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sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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    OROS sa

    With an OROS 3-Series you get a multi-channel analyzer, so, why not turn your unit into a true multi-channel sound level meter. The OVA plug-in extends the analyzer capabilities to a comprehensive acoustic measurement system. The OVA complies with the latest standards such as IEC 60-672. It runs 3 RMS and a peak detector on each input. The detectors feature time filtering and weighting.

  • LCD / Led Surface Resistance Meter

    BS-SRM-1009 - Blue Sky System

    The Surface Resistivity Meter measures both surface resistance and resistance to ground. This is meant for use in evaluating a wide variety of ESD protective materials including tablemats, floor mats, and hard ESD-laminates. It measures and displays Surface Resistivity as well as surface to ground and point-to-point resistances. These measurements can be done in the range of <10E3 to >10E12 ohms by using two 2.5-kilo (5lb) heavy electrodes or through internal probes. To check whether surface Resistivity is in accordance with EOS/ESD Association standards S-4.1.

  • Magnetic Susceptibility Meter for Multi-Layer Survey

    MULTI KAPPA - GF Instruments, s.r.o.

    Multi Kappa instrument serves for fast field survey allowing both spot measurement and mapping by means of several probes. Together with GF Instruments traditional pocket magnetic susceptibility meters cover wide range of demands for accurate susceptibility measurement on ground surface, outcrops and samples of rock and soil. geological survey, archaeology, agriculture and forestry, raw material prospecting, mineralogy, sedimentology, detection of metallic objects, UXO survey.

  • Six Digit Ampere Hour Meter

    IM2506 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    IM2506 model which provides 6 digit display as compare to IM2501 Ampere Hour Meter which has 4 digit display. This model can be used with any circuit as the shunt value can be programmed by the user. The equipment is provided with one relay output to alert the user when the sufficient charge has been delivered. It is also used to directly cut off the rectifier.

  • Metal Tube Float Flow meter

    F56 - Beijing Airport Beiguang Instruments Co., Ltd

    F56 Metal Tube Float Flow meter Series are used for measure instantaneous and accumulated flow rate of liquid, gas and steam in closed pipelines. It is suitable for metering flow value on site or electronic remote. The measuring principle is based on the hydrodynamic effects,This makes float moving from bottom to top in vertical Pipe. As the displacement of float is in related to flow rate, which can be read from the indicator by means of the magnetic drive system in non-contact form . Also, flowmeters output electrical signal (4-20)mA / hart communication protocol with high / low limit Warning switches/integrating flow PCB broad can be configured.

  • Single Phase Reference Standard Meter

    Guangzhou GENY Electric Co.,

    ingle Phase Electronic Energy Standard Meter Model ID: SZ-01A-K3E Features: High class accuracy up to 0.02% Wide testing range, 5V...480V in voltage, 1mA...120A in current Testing mode includes active powe, reactive power, cross connected reactive power Harmonic analysis.

  • Three Phase Reference Standard Meter

    Guangzhou GENY Electric Co.,

    Three phase Stationary Reference Standard Model: QME4103 ◇ Description GENY's reference standard adopt unique sampling technology, with high accuracy, wide testing range. It is suit for electric power departments, electric energy meter manufacturers, measuring and quality.

  • Automatic Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

    ATRI-3 - UMA Electronics Enterprises

    Range: 3.00 to 200.0 Accuracy : class 0.1 Ideal for tranformer and motor winding ratio measurement Auxilliary Power: 230V +/- 20% Measures and displays Transformer Turns Ratio by using voltage ratio method. Applying Test Voltage to the Low Voltage winding of a transformer and accurately measures the resulting voltage from the High Voltage winding. As per ANSI/IEEE C57.12.90 Standard Accessories: 10 meter long wire for three phase connection on LT and HT sides. Dimension: 131(H) by 280(W) by 230(depth) Excitation : 1.8V , 150.0Hz, sine wave. Max.500mA Fully Automated measurement of Turns Ratio, Excitation current, LT voltage, HT Voltage and polarity Three Phase Connection enables faster testing Test voltage is applied by 'PUSH to ON' switch, thus allowing safety of personnel during connection/disconnection (Optional) Data can be saved in memory card

  • Class 2 Sound Level Meter

    SP79 - Martindale Electric Co. Ltd

    The SP79 is a Class 2 sound level meter for on-site measurements in accordance with Noise at Work legislation in industrial and office environments. Featuring A and C frequency weighting and fast and slow time weighting, the compact design can be handheld, or mounted on a tripod for longer term monitoring of Min / Max values. Detailed recording and analysis can be made using the AC and DC outputs. The SP79 complies with BS EN 61672-1:2003 and is supplied with a detachable windshield and hard carry case. The large high contrast display includes both digital reading and analogue bar graph. An optional Class 2 sound level calibrator is available to verify accuracy before and after readings in accordance with international standards. The SPC70 is simple to use and provides a 1kHz reference at 94dB and 114dB.

