Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • Terryscan 2 - Signal level Meter

    Company: Swires Research

    The Spectrum mode enables viewing of the full VHF-UHF band (or any part of the band) in real time and allows fast checking to ensures that all channels are available. This is much quicker than looking at individual channel readings on a conventional meter and allows the rapid identification of cable and connector problems. Favourite settings may be stored for rapid retrieval. The spectrum display also has a peak hold function, very usefull for tracking intermittent interference including that from the 800 MHz LTE band.

  • ST-128/128Q - Signal level meter

    Company: Wuhan Sunma Technologies

    ST-128/128Q Signal level meter The instrument adopts the all-number display, the readings on the measuring instrument are clear and precise, and owing to the introduction of the micro processing unit, therefore, it makes its functions stronger, the precision higher, operation more flexible and convenient. The large screen figure monitor is very convenient to measure the main technical targets of CATV system. It has the functions such as the single-channel, multi-channel, all-band scanning, difference-carrying measurement, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR, S/N) measurement and spectrum analysis frequency analysis etc.

  • 300B-12 - Static Locator Meter

    Company: Walter G. LEGGE Co

    Measures the magnitude and polarity of electrostatic fields instantly, reliably and economically. The ultra compact unit features the latest integrated circuit technology to locate and measure, by induction, electrostatic fields. The unit features one button operation and switches between ranges of +/- 500 volts and +/- 5000 volts when the meter is held 2" from a charged surface.

  • VA8080 - Sound Level Meter

    Company: Shanghai Yi Hua V&A

    VA8080 is the most popular sound level meter that gives the possibilities of measuring the level of noise with indication of digital display with analog graph. The Auto & Manual ranging provides wide possibilities for indication and data updating. It is also capable of measuring four (4) ranges from 30~120dB and features 0.1dB resolution. It allows you to select fast response times with 0.25S and the auto-power off function save you the battery even if you forget to shut off the instrument. With VA8080,

  • AS-156A & AS-156B - Sound Level Meter

    Company: Guangzhou Amittari

    The Sound Level Meter is divided into two types: ( AS-156A Accuracy : ±2dB), (AS-156B Accuracy : ±1dB ). Can memorize 30 groups of measurement results and measuring conditions. Permits choice “A” / “C” / “F” weighting and “Fast” / “Slow” response times. Offers 4 measurement parameters: Lp ( soundlevel). Leq (Equivalent Continuous A Sound Level). Lmax (Maximum Sound Level) and LN (Percent of all readings over alarm value set).

  • SP75 - Sound Level Meter

    Company: Martindale Electric

    This compact sound level meter can be used one handed or it can be mounted on a tripod for measuring over large periods. The Time Weighting can be set to slow (for normal use) or fast to check the average level of frequency noise. Similarly the Frequency Weighting can be A or C with C suitable for low frequency noise. An AC/DC output allows capture of reading for later analysis (output is approx 10mV DC/dB).

  • HD 9101 - HD 9102 - Sound Level Meters

    Company: Delta OHM S.r.L.

    The HD 9101/02 sound level generator is a battery operated portable sound source, suitable for the calibration of sound level meters (portable and laboratory ones) and acoustic measuring stations. It allows a direct calibration of microphones with diameter equal to 1” and, with a specific adaptor (model 9101040) also 1/2” microphones, with mechanical dimensions suit to the specifications of the IEC 61094-1 (“Measuring microphones. Part 1: Specifications for laboratory standard microphones”) and IEC 61094-4 (“Measuring microphones. Part 4: Specifications for working standard microphones”) standards.

  • RTM - Rope Tension Meter

    Company: Gigasense

    The PIAB RTM Rope Tension Meter is very simple and handy to use. Simply hold and “clip” it to the rope to be tested and use the large hand screw to deflect the rope to a fixed angle. The resultant force will affect the load cell and measure the tension in the wire rope. The resultant signal is digitally processed and displayed in a selected pre programmed graduation. The PIAB RTM 20D can be graduated in kN, klbs or in ton.

  • DTS 101 / 105 - Single Phase Energy Meters

    Company: Measurlogic

    ANSI C12.16 Class 1 Energy meter. Flexible Measurement Topologies. Single phase 2 wire. Single Phase 3 wire (120V / 240V). Supports 1A, 5A and mV CT inputs. 2 onboard analog outputs (isolated) – optional. 1 onboard digital output (N.O. solid state relay) – optional. Remote RS-485 Connectivity using Modbus-RTU protocol (Model DTS 105). Universal AC/DC power supply.

  • Solar Power Meter

    Company: MRC Ltd

    SOLAR POWER METER* 3 functions : Solar power, Power integration, Transmission* Select either W/m^2 or Btu / (ft^2xh) power units. Real time SD memory card Datalogger, it Built-in Clock and Calendar, real time data recorder.sampling time set from 1 second to 3600 seconds.Spectral 400 to 1100 nm2000 W/m^2, 634 Btu/( ft^2 x h )

  • Solar Power Meter

    Company: Tenmars Electronics

    Solar Power meter is ideal for the measurement of the solar radiation that is emitted by the sun from a nuclear fusion reaction that creates electromagnetic energy. The spectrum of solar radiation is close to that of a black body with a temperature of about 5800 K. About half of the radiation is in the visible short-wave part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The other half is mostly in the near-infrared part, with some in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum.

  • ST-80 - Laser Distance Meter

    Company: Starmeter Instruments

    *Quick measurement of distance , lengths, widths, heights , areas and volumes *Wide measuring range up to 80m with ±2mm accuracy *Spirit bubble guarantee better accuracy*Pythagoras measurement *For both indoor and outdoor measurement*Addition and Subtraction function *Front and rear edge switchable *99 data records and recall*Large clear LCD with backlight*Outdoor target reflection board*Max and Min value display *Multi-line display several readings simultaneously *Selectable meter (m), inch (in) and feet (ft) *Auto power off

  • Laser Distance Meters

    Company: Zhuhai Measure Science

    High accuracy and quality ---1/16th of an inchModerate Price---less than others in the industryCompact and stable protection--- IP544-line displayQuick measurement of distance, area and volumeIndirect measurement by Pythagorean TheoremMin/Max distance trackingEasy addition/subtraction of measurementSwitchable among meter(m), inch (in), feet (ft)Easy targeting with bright laser pointerLarge LCD with backlightBubble level equipped as a spirit level toolLow battery indicatorAuto / manual power off functionService ---a year warranty

  • TW3206 - Intelligent Handheld Power Meter

    Company: Techwin(China) Industry

    TW3206 intelligent handheld power meter is a perfect testing instrument for both laboratory and field applications in optical fibers. It features friendly User Interface with menu operation, automatic frequency identification , large LCD display with backlight and dual-way powering system. The internal microprocessor and linear amplifier technology ensure the long-term accuracy. In addition, TW3206 has a memory capacity of 240 records and can transfer the measurement data through a RS232 communication port to a PC for printing or editing. Moreover, it can also perform on-line data upload after programme control.

  • SA10i - Leakage Current Meter

    Company: Scope T&M Pvt Ltd

    SA 30i and SA 10i the Leakage Current Analyser and Leakage Current Meter from SCOPE are two state of the art on-line test system for Residual Life Assessment of metal oxide (Zno) Surge Arresters. The instrument measures and directly displays the values of resistive and total leakage current. it is capable to work accurately and safely in swithchyard upto 765kV.