Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • AX-222 - LCR Meter, with D-displaybuilt-in Limit Comparator

    Company: Adex

    The Digital LCR Meter, Model AX-222 offers easy measurement of contact resistance of electric components such as a coil, condenser, resistor, switch, relay etc., of inner resistance of a battery, of junction capacity of semiconductor and of any kind of elements. Determination display of [GO][NG] by digital comparator inclusion. Auto range and auto mode functions select automatically an optimum range for the measuring object with unknown value

  • BS-SRM-1009 - LCD / Led Surface Resistance Meter

    Company: Blue Sky System

    The Surface Resistivity Meter measures both surface resistance and resistance to ground. This is meant for use in evaluating a wide variety of ESD protective materials including tablemats, floor mats, and hard ESD-laminates. It measures and displays Surface Resistivity as well as surface to ground and point-to-point resistances. These measurements can be done in the range of <10E3 to >10E12 ohms by using two 2.5-kilo (5lb) heavy electrodes or through internal probes. To check whether surface Resistivity is in accordance with EOS/ESD Association standards S-4.1.

  • Million Megohm Meters (Insulation Testers)

    Company: Sivananda Electronics

    This series of Million Megohm Meters are designed to test electronic components such as paper Capacitors, Plastic Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors, Insulators, Semi Conductors, Switches, Connectors, Transformers, Motors etc. as per I. S. I. recommendations. The instruments have facility for checking insulation resistance in the range of 1 megohm to 10 million megohm after one minute of charging. 

  • PFM-711A - Electrostatic Field Meter Micro Kit

    Company: Prostat

    A hand held, compact, electronic digital chopper field meter used for locating and measuring electrostatic fields.Use alone to measure fields on defined surfaces and materials. Red "Bulls Eye" ranging lights assist in obtaining reproducible measurements.Use with CPM-720A Charge Plate Assembly and PCS-730 Charging Source to balance and test ionization blowers and devices. May be used to measure charge generation related to personnel, floors, chairs, carts, equipment, packaging materials, etc.

  • Digital Peak Meter Pro - Audio Meter and Side Chaining Tool

    Company: Blue Cat Audio

    The metering capabilities of the DPMP plug-in let you control and monitor your audio signal exactly the way you want: almost every aspect of the meters can be customized. It now proposes five different scales, including Bob Katz's very popular K-System scales (K-12, K-14, K-16 and also the extra K-10). The graphs show the evolution of the audio envelopes over time, and the mid-side switch lets you verify mono compatibility problems and check the "stereoness" of your audio sources very easily.

  • DCM 9930A - 3 3/4 Digital Clamp Meter

    Company: The Motwane Manufacturing

    * Auto ranging 3¾ digit LCD-Display. * Current Measurement upto 2000A. * True RMS reading for ACV & ACA. * 2 in 1 Clamp meter + Digital Multimeter. * Overload protection for all ranges. * Data Hold, Relative Key, Facility. * Water resistance front panel, fireproof heavy-duty ABS casing. * Current Sensor - Hall effect Sensor. * Over range Indication: 'OL' or '-1' is displayed.

  • DCM 39A - 3 3/4 Digital Clamp Meter

    Company: The Motwane Manufacturing

    * Auto ranging 3 ¾ digit (3999) LCD-Display. * Current Measurement upto 1000A. * True RMS reading for ACV & ACA. * 2 in 1 Clamp meter + Digital Multimeter. * Overload protection for all ranges. * Data Hold, Relative Key, Facility. * Water resistance front panel, fireproof heavy-duty ABS casing. * Current Sensor - Hall effect Sensor. * Over range Indication: 'OL' or '-1' is displayed.

  • DTS 305 - Three Phase Power Meter / Transducer

    Company: Measurlogic

    Auxiliary powered single / three phase energy sub-meter with auto-topology detection Class 0.5 Energy Meter** (ANSI C12.20) - “Revenue grade” Bi-directional for renewable systems (NET metering) Interfaces with 1A, 5A and “safe” mV and RopeCTs Embedded Ethernet connectivity - Modbus/TCP, BACnet/IP, SNMP or DNP 3.00 RS-485 connectivity - Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP LonWorks FT-10 communications 6 onboard outputs (digital or isolated analog) – optional 4 digital I/O (pulse outputs or status/counter inputs) – optional

  • SensoControl Parker Serviceman Plus Meter

    Company: Parker Hannifin

    The SensoControl Parker Serviceman Plus is a rugged, portable, easy to use diagnostic meter. With a choice of CAN bus sensor communication or traditional analog inputs, the Parker Serviceman Plus is available with either 2 analog inputs or CAN style interface for up to 3 CAN sensors. This compact test instrument will measure pressure, flow, temperature, and RPM. A variety of test kits are available.

