Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • CMR-I - Precision Electronically Compensated Current Transformer

    Company: Applied Precision

    Common Mode Rejecter for testing meters with interconnected current and voltage circuits - with Remote Load Management.The Precision Electronically Compensated Current Transformer CMR-I is a small-sized electronically compensated current transformer unit for isolated precision current transmission. The through-hole concept and single wire capability enable any user defined current ratio. The unit is dedicated for testing of electricity meters with closed current-potential circuits and for universal step-up/down current transformation applications with excellent accuracy and dynamics.

  • YCS103 - Three Phase Power Source

    Company: Guangzhou GENY Electric

    Three Phase Power Source Output 3 ways of separate voltage and current signal, suit for testing three phase and single phase energy meter. Adopt digital synthesis technique and modularization design to meet with different customer's requirement. Suit for electric power departments, electric energy meter manufacturers, measuring and quality examining departments and the mining factories or enterprises.

  • 6003A - Three Phase Electrical Power Calibrator

    Company: Fluke Calibration

    The Fluke Calibration 6003A Three Phase Electrical Power Calibrator is the most cost-effective way to get the superior accuracy and performance of three independent phases in one instrument. It is an ideal solution for calibration laboratories, electronics manufacturers, electric utility meter shops, and other organizations that manufacture and maintain energy meters, power quality analyzers, and similar tools.

  • Thermo-Pedometer

    Company: Extech Instruments

    Pocket-sized pedometer which offers 3D Sensor design for detecting motion regardless of orientation, as well as Temperature measurements! The fully loaded PD20 has many other functions including a Step Counter, Timer, Distance meter, Speedometer, Calorie Counter, Fat-Burning meter and Storage Memory. Complete with CR2032 battery, belt-clip and nylon case with window opening for display viewing.

  • LA-3001 - Test Kit

    Company: Walter G. LEGGE Co

    The Model LA-3001 Test Kit is designed to measure surface resistivity in ohms per square, point to point and resistance to ground in both 10v and 100v. The meter has both a easy to read colored scale and LED indicators. The Model LA-3001 Test Kit comes complete with a aluminium carrying case, meter, 2 x 5 Ib. weight, square probe and test leads.

  • H60 - System Analyzer

    Company: Televés S.A.

    A meter conceived for professionals that know what they want. Functions for CATV systems, MATV systems and IRS systems done in coax or fibre. For free to air or encrypted programs, the H60 features unprecedented capacities for a meter of this size. There is simply no possible comparison with others, Capacity to measure any wanted signal or interference up to 3,3 GHz. The best way to analyze the TV or telephony (GSM or LTE/4G) equipment or installations.

  • S10A - Portable Rest Test

    Company: Ponovo Power Co

    The S10A portable rest test set has integrated local control facility and large LCD display, no need to use external PC. The two rotating mouse and quick control buttons make it very quite to perform all complicated relay test works, such as distance relay, differential relay, df/dt relay, ramp, etc. The control software is easy to understand and operate, no much training is required. The high accuracy current outputs enable it even an possible to check indication meters, transducers and energy meters

  • SK1230 - UV & Solar Sales Demonstration Kit

    Company: EDTM

    Convince your customer to purchase your window instead of your COMPETITORS by using our UV & Solar Sales Presentation Kit. Offering a single source for convenient and convincing sales demonstrations, the kit includes locations for window samples, digital meters, lamps, product literature & more. Show your customer performance numbers they understand, by using our simple Solar Transmission (SP2065) and UV Transmission (UV1265) Meters.

  • Variable Area Flowmeters

    Company: Krohne

    The meters are equipped with glass or metal cones, depending on the application. The range of applications vary from small flow rates with controllers to process monitoring of fl ows in pipe sizes to DN 100. Variable area flowmeters are highly suitable for dry gases and steam. The standard meter, H250, from KROHNE is universally installed for gas measurement and thanks to a metal cone it is highly temperature, pressure and corrosion resistant.

  • HW-350 - Visual Fault Locator

    Company: Shanghai Fibretool

    A 650 nm VFL fault finding laser is an option for the FPM-380 optical power meter. Compared to a conventional VFL pen, advantages include less equipment to carry, long battery life and additional connector safety & flexibility. FEATURES; · Large LCD display with backlight function · The funation of both optical power meter and VFL · Compact size, Portable and rugged, Easy to use · Power supply: 3xAAA batteries or AC adapter power supply · Optional Interchangeable Universal 2.5&1.25mm adaptor · Please enquire for special options

  • Transformer Test Panel/ Setup

    Company: AJIT Electronics

    This is a common test panel for distribution/ power transformers of different specifications. The user can perform most of the factory tests, as per the relevant IS standard for the transformers. The panel consists of power analyser, meters for high voltage test, meters for induced voltage test etc, control for all the tests, protection and interlock circuits so that a single panel can be used to conduct a number of tests using only one dimmerstat and the associated devices

  • 7550 - Precision Current Shunt

    Company: Prodigit Electonics

    Model 7550 has five precision selectable Ultra stable Current Shunts which ranges from 0.001 to 10£[. The Shunt T/C is less than 10ppm, and the internal current meter will measures from 1mA to 250Amps. The Five selector switches, Shunts, Binding Post and the internal 4 1/2 Digit AC / DC Current Meter displays the respective shunt current. Adding an external DVM (with 5 1/2 digit or Higher) will increase both resolution and current reading accuracy. 

  • 860 DSPi - Portable Analyzer

    Company: Trilithic

    Portable cable analyzer and CATV meter with a built-in DOCSIS 3.0 modem for performing transmission and signal quality tests for analog and digital HSD and VoIP services. The 860 DSPi is a cable analyzer and CATV meter that performs transmission and signal quality tests for analog and digital HSD and VoIP services. Fast and powerful, Trilithic's popular 860 DSPi offers a versatile solution for your changing business needs.

  • Power Sensors

    Company: Telemakus

    Our power sensors are ideal for use in RF and microwave testing and prototype development. USB power sensors are capable of measuring peak power and average power of a power meter. An added benefit of our power meter sensors is that they are compact and portable. The sensors are powered by your computer’s USB port so setup is fast. To use, simply plug into your computer and your power measurements are determined by a free utility that runs on any XP or Vista PC.

  • ESP and ESP+ - Reflectometers

    Company: Eclypse International

    The Eclypse ESP and ESP+ Reflectometers are user friendly, menu driven meters designed to provide the operator with plain language displays describing the type [open or short] and location from the measurement point to the wiring fault. The ESP alphanumeric screen will not only display the status of your meter, but also give you step-by-step instructions to guide you through all operations.