Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • GAO1185 (B) - Super Signal Level Meter

    Company: GAO Tek

    The Super Signal Level Meter GAO1185 (B) is designed to provide features which are most widely used and favored by professionals in CATV industry at the least cost. Key functions include measuring and displaying the amplitude at a specific frequency or any carrier as defined by the user. In addition, the peak-hold level measurement feature in the LEVEL and SPECTRUM mode can even detect the occasional disturbance.

  • DS1151(B) - Signal Level Meter

    Company: GAO Tek

    The GAO DS1151(B) Signal Level Meter is designed to provide features which are most widely used and favored by professionals in CATV industry at the least cost. Key functions include measuring and displaying the amplitude at a specific frequency or any carrier as defined by the user. In addition, the peak-hold level measurement feature in the LEVEL and SPECTRUM mode can even detect the occasional disturbance

  • ML2487B - Wideband Peak Power Meter

    Company: Anritsu

    The ML2487B Wideband Peak Power Meter provides accurate peak power measurement for communications, wireless, and aerospace applications. For the design and implementation of wireless networks, they address the important issues of power control, peak power, and timing. The performance of the signal channel and the range of product features make accurate and precise testing of the power envelope of communication and radar systems easy and straightforward. The ML2487B supports single sensor input, and the ML2488B supports dual sensors inputs.

  • ML2496A - Wideband Peak Power Meter

    Company: Anritsu

    The ML2495A and ML2496A Peak Power Meters have been designed for high resolution measurements on radar and the latest 3G and 4G wireless systems, including next-generation systems based on complex new modulation technologies such as OFDM. They have the highest bandwidth and highest resolution in rising edge pulse measurements. A combination of an advanced sampling system and measurement features provides precise and accurate details on the transmitter's power envelope

  • Mass Flow Meters for Gases

    Company: Sensirion AG

    With our long history of designing mass flow solutions for medical and industrial automation, Sensirion is your ideal partner to support you in the development of new products. Our mass flow meters ensure fast, accurate and economical measurements of gas flow over a wide dynamic range. They are extremly reliable and long-term stable and are free from zero-point drift.

  • 66203/66204 - Digital Power Meter

    Company: Chroma ATE

    Chroma 66203/66204 Power Meters are designed for mul t ipl e pha s e powe r me a surement applications. The wiring mode function allows the user to take accurate power measurements for various wiring modes (see figure below) as well as providing accurate standard power measurements common for most electrical devices.

  • VI & 2000 - Electronic Brake Meter

    Company: Bowmonk Ltd

    Bowmonk Electronic Brake Meters are the most up to date and versatile instruments available for brake and skid testing, road traffic accident investigation and reconstruction and vehicle safety inspections. The units are MOT approved. The units are portable, easy to use and produce a hard copy evidence of the test results on a built-in printer. All results are time date stamped and additionally the vehicle and examiner identification can be included.

  • STC-BTOPM2101 - Bench-top Optical Power Meter

    Company: Shanghai Stone Communication

    STC-BTOPM2101 Bench-top Optical Power Meter is a high precision and wide measurement range test instrument which designed specially aim at passive components factories, R&D institutions and universities. With features of accurate measurements, durable use and easy operation, It becomes a perfect test equipment in fiber optic works which can instead the advanced imported products with its high cost-performance ratio.Single channel or Dual channels according to your requirements.

  • Pen-type PH Meters

    Company: Bestone Industrial

    Pen type PH meter, is designed for on site or field operation. The PH value and temperature value at the same time are displayed .The instrument is suitable for tap water monitoring, aquaculture, environmental protection, printing and dyeing, electroplating, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food, and water treatment industries and scientific research units for the determination of water PH value

  • HR2 - High Resistance Meter

    Company: Alpha Lab

    The Model HR2 meter measures resistance in nine ranges from 1 ohm to 1.9999 Tera ohms (1.9999x1012 ohms), and conductance in a single range of 0.00 to 199.99 pS (pico siemens, or pico mhos), all at low voltage of < 2 volts across the sample. Basic accuracy is +/- 2% of reading +/- 1 count. For resistance higher than 1.9999 Tera ohms, the conductance range can be used to measure conductance down to 0.01 pS (100 T ohms). The meter has a conductance range because samples with simultaneously high resistance and high capacitance settle faster to their final value on conductance (usually under one second), than on resistance (several seconds), and conductance is also capable of detecting higher resistance than the resistance ranges can. Note that resistance in units of T ohms is the inverse of conductance in pS, so that the resistance can be calculated from the conductance. For example, 100 pS is 0.01 T ohm (10 G ohm), and the highest readable conductance of 199.99 pS is essentially 5 G ohms.

