Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • cOPM-A1 - Optical Power Meter

    Company: Viavi Solutions

    Compact Photonic Tools offer a new portfolio of point solutions for fiber optic test applications. The cOPM-A1 Optical Power Meter is optimized for a number of applications ranging from general lab use to test and process automation for passive optical components. It can be used with both single-mode and multimode fiber and offers power levels from –80 to +15 dBm over a wavelength range of 800 to 1650 nm. The cOPM-A1 features high accuracy, high linearity, and extremely low polarization-dependent sensitivity.

  • PowerChek OP-1 - Optical Power Meter

    Company: Viavi Solutions

    PowerChek is an innovative new optical power meter that equips fiber technicians with the ability to complete jobs faster, correctly, and on time – the first time. This compact instrument not only measures optical power, but also provides additional benefits that allow users to ensure safe measurements, document results, generate reports, and integrate with other devices to enable numerous additional capabilities.

  • POP-560 - Optical Power Meter

    Company: TSH (Guangzhou) Technology

    1. Three kinds of modulated signal recognition:270HZ、 1KHZ、 2KHZ2. Auto-Wavelength recognition, no need for communication between the sources and power meter. save test time and decreases the potential error.3. 21 calibrated wavelengths offered to meet the customers' testing requirement. such as FTTX 1490nm.4. The moveable connector provides several types of connector included FC,SC etc.5. Superior testing range: -70dBm~+10dBm

  • ST-3211 - Optical Power Meter

    Company: Wuhan Sunma Technologies

    It is a handheld optical power meter, newly released in 2008, which can be used for absolute optical power measurements as well as for relative loss measurements in optical fibers. A ?.0mm photosensitive area photodiode is used to significantly improve the stability and the reliability. It features ingenious appearance, a wide range of power measurement, high accuracy, an user self-calibration function and a reference power level storage.

  • JZ3208 - Optical Power Meter

    Company: Sichuan Jiuzhou Electronic

    Jiuzhou designs JZ3208 series handheld optical power meter to meet advanced demand.It can be used for the absolute power measurement and relative measurement of the link loss in dB. It favors you with its compact size , friendly operation interface , wide power measurement range ,high precision and user automatic calibration function. making JZ3208 an ideal tool for optical fiber work

  • OPM-15/25 - Optical Power Meter

    Company: ShinewayTech

    OPM-15/25 series Optical Power Meter paired with ShinewayTech SLS series Stabilized Laser Source can meet general test requirements of fiber identification, attenuation/loss measurements, continuity verification and transmission quality evaluation on singlemode and multimode fibers in LAN/WAN/CATV infrastructure. OPM-15/25 is ideal for both lab and field applications offering high quality, high stability and competitive low costs.

  • PFM-900 - Optical Fiber Power Meter

    Company: Shanghai Fibretool

    PFM-900 only contain PON module, but the Normal power meter & VFL modules can be option · Test at 1310nm/1490nm/1550nm performed & showed simultaneously, Resolution: 0.01dB · Continuously Operation time (h):80h · 100 storage test records · 10 different threshold sets · Optional USB port enables data transfer to a PC · Power Supply: 3 AA1.5V battery · Please enquire for special options

  • Optical Wavelength Meter

    Company: Optoplex

    Optoplex Optical wavelength meter (OWM) uses proprietary thin-film interference filter in conjunction with Fabry-Perot cavity technology combined with a micro-actuator and high-speed electronics. Its working principle is schematically shown below. By comparison with Optical channel monitor / Optical performance monitor, the proprietary wavelength reference unit is introduced to ensure high precision wavelength measurements.

  • ST-106 - Integrating Sound Level Meter

    Company: Tenmars Electronics

    - The ST-106 is high performance Class 1 integrating sound level meter. It measures Lxyi, Lxyp, Lxeq, Lxmax, Lxmin, LAE, Lcpeak, Lzpeak functions simultaneously- Fast, Slow, Impulse response time.- Sampling frequency: 20.8 us(48KHz).- Wide frequency range: 10Hz~16KHz.- Wide measurement range: 30dB~130dB.- Wide dynamic range:110 dB.- A/C/Z frequency weighting.

  • Integrating sound level meters

    Company: Ono Sokki

    New three models of integrating sound level meter LA-1410/1440(Class 2) and LA-4440 (Class 1) are applicable to IEC 61672-1:2002, JIS C 1509- 1:2005. The all models can perform simultaneous measurement of seven sound parameters including equivalent continuous sound level without adjusting the level range corresponding to the sound fluctuation and display the selected parameters.

  • Laser Distance Meters

    Company: Zhuhai Measure Science

    High accuracy and quality ---1/16th of an inchModerate Price---less than others in the industryCompact and stable protection--- IP544-line displayQuick measurement of distance, area and volumeIndirect measurement by Pythagorean TheoremMin/Max distance trackingEasy addition/subtraction of measurementSwitchable among meter(m), inch (in), feet (ft)Easy targeting with bright laser pointerLarge LCD with backlightBubble level equipped as a spirit level toolLow battery indicatorAuto / manual power off functionService ---a year warranty

  • ST-80 - Laser Distance Meter

    Company: Starmeter Instruments

    *Quick measurement of distance , lengths, widths, heights , areas and volumes *Wide measuring range up to 80m with ±2mm accuracy *Spirit bubble guarantee better accuracy*Pythagoras measurement *For both indoor and outdoor measurement*Addition and Subtraction function *Front and rear edge switchable *99 data records and recall*Large clear LCD with backlight*Outdoor target reflection board*Max and Min value display *Multi-line display several readings simultaneously *Selectable meter (m), inch (in) and feet (ft) *Auto power off

  • LiFli - Light Flicker Meter

    Company: Fauser Elektrotechnik

    The LiFli light flicker meter enables fast evaluation of light sources on the flickering part (flicker / flicker). Especially in the case of LED lamps, the flicker portion can be determined only by one measurement, since it is in the range of 0% to 100% for these luminous means.Audio features enable the flicker to be reproduced acoustically. A voltage output for further analysis by means of oscilloscope or voltage analyzer is available.

  • SoundMeter - Mobile sound Level Meter

    Company: Faber Acoustical

    SoundMeter turns your iOS device into a handheld sound level meter (SLM) with support for exponential-time-weighted sound level (Lp) and equivalent sound level (Leq) measurements with various time and frequency weightings. The built-in signal generator tool can be used for generating calibration test tones, noise, chirps, or other periodic signals. SoundMeter also offers additional tools via in-app purchase, including a Noise Dosimeter and a whole or 1/3-octave real-time analyzer.

  • BD-435 - Electronic Thread Tension Meter

    Company: Checkline

    The BD-435 Electronic Tension Meter measures running line tensions during the production of textiles, fibers, tows and tape type material. This convenient one-hand operated device incorporates built-in tension sensor, amplifier and display and is fitted with ceramic oxide coated thread guides. Three long, closely-spaced slender shafts with ceramic guides makes the BD 435 particularly suitable for brief, routine tension measurement - even in locations with limited access space.