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  • Pipe & Duct Inspection Cameras

    General Tools & Instruments

    Pipe & Duct Inspection Camera are video inspection cameras with a probe long enough (roughly 70 ft.) to locate and identify an obstruction in a water or sewer line or HVAC duct by taking close-up video clips and photos of it. The P16PIP probe (also available separately) that comes with the DPS16 Pipe & Duct Inspection Camera has better camera lighting and optics and slightly better resistance to water than the P610-20PR probe that attaches to a recording or non-recording wet/dry inspection camera console.

  • Perspiration Tester

    TF416A - TESTEX Testing Equipment Systems Ltd.

    Perspiration Tester to determine colour fastness test to water, sea water, perspiration fastness in textiles and sublimation during storage. Perspiration tester consists of 1 stainless steel frame with 21 acrylic separator plates to hold 20 samples. Thus the both ISO/AATCC test methods can be done in one time. 20 plastic basins are equipped for pre-treatment of samples.

  • Open Channel Flow Meter

    Dynasonics iSonic 4000 - Badger Meter

    An economical open channel flow meter, iSonic 4000 measures level, flow rate and total volume of water flowing through weirs and flumes. The meter includes a non-contact ultrasonic level sensor to detect the water level and then calculates the flow rate and volume using the Manning equation and characteristics of the channel. All the measurements are available over Modbus RTU and can be logged for historical records. Open channel flow meters perform best where the sediment does not build up.

  • Tank Gauge System

    ATG Solution - Beijing Sanki Petroleum

    Automatic Measurementoil level; water level; temperature; volumeScientific ManagementShifting of duty; Oil reload record; report generation and printSecurity Surveillancehigh or low oil level(empty tank problems will not happen); water level; *temperature monitoring and warning systemEnvironmental MonitoringOil leak detecting and warning systemData SharingAutomatic data transfer with other information system, to expend management function solutions

  • Solid Oxide and Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Test Stations

    Greenlight Innovation

    Greenlight''s SOFC test systems include options for integrated reformers, de-sox, gas mixing, water saturation, pre-heating, furnace, heat recovery and water balance. These SOFC test rigs can be configured to operate on gaseous or liquid fuels, with operating temperatures up to 1000C. Pressure control is optional and furnaces can be tailored for either planar or tubular cell configurations. For single cell or button cell testing, Greenlight offers the X20 table-top SOFC test bench, including furnace and optional fixtures.

  • Small Pressure Data Logger

    PR150 - The Dickson Company

    This compact and discreet pressure data logger fits in toolboxes, tight corners or in wide open spaces without attracting attention. The PR100 was built for real-world water and gas pressure monitoring. NEW! USB Downloading 0-100 PSI (PSI, ATM, Bar, mBar, InH2O, FtH2O, mmH2O, mmHG, InHg, Pascal, kP, MCA) Water resistant case 3 year battery Pressure sensor includes built in diaphragm seal Delayed Star

  • spectrometer radiometer TRIO

    Baltic Scientific Instruments, Ltd

    Gamma-, beta- and alpha spectrometer TRIO is intended for measuring energy distribution of gamma- and beta - radiation, identify gamma-emitting radionuclides, and also for measuring the activity (specific and volumetric activity) natural radionuclides 226Ra, 232Th, 40K, 222Rn, and technogenic radionuclides (137Cs, 134Cs, 60Co, 99mTc, 90Sr and etc.) in the soil samples, rocks, vegetation, water, food, wood, building materials, chemical industry materials, alloys, scrap metal and other technological products. Also it is used for measuring gross specific activity of beta- and alpha- emitting radionuclides in water.

  • Spray Nozzle

    CX-IPX3/4 - Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    The Spray Tester IPX 3/4 is a hand-held test device to verify protection against spraying and splashing water. The water pressure can be adjusted using the flow control knob on the device to give the required flow rate. The pressure can be seen on the gauge which is convenient positioned by the Spray Tester IPX 3/4.The spray pattern of the nozzle is made to the specifications of IE60529. The removable shield feature make it easy to test without the interference of the shield .

  • Suppressors and Dampeners

    Parker Hannifin Corp

    In high volume fluid handling systems, shocks are experienced when valves open or close as pumps are started or shut down. Parker accumulator surge suppressors are low pressure bladder accumulators designed to eliminate these shocks from high flow fluid handling systems. Applications for accumulator surge suppressors include water sprinkling systems, water handling systems, refueling systems and chemical and process plants.

  • Digital Refractometer for Sodium Chloride Measurements

    MA886 - Milwaukee Instruments

    The MA886 is an optical instrument that employs the measurement of the refractive index to determine sodium chloride concentration in aqueous solutions used in food preparation.It is not intended for sea water salinity measurements. The measurement of refractive index is simple and quick and provides the user an accepted method for NaCl analysis. Samples are measured after a simple user calibration with deionized or distilled water.

  • Dynamic Vapor Sorption Analyzer

    IGAsorp-XT - Hiden Isochema Ltd

    The IGAsorp-XT is a fully automated water sorption analyzer designed for measurements at temperatures and humidities beyond those available with conventional DVS analyzers. High resolution sorption isotherms are recorded at humidity values from 0.2 %RH or lower, using the unique climate-XT control method. Combined with high temperature water sorption measurements to 300 °C, an integrated pre-heater and completely flexible method programming, the IGAsorp-XT is the world’s most advanced benchtop DVS analyzer.

  • Battery Data Logging Device

    FST-AM - Foresight Electronics Co., Ltd.

    A data logger, is an electronic instrument that records measurements at set intervals over a period of time. Depending on the particular data logger, measurements can include: air temperature, relative humidity, AC/DC current and voltage, differential pressure, time-of-use (lights, motors, etc.), light intensity, water temperature, water level, dissolved oxygen, soil moisture, rainfall, wind speed and direction, leaf wetness, pulse signals, room occupancy, plug load, and many more.

  • Audio Frequency System

    Locator Set / UL 30 - BAUR Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH

    Cable fault location with the BAUR Locator Set / UL 30. The audio frequency system Locator Set is used to exactly determine the alignment of cables and metal gas or water pipes. With various accessories, this system becomes a universal, indispensable device for power companies, industries, installation companies and water suppliers.* Output energy up to 50 VA* Automatic or manual impedance adjustment* Charging unit and rechargeable battery integrated; battery or mains operation* Continuous or cyclical output

  • Bathless Tablet Disintegration Instrument

    sensIR 3200 - Distek, Inc.

    Distek’s sensIR 3200 uses proven bathless heating to offer a disintegrator without the hassle of and inconveniences associated with conventional water bath-based instruments. By eliminating the water bath and utilizing a sleek modular unit, Distek’s sensIR 3200 offers two, four or six disintegration test stations in the smallest foot print of any comparably equipped model.

  • Differential Pressure and Temperature Data Logger

    PRTemp1000D - MadgeTech, Inc

    The PRTemp1000D is a rugged pressure and temperature data logger designed to accurately monitor and record pressure and temperature at user programmable reading intervals. The rugged stainless steel design allows for the device to be placed in harsh environments, which makes it well suited for use with air conditioning systems, chilled water, hot water, air, gas, oil and steam pressure systems.