  • HD 2010 UC/A DeltaOHM - Sound Level Meters

    Company: Delta OHM S.r.L.

    Integrating Sound Level Meter - Portable AnalyzerThe HD2010UC/A is an integrating portable sound level meter, withdata logging functions, performing both spectrum and statistical anal-ysis. The instrument has been designed combining maximum fl exibil-ity and simplicity. Attention has been paid to the possibility of adjust-ing the instrument to regulatory modifi cations regarding noise and tothe necessity of meeting its users' needs of today and tomorrow. TheHD2010UC/A can be integrated with other options to extend its ap-plication scope at any time; the fi rmware can be directly updated bythe user by means of the DeltaLog5 program supplied with the instru-ment.Technical regulations:ü Class 1 or 2 sound level meter according to IEC 61672-1, 2002(Certifi cate of Compliance I.N.RI.M. No. 07-0124-02), IEC 60651and IEC 60804.ü Class 1 octave and third octave fi lters according to IEC 61260.ü Class 1 acoustic calibrator according to IEC 60942:1988.Applications:ü Assessment of the environmental noise level,ü Noise monitoring and optional capture and analysis of soundevents,ü Octave and optional third octave band spectrum analysis from 25 Hzto 12.5 kHz,ü Statistical analysis with the calculation of 3 percentile levels and op-tional full statistical analysis,ü Identifi cation of impulsive noise,ü Measurements in the workplace,ü Selection of personal protective equipment (SNR, HML, and OBMmethods),ü Sound insulation and reclamation,ü Production quality control,ü Measurement of machine noise,ü Optional architectural acoustics and building measurements.

  • Air Quality Meters

    Company: PCE Instruments

    Here you will find air quality meters, designed to measure and detect air velocity, pressure, ATEX areas (gases), temperature, humidity as well as dust. Depending on the typAir Testers for the measurement of air velocity and air pressuree of application, air testers are made as hot wire air testers or pocket weather air testers, all of which can measure air velocity and air pressure. The results of measuring the air velocity can be stored in the memory of the device depending on the model. There are more than 25 air testers available. They are ideal for taking both quick and constant measurements.

  • 2511 - Datalogging Sound Level Meter

    Company: Baseline Technologies

    The latest addition from Cygnet to our range of Datalogging SLMs is this versatile meter, ideally suited for environmental studies, and general sound data logging for hotels, factories, construction sites, railways, and anywhere where there are varying sound levels. It logs the Leq dB(A) values with timestamp on your pendrive. It can start upon command or in accordance with a preset timetable. The data on the pendrive can be read directly into your PC as an Excel file. Additional statistical analysis is also possible on the PC. An optional miniature printer can print the data on a thermal paper roll on the spot. The 2511 is a Type 1 accuracy instrument.

  • Digital Portable Panel Meters

    Company: Standard Electric

    Big-size LCD (112 x 59mm)● Backlight function.● Analog scale with Bar-graph for viewing. (100 bars)● 10000 counts (high resolution).● DCV Ranges: 99.99mV~999.9V (ST-2001 DCV). ● ACV Ranges: 99.99mV~800.0V (ST-2001 ACV). ● 5 manual ranges controlled by rotary switch.● Data Hold function● Low battery indication● 9V power supply● Best resolution of 0.01mV (10uV)● Precision meter for factory maintenance, field servicing and educational purposes.● With an optical USB to RS-232 data transmission cable. (DCV-R & ACV-R)● 2 optical LEDs are built-in for data transfer. (DCV-R & ACV-R)● Well isolated to contact. (DCV-R & ACV-R)● The software is included (Compact disc). (DCV-R & ACV-R)

  • MEF - Digital Power Meter

    Company: Hsiang Cheng Electric

    Model MEF is specially designed as DC versa meter for process system, it features: Wide standard DC input ranges of over 10 voltage & current ranges as 0-20, 0-40mA or 0-10V ect. With switchable rangeability for display scale to suit required engineering unit range from 0 to +4000 counts. With option of analog output of per mV per count, or simulating DC24V power applied to two wire system. With gain & offset of fine & coarse adjustment both from 0 to 165% full scale.