Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • LTI - Temperature Panel Meter

    Company: Dwyer Instruments

    The Series LTI Temperature Panel Meters can be configured in a variety of configurations to provide visual indication and control of a process temperature. Field pluggable modules are available to add additional relay outputs, digital I/O ports, and serial communications. Utilizing an easy-to-read, dual 6-digit display, more descriptive programming parameters are displayed to simplify initial setup.

  • VTS-01 - Torque Speed Meter

    Company: Veer Electronics

    VEER make Torque Speed Meter VTS-01 is portable instrument which is very useful to find Output Power, Torque in Kgm, RPM, Corrected RPM, %Slip and Frequency of Motor. It is very simple and easy to use. It measures torque of motor from load cell & RPM from Proximity Sensor which are very useful to find output power of Motor.

  • VP1165 - Tint Meter (VLT) with Thermometer

    Company: EDTM

    Unlike many competing products, the VP1165 measures the FULL visible light spectrum (400 to 700 nm). Glare from computer monitors is a major cause of eyestrain in the office and home environment. Reducing visible light transmission through windows can greatly reduce this common ailment. The VP1165 meter can be used for evaluating the tint of windows, films and other transparent materials.

  • UPM 100 - USB Power Meter

    Company: Optical Design Manufacturing

    ODM’s UPM 100 USB Power Meter is used with ODM software to capture dB loss readings in optical fiber systems. The UPM’s compact size and “plug and play” configuration make it the perfect tool for loss testing at any site; simply plug it into your computer’s USB port and begin testing. Compatible with ODM InSpecTM and OpTest software, the UPM 100 transmits a continuous stream of data, refreshing every second to ensure the most accurate reading possible.

  • Dynamic Contact Resistance Meter

    Company: Crest Technology

    The Dynamic Contact Resistance Meter is an accessory, used with AutoScan series of circuit breaker test systems. DCRM is used essentially to test the MV and EHV Circuit Breakers with insertion type of contacts. A test current of 100A DC is injected into the contact and the dynamic value of the circuit breaker contact resistance is measured, when the CB is performing a C-O operation. A dynamic contact resistance curve (DCRM signature) is plotted against time which helps to monitor the condition of the contacts without opening the interrupter.

  • SL-030R - Surface Resistance Meter

    Company: KING GLORY Technolgy

    Surface Resistance Meter is designed to measure the resistance of a target surface,The conductive conduit red button on the surface of targeted object;light on to indicate the result of resistance.allows measurement from 10³Ω to 10¹²Ω.It is based on ASTM Standard D257 testing and hold the Remark:It is not applicable to measure object whose resistance is less than10¹²Ω.

  • HTZZ-S10A - Winding Resistance Meter

    Company: Wuhan Huatian Electric

    Winding Resistance Meter is the newest product for transformer DC resistance test, it can test the resistance of the three-phase windings at the same time. When test adjustable loading transformer, do not need discharge , regulate the tap changer directly, testing time is 1/3 of the traditional equipments, shorten the testing time and reduce the labor intensity greatly . Use LCD , easy to read and operate. Equipped with panel type printer and high capacity nonvolatile storage, convenient to save and print test results.

  • CHT3541X - Multichannel Resistance Meter

    Company: HopeTech

    The CHT3541X is a band new design multi-channel resistance meter with high precision, wide measurement range and compact plug-in card design. The customer can configure a capture card or alarm card according to the different meets. Each test card can scan and test 8 channels resistance. The CHT3541X adopts high performance ARM micro processor control design. 48 channels of resistance can be indicated simultaneously in the true-color 4.3 inches LCD display and each channel can set the comparator separately.

  • SBG01 - heat flux meter

    Company: Hukseflux Thermal

    SBG01 is a water-cooled heat flux sensor. The ISO standards call this a heat flux meter. Its main purpose is the study of reaction to fire and fire resistance, applied for instance in flammability tests and smoke chamber tests. SBG01 measurements are in accordance with various ASTM and ISO standards. SBG01 is on the market since 2008, and has rapidly become the sensor of choice for fire testing laboratories.

  • Model 152-1 - Surface Resistance Meter

    Company: TREK

    The Trek Model 152-1 Surface Resistance Meter is designed to measure surface resistance on a wide varieties of conductive, dissipative, and insulative materials. The Model 152-1 employs a measurement technique which conforms to several ANSI/ESD Association standards for measuring surface resistance and surface resistivity including ANSI/ESD-STM2.1 for garments, STM4.1 for work surfaces, STM7.1 for flooring,

  • TH2821 - Portable LCR Meter

    Company: Tonghui Electronic

    It can measure 6 basic parameters: inductance L, capacitance C, resistance R, impedance Z, dissipation factor D and quality factor Q. It has measurement accuracy of 0.3% and 4-bin sorting. Applied complete 5-terminal measurement configuration solves problem of measurement for equivalent series resistance and capacitor with small dissipation that other portable LCR meters can solve.

  • TRM-203 - Transformer Resistance Meter

    Company: Vanguard Instruments

    The TRM-203 is a three phase transformer winding resistance meter that allow the user to connect all test cables to the transformer bushings. The unit will then measure the transformer resistance value for each of the phases without the need to disconnect and reconnect cables for each phase. The TRM-203 can provide a fast and stable reading of very large transformers by utilizing a 60Vdc power supply. It is capable of outputting a selectable test current from 1A to 20A.

  • 72-6948 - Audio Impedance Meter

    Company: Tenma

    Active device is essential for reliable installation of background music and paging systems in residences, offices buildings and public areas. Avoid costly service calls and amplifier damage by verifying actual speaker system impedance prior to operation. Unlike conventional volt/ohm meters, which measure DC resistance, this unit utilizes an internal 1KHz oscillator to measure true impedance.

  • AX-123N - Digital Low OHM Meter

    Company: Adex

    Digital Low OHM Meter, Model AX-123N is capable ofmeasuring very low resistance ranging from 0.01mO to 19.99O in absolute value very accurately, with high stability and in high sampling speed. The measured value is compared with the set value by a luilt-in digital comparator and the comparison result is indicated by LED display and a buzzer, Because You can measure a wide range of measuring object.

  • 16GL-N - Earth Resistivity Meter

    Company: PASI Srl

    Last release of a very popular family of earth resistivity meters, this 16 bits geoelectrical instrument represents a really performing and affordable solution for Vertical Electrical Soundings at medium and great depth. Reliable and lightweight, 16GL-N is characterized by really first-rate performances, even if it remains extremely easy to use. The possibility to download data through USB enables a quick interpretation with the data inversion software. It is recommended, as to exploit its capabilities, to use it in conjunction with one or more P-100-N rechargeable accumulators.