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  • Impulse Current Generator

    Impulse Current Generator - Fivestar HV Testing Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Impulse current test systems are manufactured for testing equipment applied in medium and high voltage transmission & distribution system against the effects of lightning strokes (direct or indirect) or against electromagnetic interference effects.

  • Radiated/Conducted EMI Test System

    EMI-TS Series - TDK RF Solutions Inc.

    The TDK RF Solutions Radiated Emissions Test System integrates best-in-class test instrumentation, antennas, and software to provide automated testing for electromagnetic emissions according to U.S. and international test specifications.

  • Test & Measurement TWTs

    Teledyne Microwave Solutions

    TMS Traveling Wave Tubes provide the source for RF energy in many commercial test and measurement applications, such as evaluating the electromagnetic susceptibility of components in military systems or consumer/commercial products.

  • Professional ELF Monitor

    ELF-EMF -EMFields - Sensory Perspective Ltd

    The EMFields Pro measures Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) produced near powerlines, substations and transformers, building wiring & electrical appliances. It provides digital precision with a wide measurement range, and includes a sounder for an audible indication of field intensity/- strength.

  • Antenna Measurement

    Millimeter Wave - MVG

    The millimeter-wave region of the electromagnetic spectrum is usually considered to be the range of wavelengths from 10 millimeters (0.4 inches) to 1 millimeter (0.04 inches). This means millimeter waves are longer than infrared waves or x-rays, for example, but shorter than radio waves or microwaves. The millimeter-wave region of the electromagnetic spectrum corresponds to radio band frequencies of 30 GHz to 300 GHz and is sometimes called the Extremely High Frequency (EHF) range. The high frequency of millimeters waves as well as their propagation characteristics (that is, the ways they change or interact with the atmosphere as they travel) make them useful for a variety of applications including transmitting large amounts of computer data, cellular communications, and radar.

  • TEM Cells

    EMCTEST Tecnologia Eletronica e Telecomunicaçao Ltda.

    Transverse Electro Magnetic (TEM) cell or Crawford cell (named after its inventor) is used to generate accurate electromagnetic waves over a wide frequency range: DC (0 Hz) to GHz., EM waves generated in the cell propagate in transverse mode and have the same characteristics as a plane wave. It can be used to calibrate E-field broadband probes for testing radiated E-field immunity as well as for measuring radiated emission from a product with a spectrum analyzer/EMI receiver.TEM cell generates a consistent electromagnetic field for testing small RF devices such as wireless pagers, receivers, portable phones, etc.

  • Benchtop Meters

    ALVI Technologies

    Fullcheck automatically checks the device functions during power-on.Possible to document the operablility and the regular maintenance and calibration of the meterSensoface monitors the sensor and the measuring equipment and provides information on sensor selection and hanglingUnknown cell constants can easily be determined with a standard calibrationEMC design protects the meter from electromagnetic interference ensuring reliable measurement results even under unfavorable conditions.Measuring input is automatically switched over to the appropriate operating mode.Via the standard RS 232 interface your data can be immediately processed by a computer.DatasheetRelated Products

  • EMF Detector

    ElectroSensor™ - Sonic Technology Inc.

    This EMF detector is an unparalleled value that offers fast, reliable, and user-friendly measurements of electromagnetic pollution. Since man-made alternating current (AC) is different from naturally occurring EMF, some sources say that even extended exposure of as low as 2 milliGauss may be harmful. Fortunately, once EMF sources are identified with your ElectroSensor you can moderate your distance and exposure.

  • EMI Filters

    Measurement Specialties Inc.

    Every electrical or electronic device has connections that are a potential source for electromagnetic interference (EMI). Changing international standards obligate designers to constantly review and evaluate their filtering needs. Corcom filters from TE can help control those EMI signal issues and are recognized worldwide with approval from major safety agencies, including UL, CSA and VDE.

  • EMI Testing and EMC Testing Services

    Dayton T. Brown, Inc.

    Whether your product is intended for military, industrial, commercial or residential use, it must perform its intended function in the electromagnetic environment, through use of EMI/EMC testing. DTB's outstanding staff of experienced, NARTE certified engineers and technicians, coupled with the depth and breadth of our EMI/EMC testing facilities, can help you bring your EMI/EMC testing project to completion in a minimum of time and expense.

  • EMP Simulators

    Research and Production Enterprise

    þ The high-power electromagnetic pulses (EMP) of nanosecond and subnanosecond ranges can be formed in a free space with the help of radiators connected to high-voltage pulse sources with voltage amplitude ranging from kilovolts to megavolts. þ With the purpose of a investigating of EMC problems EMP can form in closed volumes ( Crawford camera, GTEM camera) in a frequency band from several megacycles up to several gigacycles.

  • Energy Efficiency Testing & Certification

    MET Laboratories, Inc.

    In addition to testing equipment for product safety, environmental simulation, and electromagnetic compatibility, MET is a leader in Energy Efficiency Testing. Please choose an energy efficiency testing category: ENERGY STAR Testing & Certification for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Efficiency Certification for Natural Resources Canada California Energy Commission Appliance Efficiency Program Energy-Efficiency Requirements for Europe

  • ESD Event Detector

    Novx MiniPulse - SIMCO-ION

    Simco-Ion's Novx MiniPulse ESD Event Detector is designed for tool and process monitoring. This affordable, small footprint embeddable monitor has been developed to warn of product damage risks at the point of electrostatic discharge. The MiniPulse uses time domain and threshold discrimination to detect pulse electromagnetic energy. Through the use of specific antenna configurations and placement, the MiniPulse can provide ESD event detection for well-defined small areas.

  • EU (European) Directive Testing

    F-Squared Laboratories

    F2 Labs provides expert evaluation, testing, and (where required) Notified Body services for the following EU Directives:*Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU (RED), formerly R&TTE Directive*Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive 2014/30/EU*Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX) Directive 2014/34/EU*General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC*Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU*Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC*Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC

  • E/H Field Generators

    montena technology sa

    The E/H field generator is specially designed for the immunity test to electromagnetic fields on medium-sized devices. It can also be used for specific tests according to the MIL-Standards. The main advantage of this line is that the equipment under test can easily be successively tested in both polarizations without being dismounted. In that case, the electric field can be set as horizontal or vertical (the magnetic field is perpendicular to the electric filed in the E/H field generator).