Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • pH and Temperature Professional Portable Meter

    Mi105 - Milwaukee Instruments

    Extended Range pH and Temperature Meter in a compact casing The included electrode has a built-in temperature sensor and amplifier to prevent electrical interference. The large display shows readings in an extended range from -2.00 to 16.00 pH and simultaneously shows temperature from -5.0 to 105.0°C or 23 to 221°F.

  • Single Channel Benchtop Power Meter

    ST-3201 - Wuhan Sunma Technologies Co., Ltd.

    It is a test instrument with high precision and wide measurement range. It features intelligent micro-processing control and automatic switching of the measurement range. It eliminates the error caused by the non-linearity response of PIN sleeve to the power meter under the condition of same wavelength but different power .It greatly improves the accuracy and stability of the unit.Large

  • Single Channel Universal Power Meter

    Model 8651B - Spanawave Corporation

    The Spanawave/Giga-tronics 8651B Single Channel Universal Power Meter has the extensive measurement capabilities and unique features required to test today's sophisticated communications systems faster and more accurately. Frequency Range: 10 MHz to 50 GHz. Power Range: -70 dBm to +47 dBm (100 pW to 50 Watts).

  • Single Channel Universal Power Meter

    Model 8541C - Spanawave Corporation

    The Spanawave/Giga-tronics 8541C Single Channel Universal Power Meter combines accuracy, speed, range and measurement capability. Frequency Range 100 kHz to 40 GHz, depending on sensor usedPower Range: -70 to +47 dBm, depending on sensor used.

  • Automatic Water Meter Test Bench


    System features It can test according to ISO 4064 or OIML R49 For the same lot of water meters, you need to have parameters setting only for one time. WA10-DN15-DN25 for 1-10 meters in series. Adopt laser testing head from Japanese SUNX and numerical laser sensor amplifier. Laser testing head has virtues of small optical spot (0.2mm), long verification distance (reach 500mm). Numerical laser sensor amplifier can respond very rapidly ( Maximum speed: 80 microsecond ,that is, 12.5KHz/s) It has focusing instructed function. Adopt TCS Series Electronic Balance from one of largest electronic scale sensors manufacturer companies in China. The scale has virtues of high precision, high stability, easy operation, convenient information collection etc. It has instantaneous flow adjusting function. It has automatic abrasion test function of ten thousand times (interrupting test, or to say fatigue test). (No need to purchase ten thousand times wear tester specially). It has the functions of automatic monitoring, display of pressure and water temperature in pipeline. It can have verification repeatedly, and you needn't reset the parameters. It can print various reports respectively. It can have pressure verification for water meter. All the information about the tested water meter will be collected, calculated, displayed and transmitted by independent optical collector and adjustable optical sensor. The equipment has water circulated function, and has virtues of low noise, high stability. It can adapt to all kinds of mechanical water meters verification, and is very flexible. The equipment is made of 304 stainless steel and copper. Sufficient spares for wearing parts are (like o washer etc). Low fault rate, convenient repair.n With full technical documents.

  • Audio Meter and Side Chaining Tool

    Digital Peak Meter Pro - Blue Cat Audio

    The metering capabilities of the DPMP plug-in let you control and monitor your audio signal exactly the way you want: almost every aspect of the meters can be customized. It now proposes five different scales, including Bob Katz's very popular K-System scales (K-12, K-14, K-16 and also the extra K-10). The graphs show the evolution of the audio envelopes over time, and the mid-side switch lets you verify mono compatibility problems and check the "stereoness" of your audio sources very easily.

  • Automatic Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

    VTRM - Veer Electronics

    VEER make Automatic Transformer Turn Ratio Meter - VTRM measures no-load Turn Ratio of transformer means Ratio of High Voltage Winding to Low Voltage Winding of Transformer. You can read Turns Ratio directly from front LCD display. It also measures and display % Deviation, Excitation Current. VTRM has inbuilt Data Storage Memory to store 200 Test Results. It can transfer all test results to Computer using dedicated Software.