  • Electrometer/High Resistance Meter, 0.01fA, Battery

    B2987A - Keysight Technologies

    The B2987A Electrometer/High Resistance Meter is the world's only graphical electrometer that allows you to confidently measure small currents with 0.01 fA (0.01 x 10-15 A) resolution and large resistances of up to 10 P (10 x 1015 ). In addition, battery operation eliminates AC line noise from your critical measurements. It possesses a 4.3" color LCD with a graphical user interface that provides trend chart and histogram data in addition to numeric information. These front-panel capabilities enable you to capture transient behavior and to perform quick statistical analyses without a PC. The available Setup Integrity Checker software option allows you to compare the noise levels of different cabling and fixturing arrangements to help isolate external noise sources.

  • Portable Energy Meter Test Bench


    Technical specification of phantom load power sourcePower and consumption:Power supply: 1P2W 220V ±10%, 50Hz / 60Hz;Max consumption: 700VADimension: 500mm X 350mm X 650mmCurrent source:Output current: 3×0.001A - 3×100AAdjusting resolution: 0.01% (min. 0.0001A)Power factor: -1.0 ~ 1.0(0~3600; resolution: 0.10)Outputfrequency: 45Hz~65Hz;THD(sine wave output): <0.8%Stability of current during sine wave output:0.05% (180s)Output wave: sine waveOutput capacity: 150VA per phase Voltage source:Output voltage: 3×30V - 3×300VLoad: The Load could be resistor / inductive / capacitive(<4uF)Adjusting resolution: 0.01% (min. 0.1V)Outputfrequency: 45Hz~65Hz;THD (sine wave output): <0.8%Voltage stability of power source during sine wave output:0.05% (180s) Output wave: sine wave Output capacity: 15VA per meter position

  • Auto-Scan Pen R/C Meter for SMD

    VA505A/505B - Shanghai Yi Hua V&A Instrument Co., Ltd. CO.,LTD

    Resistance300Ω/3KΩ/30KΩ/300KΩ/3MΩ/30MΩ600Ω/6KΩ/60KΩ/600KΩ/6MΩ/60MΩ±(1%+5)Capacitance3nF/30nF/300nF/3μF/30μF/300μF/3mF/30mF6nF/60nF/600nF/6μF/60μF/600μF/6mF/60mF±(3%+5)Auto Scan mode0~3MΩ/400pF~300μF±(1%+5)0~6MΩ/400pF~600μF±(3%+5

  • 3 Axis Magnetic Field Meters

    MRC ltd.

    Display: 4 digits LCD, maximum reading 9999 Range: 20/2000 mG,2/20/200TResolution: 0.1/1 mG or 0 .001/0 .01/0 .1 TAccuracy: (2.5%+5dgt) at 50Hz/60Hz (5.0%+5 dgt) at 30Hz-2000HzSensor: Triple AxisFrequency response: 30Hz to 2000HzOperating temperature & humidity: 5'Cto 40'C, below 80% RHWeight: About 230g

  • Digital AC/DC Auto-Ranging Clamp Meter

    PCMT20 - Pyle Audio Inc.

    Measures AC and DCMax. Resolution to Current Measurement: 0.1uALCD Display with BacklightData Hold, Zero Function, Auto Power OffLower Battery Indiactor0.9' (23mm) Jaw SizeDC Voltage: Range: 0-600 V; Accuracy: +/- 0.5%AC Voltage: Range: 0-600 V; Accuracy: +/- 1.5%AC Current: Range: 0-400 A; Accuracy: +/- 3.0%Resistance: Range: 0-40 M; Accuracy: +/- 3.0%Temperature: Range: 1000 C / 1832 F; Accuracy: +/- 3.0%Capacitance: Range: 100 uF; Accuracy: +/- 2.5%Frequency: Range: 150 kHz; Accuracy: +/- 1.2%Continuity: Buzzer Sounds at 100Diode: Test Current 0.3mA; Open Circuit Voltage 1.5VBatteries: 2 x AAA IncludedAccessories Included: Black Bag, Test Leads, Type K Temperature ProbeDimensions: 8.07' H x 2.36' W x 1.18' DWeight: 7.94 ozSold as : Unit

  • Digital AC milli Volt meter

    3101 - PGP Electronics

    PGP Electronics Digital AC Mill voltmeter is a very versatile and general purpose equipment for the measurement of audio frequencies. It is useful in measuring low amplitude signals over a wide band of frequencies with precision. Its has a wide band width and sensitivity is 10uV. This instrument is useful for all amplifiers/ audio system manufacturers, college laboratories to measure input/output of any amplifier as well as frequency response of that amplifiers. .