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  • SY037 - Passive Pulse Splitter

    Company: Synectic Electronics

    The SY037 is ideal for converting pulses from meters or other turbine devices and transmitting the same pulse to three outputs to enable three separate instruments to measure the rate simultaneously. It is convenient for meters and any pulse generating device with reed switches, open collector or current source. It is designed for applications that require a pulse to be isolated, and repeated on three separate outputs. You can have just 2 outputs but if it is the submersible unit you need to specify.

  • 2150 Series - Parallel Test Systems

    Company: Radian Research

    Model 2150 automated test system is a fully ANSI compliant testboard that uses a single voltage and three independently controlled isolated current sources to test all electromechanical and solid state meters up to 50 Amps. Utilizing a precision laser optics system, the Model 2150 can test meters through the most grime-coated covers with unfailing accuracy. This same laser technology makes it possible to test using the disk’s edge without wasting time with the tricky optics adjustments found with other test systems.

  • Radiation (EMF, Nuclear, RF)

    Company: Sper Scientific

    Sper Scientific radiation meters measure EMF, Nuclear, and Microwave radiation levels. Whether you are, measuring the RF strength of Wi-Fi and LAN network, or the electromagnetic field emissions from electrical power lines and transmission equipment, computers, HVAC, audio/video, and other electrical appliances. Our meters are small and light enough to go anywhere, yet sensitive enough to detect minuscule amounts of gamma, beta or X-rays.

  • 600 Series - Rotor Stator Diode Tester

    Company: KAR Industries

    One 4-1/2" meter,0-200 amps-tests stator current. One 3" meter, 0-10, amps-tests rotor current. 115 V. AC, and 12 & 24 V. DC. Shipping Weight: 40 lbs. Designed for high amperage test of Y and Delta stators to determine open, shorted or grounded conditions.  Provides DC test to determine open shorts and grounded rotors.

  • S10A - Portable Rest Test

    Company: Ponovo Power Co

    The S10A portable rest test set has integrated local control facility and large LCD display, no need to use external PC. The two rotating mouse and quick control buttons make it very quite to perform all complicated relay test works, such as distance relay, differential relay, df/dt relay, ramp, etc. The control software is easy to understand and operate, no much training is required. The high accuracy current outputs enable it even an possible to check indication meters, transducers and energy meters

  • RS-232 Converter, Controller/Monitor

    Company: Lutron Electronic

    When LUTRON meter with RS232 interface is connected to RSW-912 converter, the meter can share data via WiFi technology. Therefore, personal devices, like desktop, laptop, smart phone, tablet... with WiFi function can be read the measuring data via WiFi. For example, museum has many show rooms in an open space. If each show room installs humidity/temp. indicator MHT-381SD with RSW-912, museum IT control center can monitor humidity and temperature information in each room via WiFi network.


    Company: FM Systems

    The SDI MASTER is a digital, hand-held, battery operated meter that measures six characteristics of High Definition and Standard Definition digital television signals. Use it for fast and accurate set-up and verification of levels, slope-loss and return loss on any SDI (Serial Digital Interface) Digital Television Signal. This meter is a must have for anybody working with digital TV.

  • 4 RF - Smartmeters 200KHz-3GHz

    Company: Laplace Instruments

    The Model 4 RF Smartmeters are a range of meters that are based on a common core, but have options to provide variations in field strength and/or frequency range. Each Smartmeter includes the meter itself with an LCD readout, an isotropic antenna, miniature tripod, output lead user manual and hard carry case (Kit 1). The frequency range is 200KHz - 3GHz which covers the whole commonly used RF spectrum, with readout from 0.2 to 500V/m.

  • Servisavor Temporary Power Restoration

    Company: The Von

    The Servisavor® is a highly mobile unit designed to temporarily restore power to customers who have a single faulted conductor. By connecting the servisavor between the customers meter socket and his meter, power can be restored without immediately locating and repairing the cable fault or running temporary above ground conductors.The Servisavor® restores load current on an open hot leg up to its current rating. On an open neutral the Servisavor® restores full service up to its current rating in neutral current.

  • CMR-I - Precision Electronically Compensated Current Transformer

    Company: Applied Precision

    Common Mode Rejecter for testing meters with interconnected current and voltage circuits - with Remote Load Management.The Precision Electronically Compensated Current Transformer CMR-I is a small-sized electronically compensated current transformer unit for isolated precision current transmission. The through-hole concept and single wire capability enable any user defined current ratio. The unit is dedicated for testing of electricity meters with closed current-potential circuits and for universal step-up/down current transformation applications with excellent accuracy and dynamics.

  • 300B - Precision Electrostatic Locator

    Company: ACL

    ACL's popular analog field meter suits most customers needing to indicate the voltage generated from a charged object. This pocket-sized meter reliably measures the electrostatic field of charged stationary items from 0 30,000 volts. The ACL 300B is ideal to use in static sensitive environments such as electronic component production and assembly areas, clean rooms, laboratories, and packaging and production lines.


    Company: ROSS Engineering

    Special probes, meters and adapters are available with choice of voltage and input impedance for line to ground, line to line measurement, or phasing differential measurement. These meters are recommended for accurate voltage measurement (depending on capacitance voltage tap accuracy) on Elastimold, Burndy, Joy, RTE, KEARNY, GE or other cable termination capacitance taps and high impedance voltage sources as well as direct HV AC lines.

  • High Accuracy Clamp Leaker

    Company: MEWOI Electronics

    Leakage Current Clamp Meter, Car Standby Current Clamp Meter, Car Inrush current Tester, Car Charge Current Tester. It is specially designed for online measurement of AC/DC leakage current, current below 600V by adopting up-to-date CT technology and digital integration technology. It is especially suitable for measure car standby current, leakage current, inrush current. It is a product with the characteristic of relatively small size, high accuracy, strong anti-interference capability and automatic shifting.

  • Transformer Test Panel/ Setup

    Company: AJIT Electronics

    This is a common test panel for distribution/ power transformers of different specifications. The user can perform most of the factory tests, as per the relevant IS standard for the transformers. The panel consists of power analyser, meters for high voltage test, meters for induced voltage test etc, control for all the tests, protection and interlock circuits so that a single panel can be used to conduct a number of tests using only one dimmerstat and the associated devices

  • HW-350 - Visual Fault Locator

    Company: Shanghai Fibretool

    A 650 nm VFL fault finding laser is an option for the FPM-380 optical power meter. Compared to a conventional VFL pen, advantages include less equipment to carry, long battery life and additional connector safety & flexibility. FEATURES; · Large LCD display with backlight function · The funation of both optical power meter and VFL · Compact size, Portable and rugged, Easy to use · Power supply: 3xAAA batteries or AC adapter power supply · Optional Interchangeable Universal 2.5&1.25mm adaptor · Please enquire for special options