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  • Novx MiniPulse - ESD Event Detector

    Company: Simco-ion

    Simco-Ion's Novx MiniPulse ESD Event Detector is designed for tool and process monitoring. This affordable, small footprint embeddable monitor has been developed to warn of product damage risks at the point of electrostatic discharge. The MiniPulse uses time domain and threshold discrimination to detect pulse electromagnetic energy. Through the use of specific antenna configurations and placement, the MiniPulse can provide ESD event detection for well-defined small areas.

  • GSM RF Interference Test System

    Company: Guangzhou Jumho Electric

    Cell phones and other wireless devices radiate powerful electromagnetic fields that can cause interference and noise in microphone signals. The interference and noise is called RF interference, which is an unwanted “signal” that occurs at the same time and frequency as a data signal. The RF interference disrupts the flow of data and degrades quality-of-service. Jumho Electric provides a cost-effective RF interference test system for GSM interference level measurement of wireless microphone.

  • HDMI Over Fiber Transmitter and Reciever

    Company: QuestTel

    QuestTel''''s HDMI Transmitter and Reciever singlemode extender over fiber optic cable integrates HDbitT technology in one standalone kit, it allows you to transport HDMI 4KX2K - 25/30Hz signal up to 20km from the source device to destination display using SC connectors.This HDMI extender supports IR back transmission function. It features with low signal loss and tolerance for electromagnetic interference.

  • GTEM Cells / TEM Cells

    Company: Teseq AG

    The GTEM cell is a frequency extended variant of the traditional TEM (Transverse Electro-Magnetic) cell. The GTEM cell is, in principle, a tapered coaxial line (offset septum plate), which is terminated by a combination of discrete resistors and RF absorbers to achieve a broadband match. Designed for EMC applications, calibration of antennas/field probes, test and measuring of mobile phones and screening measuring of material.

  • Incremental Encoders

    Company: Baumer Hübner GmbH

    Robust construction with solid light alloy housing for high vibration and shock proof protection.Bearings at both ends of the shaft, where construction permits.Short-circuit proof power transistors with peak currents up to 300 mA for line driving over long cables with HTL-signals or optional TTL-signals to RS-422.High Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), tested to IEC 801-4.Protection against shaft currents due to insulated ball bearings, in some devices.Incremental encoders without bearings for drives with large axial play or high speeds.

  • LMG Test Suite - Compliance Test Systems

    Company: ZES ZIMMER Electronic

    The ZES ZIMMER test system LMG Test Suite tests in accordance with the currently valid version of EN 61000-3-2/-12 or EN 61000-3-3/-11 and also supports measurements per ECE R-10.4 Annex 11 (e.g. electromagnetic compatibility of vehicles). As a manufacturer of precision power measurement technology, we are represented on the international standards committee. As a result, changes in standards are immediately incorporated into our test systems.

  • VA8046 - Concrete Wall Moisture Meter

    Company: Shanghai Yi Hua V&A

    Measurement through HF electromagnetic sensing* 10 different at option* Automatic temperature compensation* Setting of upper limit of moisture content ratio, prompting of overrunning* Ultra-large LCD ensuring clear readings* Automatic prompting of low voltage Technical specifications Range of measurement: 0~40% Error: ±(1%±1) Resolution: 0.5%Environment: temperature: -5℃~40℃ Humidity: 0~80%RhPower supply: 3×1.5V AAA battery

  • Mobile Analyzers

    Company: C&C Instruments Co

    Analysis module for the packet communication of large capacity multimedia service - Analysis module for the base station or network optimization - Strong analysis through unified user interface - Understanding on core technology of mobile communication through practice - Mobile Station development and debugging - For a electromagnetic environment analysis in the base station - Maintenance of mobile station and base station

  • Waveguide Switches

    Company: Dow-Key Mircowave

    Waveguide switches are electromagnetic switches with hollow circular or rectangular cross-sections and are used for routing RF energy in microwave communications, broadcasting, and in radar applications. Waveguide switches can be used to transfer both power and communication signals, and the bandwidth of a waveguide is in relation to its size, and thus always referred to by its size (e.g. WR112, WR90, WR75 etc.). Compared to coaxial switches, waveguides can route extremely high power signals over a narrow bandwidth at low to high frequencies, and now Lightweight Waveguide series is available.

  • Optical Sensors

    Company: Bee Instruments

    Optical (Infra-Red) Proximity Switches with advanced and reliable technology for every application offer a flexible solution for automation, where other Proximity Switches can not perform. Optical Proximity Switches have distinct advantage of higher sensing distance over Inductive and Capacitive types. These can work more reliably in noisy electromagnetic field. As an Infra-red wavelength is used, it is immune to visible light interference.

  • Inductive Sensors

    Company: Bee Instruments

    Inductive Proximity Switches, self contained, depend on the output of an oscillator for their operation. The oscillator resonant circuit uses an open core coil to produce a concentrated high frequency electromagnetic (RF) field, which emerges from the active surface of the sensor. If a metal target (or other electrically conductive material) enters this field, eddy currents will be induced in it, causing the resonating oscillator to be damped.

  • HTS-1000 - Ultra-high Temperature Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor

    Company: Chiral Photonics

    This HTS-1000 sensor enables fiber optic temperature measurements up to 1000 C. In addition to the traditional benefits of fiber optic sensors, including immunity to electromagnetic interference, better environmental stability and enhanced remote sensing as compared to traditional electronic sensors, the HTS-1000 extends these benefits to ultra-high temperature applications, ranging from turbine engine test and development to refinery process monitoring and control.

  • RF and EM Simulation Services

    Company: Elliptika

    Electromagnetic (EM) simulation is an essential component of modern filter and antenna design. EM simulation techniques have evolved rapidly during the past decade to a point where extremely accurate predictions can be made for microwave structures. These virtual prototyping EM Simulation tools speed the design process - helping to achieve a user's goal, whether that is lowest cost, optimum performance, easier manufacturability, or the best combination. Current developments in cluster computing and multi-threading allow to enhance those capabilities as well.

  • ProtoBox - Industrial-quality rack-mount aluminum enclosures

    Company: Digalog Development

    ProtoBoxes fit standard 19" racks, in heights ranging from 2U to 6U (1U = 1.75") and depths from 3" to 18". An important feature for electronic applications is that when fully assembled, each ProtoBox maintains full electrical continuity among front, rear, top, bottom and side panels and the internal sub-plate, as well as bare-metal continuity to the mounting rack. This ensures positive grounding and optimum shielding performance for EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) purposes.

  • EMI Filters

    Company: Measurement Specialties

    Every electrical or electronic device has connections that are a potential source for electromagnetic interference (EMI). Changing international standards obligate designers to constantly review and evaluate their filtering needs. Corcom filters from TE can help control those EMI signal issues and are recognized worldwide with approval from major safety agencies, including UL, CSA and VDE.