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  • GC Detectors

    Company: OI Analytical

    Compact and modular, the new, second generation 5383 Pulsed Flame Photometric GC Detector (PFPD) offers greater ease of use, design flexibility, and analytical refinement than its predecessor, while retaining the proven technology features that laboratories around the world rely on for accurate results.

  • ZBD - Detectors

    Company: Virginia Diodes

    VDI offers zero biased detectors (ZBD) for a variety of mmWave and THz applications. These detectors offer full band performance without bias.

  • Detectors

    Company: Edmund Optics

    Detectors are used to measure the illumination of a light source for a number of optical or spectrometry applications. Detectors consist of arrays of photodiodes or photodetectors that transmit electrical current when excited by collision from photons. Detectors enable the measurement of important light characteristics that are not conveniently acquired in other ways. A selection of photodiodes is also available with linked amplifier capabilities for easier, more precise measurement capacities.Detectors

  • Detectors

    Company: Varian Medical Systems

    Varian supplies modular linear and panel detectors for industrial X-ray imaging applications that scale to meet requirements, and are easily maintained in busy, rugged environments.

  • Detectors

    Company: Teledyne Microwave

    Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) offers all types of detectors with both analog & threshold designs operating from 10MHz to 26GHz, with excellent power temperature stability.

  • Detectors

    Company: Waters

    optical detectors provide additional analytical detail about your samples. When paired with their accessories, such as flow cells or nebulizers, you can obtain more information per run, fulfilling multiple detection strategy requirements.

  • Detectors

    Company: McPherson

    Solar blind detector for operation in the 1 to 180 nanometer region. It is encased in a vacuum tight housing for vacuum operation. The Model 425 is ideal for measurements in the Extreme and Vacuum UV (EUV and VUV) where the solar blind feature eliminates potential interference from long wavelength ultraviolet and visible light. It may be operated in pulse-counting mode or DC. The CEM is also available with coatings like Cesium Iodide or Magnesium Fluoride to enhance response in different energy regions.

  • Detectors

    Company: Sanwa Electric Instrument

    A device or instrument designed to detect the presence of a particular object or substance and to emit a signal in response.

  • Detectors

    Company: Silverline Tools

    Pocket-sized detector determines the location of live AC wires with an LED indicator and audible signal. Robust plastic housing and handy pocket clip. Auto-calibration. 90-250V AC 50/60Hz detection range. 40mm maximum detection depth. Requires 2 x AAA batteries.

  • Detectors

    Company: Bentham Instruments

    Each detector is properly housed, complete with any associated circuitry and can be mounted directly at the exit slit of any of our monochromators.

  • Detectors

    Company: Silverline Tools

    Pocket-sized detector determines the location of live AC wires with an LED indicator and audible signal. Robust plastic housing and handy pocket clip. Auto-calibration. 90-250V AC 50/60Hz detection range. 40mm maximum detection depth. Requires 2 x AAA batteries.

  • Radiometric Detectors

    Company: Inphora

    The IPR-RDET series radiometric detectors are built by using selected, stability tested high-grade Si-photovoltaic cells. They are all equipped with individually produced and matched color glass filters. They are available in different sizes for irradiance and radiant flux measurement, both in temperature stabilized laboratory and general purpose form.

  • Discrete Detectors

    Company: Inframet

    TRAL test station is a quasi-universal test station designed to measure parameters of discrete (or small linear array) infrared detectors sensitive in a wide spectral range from about 700nm to about 16 000 nm (NIR/SWIR/MWIR/ LWIR detectors or broadband non selective detectors). All main types of infrared detectors can be tested: photonic detectors: photovoltaic/photoreconductive, cooled/non-coooled, thermal detectors, pyroelectric detectors etc.

  • Current Detectors

    Company: PCE Instruments

    On our website you will find current detectors that are ideal for measuring AC or DC voltage. Current detectors are irreplaceable for inspection work and maintenance. We offer the following: voltage detectors, voltage leak detectors, voltage power detectors, Current clamps ideal for measuring AC or DC voltage. metric detectors, current detectors and more. These high quality current detectors include the capacity to measure many other parameters, such as capacity, resistance, power (both by way of clamps or by means of a hand held digital device with external clamps with a range of one or three stages). The current detectors are like the majority of our measurement instruments in that they meet and excel ISO standards. This calibration is done in a laboratory and comes with an accompanying certificate. All of our current detectors can perform the demanding tasks in each industrial sector regardless of the technical problem you encounter. If you can''t find the current detectors you are looking for, please contact us and we will help you find the best solution to suit your needs by calling our offices on: UK customers +44(0) 23 809 870 30 / US customers (561) 320-9162 and our technical staff will advise you regarding our measuring instruments. Our engineers and technicians will be happy to help you with the current

  • Cable Detectors

    Company: PCE Instruments

    With certain models of cable detectors you can locate open power cables, either live or dead (without current), with voltages up to 300V. Cable detectors can locate cables, circuits, short circuits and ground points. To perform these functions it is not necessary to disconnect electrically sensitive devices or to disconnect theCable Detectors to locate open power cables, either live or without current, up to 300V. power from the cable which is being tested. Cable detectors can also locate ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood and plastic with a high level of accuracy.

  • Broadband Detectors

    Company: Pacific Millimeter

    These waveguide bandwidth detectors use silicon beam lead diodes on a planar stripline circuit to obtain an extremely rugged and compact device. Most millimeter wave broadband detectors have very poor VSWR due to the difficulty in obtaining a good wideband impedance match to the diode. To overcome this problem, these detectors utilize two diodes and an internal matched termination and 3 dB hybrid as shown below. This circuit allows a VSWR of 2.0 or better over a full waveguide bandwidth for most of these detectors. Detectors for waveguides WR-8 and smaller use a single zero bias GaAs diode.