Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • MW3205 - Mini Handheld Optical Power Meter

    Company: Changzhou Myway Electronics

    MW3205 mini handheld optical power meter is the mostcompact in size and lightest in weight self-developed testinstrument, with features of easy-to-use and economy advantageswhich be used for absolute power measurementof fiber optic. MW3205 accompanies with MW3110mini handheld light source to become the most portableand advantages testing pairs.

  • IM2509 - Ampere Hour Meter With Three Doser

    Company: Ajinkya Electronic

    IM2509 model ampere hour meter is provided with three control relay outputs to facilitate addition of three chemicals. It should be noted that this feature is improvement over the IM2503 model which offers two control relay outputs to control a addition of two chemicals.The other features of IM2502C model are retained in this model.

  • 1806 - Dual Type IV Power Meter

    Company: TEGAM

    Designed for use with bolometer elements to measure high frequency or microwave power from 10W to 30 mW. Model 1806 also functions as a standard for the calibration of bolometers mounts, detectors, RF voltmeters, and for precision insertion loss measurements when used with the TEGAM System IIA, automatic power meter calibration system.

  • 7601 - Relative RF Field Strength Meter

    Company: Coaxial Dynamics

    Coaxial Dynamics Model 7601 Relative Field Strength Meter is used for measuring the relative strengths of radiating fields of patterns from a transmitting antenna system, making relative RF power measurements, or peaking and adjusting fixed or portable transceivers and antennas

  • Automatic Water Meter Test Bench

    Company: Shanghai POWOO Industry

    System features It can test according to ISO 4064 or OIML R49 For the same lot of water meters, you need to have parameters setting only for one time. WA10-DN15-DN25 for 1-10 meters in series. Adopt laser testing head from Japanese SUNX and numerical laser sensor amplifier. Laser testing head has virtues of small optical spot (0.2mm), long verification distance (reach 500mm). Numerical laser sensor amplifier can respond very rapidly ( Maximum speed: 80 microsecond ,that is, 12.5KHz/s) It has focusing instructed function. Adopt TCS Series Electronic Balance from one of largest electronic scale sensors manufacturer companies in China. The scale has virtues of high precision, high stability, easy operation, convenient information collection etc. It has instantaneous flow adjusting function. It has automatic abrasion test function of ten thousand times (interrupting test, or to say fatigue test). (No need to purchase ten thousand times wear tester specially). It has the functions of automatic monitoring, display of pressure and water temperature in pipeline. It can have verification repeatedly, and you needn't reset the parameters. It can print various reports respectively. It can have pressure verification for water meter. All the information about the tested water meter will be collected, calculated, displayed and transmitted by independent optical collector and adjustable optical sensor. The equipment has water circulated function, and has virtues of low noise, high stability. It can adapt to all kinds of mechanical water meters verification, and is very flexible. The equipment is made of 304 stainless steel and copper. Sufficient spares for wearing parts are (like o washer etc). Low fault rate, convenient repair.n With full technical documents.

  • HHF81 - 4-IN-1 Air Velocity Meter

    Company: Omega Engineering

    4-IN-1 Air Velocity Meter - Anemometer, Hygrometer, Light Meter, Thermometer - The HHF81 anemometer can measure air flow, humidity, temperature and light. The built-in microprocessor circuit assures excellent performance and accuracy. The HHF81 can track the maximum and minimum values along with current readings. The HHF81 displays the flowrate in your choice of knots, meters per second, kilometers per hour, miles per hour, feet per minute. The HHF81 relies upon a low-friction ball bearing mounted wheel design to provide high accuracy at high and low air velocity. The impeller provides excellent accuracy (±3 to 4%) and the ability to measure the slightest breeze (0.3 M/S). For temperature readings, the HHF81 has an internal thermistor or is compatible with any Type K thermocouple with SMP Male connector, accurate to ±1°C + 1% of reading. The humidity sensor measures to 95% relative using a high precision thin-film capacitance sensor with fast response to humidity changes. The Light measurement utilizes an exclusive photo diode and color correction filter light sensor.

