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  • ST9020G3 - Test Equipment

    Company: Shenzhen Star Instrument

    The ST9020G3 single-phase meter test equipment is compact, lightweight and portable. It tests 1 to 3 single-phase active energy meter simultaneously. Users may operate the test equipment via keyboard or PC-based software. It also simultaneously measures the errors of three energy meters. It connects to a meter rack via its COM port.

  • Test Equipment for Instrument Transformer

    Company: Soken Electric Co

    is desirable for measuring ratio errors and phase angles of low current (voltage) transformers used in electric devices, such as watt hour meters, smart meters, digital current meters, and transducers, etc.

  • Handheld OTDR

    Company: TSH (Guangzhou) Technology

    Handheld OTDR (Olympic Sales Promotion):1. Olympic Sales Promotion; 2. Lowest Price; 3. with a Multi meter for free;4. Multi meter is integrated with power meter, laser source and visual fault locator.

  • handheld OTDR

    Company: TSH (Guangzhou) Technology

    1. October Sales Promotion; 2. Lowest Price; 3. with a Multi meter for free;4. Multi meter is integrated with power meter, laser source and visual fault locator.

  • Transformer Testing Equipment

    Company: Embuilt Technologies

    Offering you a complete choice of products which include Automatic Turns Ratio Instrument, VAF Meters, DVDF Meter, ATRI-3F, Automatic Transformer Turns Ratio Meter and Three phase Ammeter (DTA - 3).

  • Ford Indianapolis Type Test Benches

    Company: The Ford Meter Box

    The Indianapolis Type Test Bench provides maximum efficiency for testing 5/8", 5/8"x3/4", 3/4" and 1" meters. This efficiency is provided by these exclusive Ford features: Automatic proper spacing for meters, plus spring forks for holding meters upright, so that insertion of meters is easy and rapid. Hydraulic clamping of all meters with one quick valve operation, providing adequate but not excessive pressure for water tightness.

  • Pocket pH-Meters

    Company: PCE Instruments

    Pocket pH meters for use in laboratories, aquariums, or in the industrial sector to measure pH value. pocket Pocket pH-metersOur pocket pH meters from Hanna Instruments provide a complete range of devices. These handheld pocket pH meters bring together almost all the characteristics available in the best handheld devices. These pocket pH meters represent the best solution for quick and portable results for measuring pH value. One of these pocket pH meters, the Combo, also measures conductivity and temperature.

  • ST9001D5 - Test Equipment

    Company: Shenzhen Star Instrument

    The ST9001D5 three-phase energy meter test equipment is full-featured and stable. Optional accuracy classes are 0.05, 0.02 and 0.01. The product series include: universal type, smart meter type, high-class reference meter type, and equipotential isolation type. As divided by structure there are combined type and integrated type. The meter test equipment is controlled via PC-based software. Choices of meter position are 3, 6, 8, 12, 24, 32 and 48.

  • ST6300 - Test Equipment

    Company: Shenzhen Star Instrument

    The ST6300 portable three-phase meter test equipment is suitable to conduct commissioning and testing for energy meter manufacturers and meter test departments. It adopts modular design and incorporates DSP and PWM switching amplifier technologies. Users are able to control the equipment via keypad or PC-based software. It simultaneously measures the errors of three energy meters. It connects to a meter rack via its COM port.

  • Dissolved Oxygen

    Company: Sper Scientific

    Dissolved oxygen (DO) is one of the most important indicators of water quality. It is essential for the survival of fish and other aquatic organisms and is used in hydroponics as well. When dissolved oxygen becomes too low, fish and other aquatic organisms cannot survive. Sper Scientific dissolved oxygen meters are made to accommodate the user with rugged, portable meters for use out in the field. All of our DO meters offer fast and accurate DO response times in wastewater, surface water and aquaculture applications. Three basic styles of DO meters are available for varying applications: Pens, Portable Meters, and Multi-parameter meters.

  • 6900 Series - Insertion/Return Loss Tester

    Company: Shanghai Grandway

    GJ6900 series Bench-top Insertion/Return Loss Testing Meter provides a high reliable and stable performance. It is a multi-functional optical testing meter which is integrated with dual-wavelength stable laser source, optical power meter, insertion loss tester and return loss tester. This testing meter can output 1310nm and 1550nm stable lasers when used as an optical laser source. As an optical power meter, it can measure the optical power at the wavelengths of 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm and 1625nm. As a loss tester, it can detect both insertion loss and return loss at the wavelengths of 1310nm and 1550nm.This testing meter is suitable for optical communication project as well as the research and manufacturing of optical active and passive components.

  • Colorimetry, Turbidity & UV-Vis Spectrophotometry

    Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Colorimetry, turbidity, and spectrophotometry meters for water analysis. You can choose from 134 preprogrammed methods to measure the concentrations of sample components with our colorimetry meters. These portable meters can go with you anywhere to test drinking water or wastewater. Take your portable turbidity meter to the source for on-site measuring. Our turbidity meters feature white and infrared light sources allowing you to meet regulatory methods. Achieve simple and efficient water and wastewater analysis with our UV-Vis and Vis spectrophotometers. These meters include over 260 preprogrammed methods using common reagent chemistries, making them the ideal instruments to include in your laboratory.


    Company: EMSYST Ltd

    With the EE-60A-3, you can automatically test the accuracy of your meters at Full-Load, Light-Load, and Power Factor values with a push of a button. Generating up to 60 Amps (continuous) on each phase, allows you to test transformer-rated meters, as well as self-contained meters. If there is no test switch under the meter, then a Meter Test Jack might be used (see Accessories). Select a Test Plan, and see how the EE-60A-3 automatically sequences through up to 12 user-defined meter tests. You can even create up to 99 of your own Test Plans. And don't forget, the integrated 3-Phase Energy Standard is fully traceable to NIST, and has an accuracy of +/-0.04% over its working range.

  • SK-350/352/355 - Analog Multimeter

    Company: Kaise

    Taut-band meter for accurate measurement

  • DL9205 - Compact Auto Ranging 600V Multimeter

    Company: Di-Log

    This is a high specification meter in a small package offering many features found in larger and more expensive meters. Comes complete with temperature probe.