  • IM2506 - Six Digit Ampere Hour Meter

    Company: Ajinkya Electronic

    IM2506 model which provides 6 digit display as compare to IM2501 Ampere Hour Meter which has 4 digit display. This model can be used with any circuit as the shunt value can be programmed by the user. The equipment is provided with one relay output to alert the user when the sufficient charge has been delivered. It is also used to directly cut off the rectifier.


    Company: OROS Sa

    With an OROS 3-Series you get a multi-channel analyzer, so, why not turn your unit into a true multi-channel sound level meter. The OVA plug-in extends the analyzer capabilities to a comprehensive acoustic measurement system. The OVA complies with the latest standards such as IEC 60-672. It runs 3 RMS and a peak detector on each input. The detectors feature time filtering and weighting.

  • Pen Type Oxidation-Reduction Potenial Meter

    Company: Bestone Industrial

    Pen type ORP (oxidation reduction potential) meter is set pH measurement and control and redox measurement and control in one multi-function intelligent instrument. Simultaneously displayed ORP value and temperature. Its full function, stable performance, easy to operate and so on. Making it the best choice for enterprises wild and laboratory testing and control ORP value. The ORP value monitoring is widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, food and other industries

  • F56 - Metal Tube Float Flow meter

    Company: Beijing Airport Beiguang

    F56 Metal Tube Float Flow meter Series are used for measure instantaneous and accumulated flow rate of liquid, gas and steam in closed pipelines. It is suitable for metering flow value on site or electronic remote. The measuring principle is based on the hydrodynamic effects,This makes float moving from bottom to top in vertical Pipe. As the displacement of float is in related to flow rate, which can be read from the indicator by means of the magnetic drive system in non-contact form . Also, flowmeters output electrical signal (4-20)mA / hart communication protocol with high / low limit Warning switches/integrating flow PCB broad can be configured.

  • ATRI-3 - Automatic Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

    Company: UMA Electronics Enterprises

    Range: 3.00 to 200.0 Accuracy : class 0.1 Ideal for tranformer and motor winding ratio measurement Auxilliary Power: 230V +/- 20% Measures and displays Transformer Turns Ratio by using voltage ratio method. Applying Test Voltage to the Low Voltage winding of a transformer and accurately measures the resulting voltage from the High Voltage winding. As per ANSI/IEEE C57.12.90 Standard Accessories: 10 meter long wire for three phase connection on LT and HT sides. Dimension: 131(H) by 280(W) by 230(depth) Excitation : 1.8V , 150.0Hz, sine wave. Max.500mA Fully Automated measurement of Turns Ratio, Excitation current, LT voltage, HT Voltage and polarity Three Phase Connection enables faster testing Test voltage is applied by 'PUSH to ON' switch, thus allowing safety of personnel during connection/disconnection (Optional) Data can be saved in memory card

  • Portable Energy Meter Test Bench

    Company: Shanghai POWOO Industry

    Technical specification of phantom load power sourcePower and consumption:Power supply: 1P2W 220V ±10%, 50Hz / 60Hz;Max consumption: 700VADimension: 500mm X 350mm X 650mmCurrent source:Output current: 3×0.001A - 3×100AAdjusting resolution: 0.01% (min. 0.0001A)Power factor: -1.0 ~ 1.0(0~3600; resolution: 0.10)Outputfrequency: 45Hz~65Hz;THD(sine wave output): <0.8%Stability of current during sine wave output:0.05% (180s)Output wave: sine waveOutput capacity: 150VA per phase Voltage source:Output voltage: 3×30V - 3×300VLoad: The Load could be resistor / inductive / capacitive(<4uF)Adjusting resolution: 0.01% (min. 0.1V)Outputfrequency: 45Hz~65Hz;THD (sine wave output): <0.8%Voltage stability of power source during sine wave output:0.05% (180s) Output wave: sine wave Output capacity: 15VA per meter position