  • DP24-E - 1/8 DIN Economical Process Meter

    Company: Omega Engineering

    The DP24 Series is an economical, user-friendly panel meter which can be scaled without the use of an electronic calibrator. The DP24-E accepts voltage (0 to 5, 1 to 5 and 0 to10 Vdc) or current (4 to 20 mA) transducers. After scaling, the front keypad can be locked out to avoid unauthorized changes, and an optional bezel without "buttonholes" can be snapped into place.

  • B8562 - 100V MEGOHMMETER Surface Resistivity Meter

    Company: Botron

    Portable 100 volt LED megohm tester with two parellel probes and two banana jacks for optional 5lbs weights. a 10 light Surface Resistivity Meter that test at 100 volts. This portable test instrument provides both RTT (resistance top to top) and RTG (resistance top to ground) will measure a wide variety of static dissipative and conductive materials.

  • MZ-505C - Dual display L/C/R meter

    Company: PROMAX Electronica

    The L/C/R MZ-505C handheld meter displays values up to 19,999 counts using 41/2 digits and it is controlled by a special microprocessor, which measures inductance, capacitance and resistance. It is easy to use and it allows measuring in parallel and serial mode. It takes direct and accurate measures of coils, capacitors and resistors at different frequencies. It allows selecting measure ranges in manual or automatic way.

  • DVDF - Double Voltage Double Frequency meter

    Company: UMA Electronics Enterprises

    Double Voltage Double Frequency meter, ideal for DVDF test sets. Uses 24 bit ADC to measure voltage. Accuracy Class 0.2 Box Size - 96mm by 96mm ( Depth 65mm ). Voltage range: 30.0 V to 1000.0 V Frequency Range: 30.0 to 200.0 Hz Two rows four digit seven segment Display Simple and easy to operate user interface. Relay Facility with Timer ( Optional). Computer Interfacing Facility ( Optional).

  • GIGAMEG - Digital Electrical Resistance Meter Kit

    Company: Elme S.r.l.

    This professional digital electrical resistance meter kit, switches 10-100-500V to test both conductive and dissipative surfaces, digital display, measurement of RH and temperature, data logging a PC by means of a MS Windows environment to follow ISO requirements. Allows periodic programmable tests, writes reports with comments and draws graphics on the performance of the tested surface 

  • SensoControl Parker Serviceman Plus Meter

    Company: Parker Hannifin

    The SensoControl Parker Serviceman Plus is a rugged, portable, easy to use diagnostic meter. With a choice of CAN bus sensor communication or traditional analog inputs, the Parker Serviceman Plus is available with either 2 analog inputs or CAN style interface for up to 3 CAN sensors. This compact test instrument will measure pressure, flow, temperature, and RPM. A variety of test kits are available.

  • IM2506 - Six Digit Ampere Hour Meter

    Company: Ajinkya Electronic

    IM2506 model which provides 6 digit display as compare to IM2501 Ampere Hour Meter which has 4 digit display. This model can be used with any circuit as the shunt value can be programmed by the user. The equipment is provided with one relay output to alert the user when the sufficient charge has been delivered. It is also used to directly cut off the rectifier.


    Company: OROS Sa

    With an OROS 3-Series you get a multi-channel analyzer, so, why not turn your unit into a true multi-channel sound level meter. The OVA plug-in extends the analyzer capabilities to a comprehensive acoustic measurement system. The OVA complies with the latest standards such as IEC 60-672. It runs 3 RMS and a peak detector on each input. The detectors feature time filtering and weighting.

  • Pen Type Oxidation-Reduction Potenial Meter

    Company: Bestone Industrial

    Pen type ORP (oxidation reduction potential) meter is set pH measurement and control and redox measurement and control in one multi-function intelligent instrument. Simultaneously displayed ORP value and temperature. Its full function, stable performance, easy to operate and so on. Making it the best choice for enterprises wild and laboratory testing and control ORP value. The ORP value monitoring is widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, food and other industries