Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • Bonding Ohmeters

    Company: AMPTEC Research

    bonding ohmmeter is an affordable, highly accurate, and intrinsically safe electrical bond tester. This meter is capable of performing bond measurements on a variety of components and metal-to-metal connections. The 620LK has been independently UL-913 certified, ensuring quality and safety at each step of manufacturing. Due to its safety certifications and high level of accuracy, the 620LK meter is the choice bond tester for many commercial airliners, while its sibling the 620UK-B is in countless USAF programs.


    Company: DURST Motor & Electric

    Our most populat unit with vented steel case, carry handle and rubber buffers. Separate analogue Volt and Amp meters for easy operation (digital meters optional). Accurate load current control incorporating heavy-duty carbon pile load rheostat. Cooling fan for reliable continuous use. Includes new flexible heavy duty cable with built-in volt trace wire for high accuracy

  • KDCG - Automobile Chassis Dynamometer

    Company: Zhonghang Electronic

    KDCG series automobile chasis dynamometer is used for testing chasis output power,driving force,speed,acceleration performance,coasting performance and accuracy of speed-meter and mileage meter of various vehicle.Equipped with fuel consumption meter,it can measure value of fuel comsumption and exhaust economic characteristic and environmental protection index and be widely applied in automobile maintenance factory.Automobile synthetic and safety performance inspection station.

  • TA-65 - Customer Acceptance Test Panel

    Company: Tech-Aid Products

    DGS-65 Customer Acceptance Panel for both testing and trouble- shooting. We have added an option to the panel that allows you to select an analog slaving meter or the LED monitor lights as shown in the maintenance manual Fig. 5-14. The addition of the meter provides the technician with a more visible means to monitor the slaving “trend”. The 50 pin DG connector is broken out on the panel to assist in monitoring or isolating unit signals.

  • DMS-30DR Series - DC Voltmeters

    Company: MeterCenter

    The DATEL DMS-30DR Series are the first digital panel meters to offer LED displays that are readable in direct sunlight—no special filters or shading devices are required. Their Autodim circuit automatically adjusts the display's brightness to suit viewing environments ranging from total darkness to full, brilliant sunlight. A user-accessible brightness adjustment pin enables custom intensity settings or display matching in multiple display applications. These meters require an external 5 Volts (typ.) for power.

  • 6000 Bird Dog Plus - CT Tester

    Company: Spinlab Utility Instrumentation

    This new and exciting true 3 phase Bird Dog Plus enables you to determine the accuracy of any meter in the field--from Form 1 through Form 17. Electronic sensors allow you to automate the test to gain the highest possible accuracy. The process is fast, simple, and much less expensive than a portable test board for the meter test and still perform ratio & burden tests on your CTs (CT Tester).

  • 7550 - Precision Current Shunt

    Company: Prodigit Electonics

    Model 7550 has five precision selectable Ultra stable Current Shunts which ranges from 0.001 to 10£[. The Shunt T/C is less than 10ppm, and the internal current meter will measures from 1mA to 250Amps. The Five selector switches, Shunts, Binding Post and the internal 4 1/2 Digit AC / DC Current Meter displays the respective shunt current. Adding an external DVM (with 5 1/2 digit or Higher) will increase both resolution and current reading accuracy. 

  • Power Transformer

    Company: Shanghai Himalayal

    Transformer turn ratio meter is special designed for power transformer (single phase & three phases) and instrument transformer testing, suitable for testing in substation, transformer manufacturer, meter manufacturer. It helps to detect faulty transformer winding and tap changer position. It’s fully automatic device, can recognizes winding connection and vector group number of transformer winding. The user only need connect measuring cable and press start button and come out the test result.

  • 860 DSPi - Portable Analyzer

    Company: Trilithic

    Portable cable analyzer and CATV meter with a built-in DOCSIS 3.0 modem for performing transmission and signal quality tests for analog and digital HSD and VoIP services. The 860 DSPi is a cable analyzer and CATV meter that performs transmission and signal quality tests for analog and digital HSD and VoIP services. Fast and powerful, Trilithic's popular 860 DSPi offers a versatile solution for your changing business needs.

  • OTH 2100 - Sub Testing System

    Company: Liverage

    The Optical Test Hub (OTH) is an instrument which provides an optical stable light sources and optical power meters. The universal main frame provides up to 36 Channels (OTH-2011), 20 Channels (OTH-1011), Mini OTH accordingly forinstalling power meter or light source module. The Optical Test Hub is ideal for field or laboratory testing of optical network testing by changing the interchangeable module.

  • L-398A - Studio Deluxe III

    Company: Sekonic

    The classic photo meter tracing its roots to the famous Norwood Director, the Sekonic L-398A has become a favorite with cinematographers the world over. A pure analog experience, the meter needle and exposure dial system gives you all reading combinations at a single glance. And because it uses an amorphous photocell that generates its own power, there is no need for a battery.

  • Hiresta - Surface & Volume High Resistivity for Nonconductive Materials

    Company: OAI

    The Hiresta Meter is an intelligent, highly precise high resistivity meter that quickly and accurately carries out measurements for various shapes and samples in the measurement range of 10+4 to 10+13 Ohms. It may be used for Production Engineering, Quality Control, and R & D. Excellent for testing or measuring a wide variety of materials, the instrument is available with circular twin and four point probes.

  • H60 - System Analyzer

    Company: Televés S.A.

    A meter conceived for professionals that know what they want. Functions for CATV systems, MATV systems and IRS systems done in coax or fibre. For free to air or encrypted programs, the H60 features unprecedented capacities for a meter of this size. There is simply no possible comparison with others, Capacity to measure any wanted signal or interference up to 3,3 GHz. The best way to analyze the TV or telephony (GSM or LTE/4G) equipment or installations.

  • YCS103 - Three Phase Power Source

    Company: Guangzhou GENY Electric

    Three Phase Power Source Output 3 ways of separate voltage and current signal, suit for testing three phase and single phase energy meter. Adopt digital synthesis technique and modularization design to meet with different customer's requirement. Suit for electric power departments, electric energy meter manufacturers, measuring and quality examining departments and the mining factories or enterprises.

  • 6003A - Three Phase Electrical Power Calibrator

    Company: Fluke Calibration

    The Fluke Calibration 6003A Three Phase Electrical Power Calibrator is the most cost-effective way to get the superior accuracy and performance of three independent phases in one instrument. It is an ideal solution for calibration laboratories, electronics manufacturers, electric utility meter shops, and other organizations that manufacture and maintain energy meters, power quality analyzers, and similar tools.