Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • AU-120ME - Electronic Laboratory Density Meter

    Company: Dongguan Hongtuo

    The density range for alloy products is very is around from 1.80g/cm3 to 19.32g/cm3.In the actual measuring situation,products with more high density and more less weight,the reproducibility density value error will be more bigger.Therefore,to get small error result,it is necessory to take high weight resolution density measurement instrument.Currently alloy density meter on market is not only without simple operation,but also the reproducibility error is big.

  • ERM-202 - Extinction Ratio Meter

    Company: General Photonics

    The ERM-202 is a single or dual channel polarization extinction ratio (PER) meter. When used with a broadband source, it directly measures PER. Single and dual channel models are available. The single channel instrument can be upgrades to two channels version at a later date. By combining low noise circuitry with a high resolution stepper, the ERM series achieves a PER dynamic range of 50 dB.

  • MC-7825G - Grain Moisture Meter

    Company: Rinch Industrial

    Grain moisture meter Model: MC-7825G multifunction for all grain especially for grains. Test code and grain species code grain range. cd01 Wheat/Rye (Whole) 7-31 cd13 Coffee(Whole) 7-31 cd25 Flax (Whole) 5-21 cd02 Wheat/Rye (Ground) 7-29 cd14 Coffee (Ground) 7-26 cd26 Peas (Progreta) (Ground) 5-21 cd03 Paddy (Whole) 7-29 cd15 Coffee Green (Ground) 7-27 cd27 Peas (Ground) 7-27.......

  • 308 - Handheld UV Intensity/Power Meter

    Company: OAI

    Dependable and repeatable, The OAI Model 308 UV Intensity/Power Meter is precise, direct-reading instrument designed to measure UV light intensity. The Model 308 features detachable probes for use in the UVA, UVB and UVC ranges, plus a high speed serial port and is available with an optional software package that facilitates instant data logging of intensity mode, time, wave length, serial number and calibration due date.

  • Static Control - Field Intensity Meter

    Company: Haug

    The field intensity meter Static Control is a reasonably priced and convenient measuring instrument. Using a latching On/Off soft key and two additional soft keys for the measuring ranges 0?100 and 0?1000 kV/m, the Static Control is very simple to operate. The measuring unit is battery powered and therefore independent of the mains. It should be part of the basic equipment of any electrical workshop (Order-No.: 12.7205.000).

  • Statometer II - Field Intensity Meter

    Company: Haug

    The field intensity meter Statometer II is either available with analog or digital display. It isintended for the measurement of electrostatic charges, fields and potentials. This convenient measuring unit is a precision instrument which is suitable for use both in the laboratory and directly at the machine. The measuring head is connected with the base unit by means of a coiled cable. This allows measurements to be performed on running machines.

  • ST-3370 - Field Optical Multifunction Meter

    Company: Wuhan Sunma Technologies

    is a multi-function test instrument gathers functions of optical fiber telephone, optical source and optical power meter. Working as a kind of optical fiber installation and service equipment, it is used for optical fiber line communication and test, carrying out optical fiber working mode judgment. It also has optical fiber identical function and it measures easier. The advanced built in non-easy lost memory can save up to 500 pieces of test data for convenient checking.

  • FSM Series - Field Strength Meters

    Company: Precision Test Systems

    This range consists of thirteen models covering the 20 MHz to 3 GHz frequency range. Each model covers a 100 MHz bandwidth. This meter range has the advantage of being able to operate with some digital signals such as GSM Cellular signals. Measure the strength of a RF signal appearing at its input from +20 dBm to -110 dBm for wide bandwidth models and +10 dBm to -120 dBm for narrow bandwidth models.

  • VPM-26 - Fiber Optic Power Meter

    Company: ViewTEQ Electronics

    The VPM-26 is a reliable and easy-to-use optical power meter for accurate testing of CATV and Telecom single mode as well as LAN multimode fiber systems. With a measurement range of +26 to -50dBm, the VPM-26 is particularly suited for performing measurements on CATV optical transmitters, EDFAs and fiber nodes. For field application, it has a large LCD read out and 240 hours of continuous use

  • CENTER 26 - Flexible Current Meter

    Company: Center Technology

    The new flexible current probes make your measurement possible where the space is too tight or difficult for clamp meters. Center 26 is composed of a 8.5mm, double-insulated flexible sensor and a True-RMS electronic module with back-lit LCD for accurate and clear reading in all environments. Measurement range from 1 to 3000 A ac, available in 10" and 18" length probe.

  • 50 - Energy Meter for UV Curing

    Company: OAI

    The Model 50 is a cost-effective device ideal for monitoring UV energy levels on coatings, printing inks, adhesives and drying applications. Precise measurements are accomplished in the 250-410nm range with peak performance at 365nm. Output measurement is from 0 to 999,999mj/cm2 using a durable 6-digit LCD. This small, rugged meter can withstand high temperature environments (to 110°C) for up to ten seconds of continuous exposure.

  • MPM - Multi Panel Meter

    Company: Dwyer Instruments

    The Series MPM has a unique, rugged, NEMA 4X front panel design that makes it nearly impenetrable in typical applications. The weatherproof, UV resistant, large, dual line display allows for more information, making it easier to read and simpler to program. The intensity of the display can be adjusted allowing this meter to be utilized in dark rooms as well as outdoors, due to its sunlight readable display.

  • DM2436AB - Multi-Function Power Meter

    Company: Chi Tai Electronic

    The DM2436AB is a micro-processor based power meter with a 16 bits CPU(Center process unit) and equipped with full-digitized measuring, indicating, calibrating and output functions. DM2436AB not only takes the place of several static converters and measuring instruments (V, A, W, VAR, PF, WH, VARH, Hz)by single unit, but also have some special function such as Maximum measuring, Minimum measuring and comparator output.

  • PMC200 - Multifunctional Power Meter

    Company: Kingsine Electric

    PMC200 Multifunctional Power Meter is widely used for energy management system, substation automation, distribution network automation, subdistrict power distribution, industrial automation, intelligent building, intelligent switchboard, switch cabinet, etc. It integrates the digitization, intellectualization and networking together, to replace the traditional equipments such as electric quantity transducer, numeric display instrument, data acquisition unit and recorder analyzer, etc. The multi-purpose lows the cost, and the simple wire connection simplifies the testing.

  • HC 6620 - Multifunctional Power Quality Meter

    Company: Hsiang Cheng Electric

    The power quality meter HC 6030 is an ideal device to power monitoring in power quality when continuous monitoring to a power system is required. The HC 6030 provides metering for current, voltage, real and reactive power, power energy, power factor, frequency energy demand and 8 TOU channels with tariff to power energy. 24 programmable setpoints and 3 assignable output relays allow control functions to be added for specific applications.