Environmental Sciences

    The ASL Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler™ (AZFP™) offers a new, economical way of obtaining reliable measures of marine environmental conditions in the water column. The AZFP™ can monitor the presence and abundance of zooplankton and fish within the water column by measuring acoustic backscatter returns at multiple ultrasonic frequencies. Other sonar targets realized from the sonar backscatter data include bubbles and suspended sediments.

  • Analytical Standards and Reagents

    Waters Corporation

    Waters understands that standards and reagents are a vital component for achieving optimal performance and compliance using analytical instrumentation. The technical and regulatory requirements for preparation, documentation and testing of analytical standards and reagents are becoming increasingly complex and time consuming. Waters Analytical Standards and Reagents will enhance your productivity, strengthen your compliance, support globalization, and stimulate your business’ future growth.

  • Waterproof Inspection Cameras

    General Tools & Instruments

    waterproof inspection cameras have waterproof probes, General's DCS6XX wet/dry cameras, the DCS600A, DCS605, DCS660A, DCS665 & the DCS665-ART, go one step further because their grips and monitors are also waterproof. This feature, unique in the industry, allows users to inspect toilets and water and sewer lines carrying running water without worrying about dropping and "dunking" the instrument.