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  • TP-2 - Multiplex temperature meter

    Company: Hangzhou Hopoo Optoelectronics

    TP series multiplex temperature meter is a kind of instrument which suits to real time monitors and trace multi-points temperature simultaneously; simple test, high precision and reusable thermocouple are its main advantages. The whole procedure in temperature rise is recorded to save and analysis by software. It is the best temperature rise test tool for household appliance such as electric bllast, motor and lamps, etc.

  • Sound Lever Meters

    Company: Guangzhou Amittari

    The Sound Level Meter is divided into two types: ( AS-156A Accuracy : ±2dB), (AS-156B Accuracy : ±1dB ). Can memorize 30 groups of measurement results and measuring conditions. Permits choice “A” / “C” / “F” weighting and “Fast” / “Slow” response times. Offers 4 measurement parameters: Lp ( soundlevel). Leq (Equivalent Continuous A Sound Level). Lmax (Maximum Sound Level) and LN (Percent of all readings over alarm value set).

  • OPM-15/25 - Optical Power Meter

    Company: ShinewayTech

    OPM-15/25 series Optical Power Meter paired with ShinewayTech SLS series Stabilized Laser Source can meet general test requirements of fiber identification, attenuation/loss measurements, continuity verification and transmission quality evaluation on singlemode and multimode fibers in LAN/WAN/CATV infrastructure. OPM-15/25 is ideal for both lab and field applications offering high quality, high stability and competitive low costs.

  • TPM-50 - Terminal Power meter

    Company: ShinewayTech

    ShinewayTech? TPM-50A Terminal Power meter can test (1) Average power range: -40 dBm~+20 dBm;(3) Modulation bandwidth: 5MHz;(3) Continuous signal and burst signal test. Highly accurate power measurement CW and digital modulated signal (For example: GSM/EDGE, CDMA/EV-DO, WCDMA/HSDPA, WiMAX, and TD-SCDMA). It is very important to test that if the transmitter is at a specified level or not. For example, the tester needs to test the output power of base station. Because the lower output power produces the larger coverage area to cause call interruption.

  • Portable Vibration Meter

    Company: Mitech Co. LTD

    MITECH portable vibration meter MV800C is made up of piezoelectric transducer and digital display circuit. It is mainly used to measure vibration acceleration, speed and displacement of various rotary machine. This product has the advantages of large measurement, wide variety, intuitively demonstration, small size, light weight etc. It is widely used in measurement on site or at height and can reduce the working strength, improve the working efficiency.

  • HT-1292D - Dew Point Meter HT-1292D

    Company: Guangzhou Landtek

    Dew Point Meter HT-1292D is able to measure Humidity,Temperature, Wet Bulb Temperature, Dew Point Temperature.----------------Widely used in workshops, offices, plantes, libraries, computer stations, laboratories and warehouses.-------------------We are the MANUFACTURER of measuring instrument in CHINA. ------------------For more details, please feel free to contact us. Thank you! --------------------MAIL: sales4@landteknet. com ------------------WEB: www. landtek. cn/en/

  • HT-1292 - Humidity/Temperature Meter HT-1292

    Company: Guangzhou Landtek

    Humidity/Temperature Meter HT-1292 is widely used in workshops, offices, plantes, libraries, computer stations, laboratories and warehouses.----------------- * Able to measure Humidity, Temperature, Wet Bulb Temperature.-------------------We are the MANUFACTURER of measuring instrument in CHINA. ------------------For more details, please feel free to contact us. Thank you! --------------------MAIL: sales4@landteknet. com ------------------WEB: www. landtek. cn/en/

  • DC - Digital Panel Meter

    Company: Laurel Electronics

    Laureate DC voltage and current panel meters with a DC signal conditioner board combine high accuracy with high read rate and a wide range of isolated output options for computer interface and control. Accuracy is 99.99% of full scale 1 count. Used as a direct-reading DC voltmeter, the Laureate provides a full-scale readout of 20,000 counts and six full-scale voltage ranges from 200.00 mV with 10 mV resolution to 600.0 V with 100 mV resolution.

  • FPM-2680 - Fuel Pressure Meter

    Company: Guangzhou Landtek

    Simple-to-use digital meter indicates diesel fuel pressure. Connect to battery terminals and fuel pressure sensor signal wire and digital display will show current fuel pressure and, if required, maximum pressure detected.-------------------We are the MANUFACTURER of measuring instrument in CHINA. ------------------For more details, please feel free to contact us. Thank you! --------------------MAIL: sales4@landteknet. com ------------------WEB: www. landtek. cn/en/

  • DPM 950S - 3 Digit LCD Meter

    Company: Lascar Electronics

    The DPM 950S is a 3 digit LCD voltmeter with 19mm (0.75") digit height and LED backlighting. It features 200mV d.c. full scale reading, auto-zero and auto-polarity. The meter plugs directly into a 16-way IDC socket or can be panel mounted using the bezel. An optional IP67 / NEMA 4X bezel (BEZ 900-IP) is available for waterproof applications

  • Relative Humidity Meters

    Company: Hanna Instruments

    a portable thermohygrometer designed to provide peak performance in harsh environments. Measurements of temperature and relative humidity are made easy with the rugged, water-resistant housing of the meter and durable casing of the HI70602 probe. HI9564 features an auto-off function after 20 minutes of inactivity, temperature readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, and on-screen messages to direct procedures and indicate potential errors.

  • pH Portable Meters

    Company: Hanna Instruments

    edge’s groundbreaking design is the culmination of Hanna’s vision, design capabilities, integrated production and world class R&D. The edge meter is only 0.5” thick yet rich in features to accommodate the needs of a vast amount of customers. For those that prefer very simplistic operation there is a basic mode operation with simplified menu and options while for those who require advanced features there is the full featured standard operating mode. The edge HI2020 pH kit can be upgraded at any time with additional probes to measure Conductivity or Dissolved Oxygen.

  • SX500 - PON Optical Power Meter

    Company: Jin Sai Xun(TIANJIN)

    PON optical power meter SX500 is specially designed for installation, operation and maintenance FTTX/PON network. SX500 can both measure download continuous mode 1490nm/1550nm optical power and upload burst mode 1310nm optical power simultaneously. SX500 is also able to measure optical power value of 850nm/1300nm/1310nm/1490nm/1550nm/1625nm wavelength in normal optical network and test Ethernet cable connection status .It is an ideal choice for the construction and maintenance of PON systems.

  • ET130 - Digital Light Meter

    Company: Klein Tools

    Klein Tools ET130 is an easy-to-use precision light meter that measures illuminance levels in both Foot Candles (FC) and Lux. Backlit LCD display screen with bar graph assists when monitoring light levels and for retrofit projects. Includes custom carrying pouch and 9V battery.Auto and manual range: 4000 FC; 40,000 Lux

  • Kestrel 2500 - Pocket Weather Meter


    The Kestrel 2500 Pocket Weather Meter measures wind and temperature with total accuracy, and has the added benefits of an air pressure sensor that provides altitude and barometric information. Kestrel 2500 technology enables you to follow changes in air pressure that help predict impending changes in the weather. Factor in the 2500's digital altimeter, and you have most of the weather information you need for outdoor activities ranging from model airplane flight to rifle practice.