  • 100V MEGOHMMETER Surface Resistivity Meter

    B8562 - Botron Inc.

    Portable 100 volt LED megohm tester with two parellel probes and two banana jacks for optional 5lbs weights. a 10 light Surface Resistivity Meter that test at 100 volts. This portable test instrument provides both RTT (resistance top to top) and RTG (resistance top to ground) will measure a wide variety of static dissipative and conductive materials.

  • 3 3/4 Digital Clamp Meter

    DCM 9930A - The Motwane Manufacturing Company

    * Auto ranging 3¾ digit LCD-Display. * Current Measurement upto 2000A. * True RMS reading for ACV & ACA. * 2 in 1 Clamp meter + Digital Multimeter. * Overload protection for all ranges. * Data Hold, Relative Key, Facility. * Water resistance front panel, fireproof heavy-duty ABS casing. * Current Sensor - Hall effect Sensor. * Over range Indication: 'OL' or '-1' is displayed.

  • 3 3/4 Digital Clamp Meter

    DCM 39A - The Motwane Manufacturing Company

    * Auto ranging 3 ¾ digit (3999) LCD-Display. * Current Measurement upto 1000A. * True RMS reading for ACV & ACA. * 2 in 1 Clamp meter + Digital Multimeter. * Overload protection for all ranges. * Data Hold, Relative Key, Facility. * Water resistance front panel, fireproof heavy-duty ABS casing. * Current Sensor - Hall effect Sensor. * Over range Indication: 'OL' or '-1' is displayed.

  • Double Voltage Double Frequency meter

    DVDF - UMA Electronics Enterprises

    Double Voltage Double Frequency meter, ideal for DVDF test sets. Uses 24 bit ADC to measure voltage. Accuracy Class 0.2 Box Size - 96mm by 96mm ( Depth 65mm ). Voltage range: 30.0 V to 1000.0 V Frequency Range: 30.0 to 200.0 Hz Two rows four digit seven segment Display Simple and easy to operate user interface. Relay Facility with Timer ( Optional). Computer Interfacing Facility ( Optional).

  • Electrostatic Field Meter Micro Kit

    PFM-711A - Prostat Corporation

    A hand held, compact, electronic digital chopper field meter used for locating and measuring electrostatic fields.Use alone to measure fields on defined surfaces and materials. Red "Bulls Eye" ranging lights assist in obtaining reproducible measurements.Use with CPM-720A Charge Plate Assembly and PCS-730 Charging Source to balance and test ionization blowers and devices. May be used to measure charge generation related to personnel, floors, chairs, carts, equipment, packaging materials, etc.

  • DC Watt Meter & Power Analyzer

    "Watt's Up" - RC Electronics, Inc.

    The original (since 2004) Watt's Up meter with Data Queue value readout±1% V. accuracy; measures 8 DC electrical values; Sunlight readable LCD display60 Volts; 100 Amps peak; 6554 Watts; 65 Amp hours; 6554 Watt hoursCaptures peak Amps (Ap); peak Watts(Wp); minimum Voltage (Vm "sags")

  • Digital Electrical Resistance Meter Kit

    GIGAMEG - Elme S.r.l.

    This professional digital electrical resistance meter kit, switches 10-100-500V to test both conductive and dissipative surfaces, digital display, measurement of RH and temperature, data logging a PC by means of a MS Windows environment to follow ISO requirements. Allows periodic programmable tests, writes reports with comments and draws graphics on the performance of the tested surface 

  • Magnetic Susceptibility Meter for Multi-Layer Survey

    MULTI KAPPA - GF Instruments, s.r.o.

    Multi Kappa instrument serves for fast field survey allowing both spot measurement and mapping by means of several probes. Together with GF Instruments traditional pocket magnetic susceptibility meters cover wide range of demands for accurate susceptibility measurement on ground surface, outcrops and samples of rock and soil. geological survey, archaeology, agriculture and forestry, raw material prospecting, mineralogy, sedimentology, detection of metallic objects, UXO survey.