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sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • 4 Acoustic Calibrator

    SV 34 - SVANTEK Sp. z o.o.

    SV 34 is a Class 2, single level acoustic calibrator designed to calibrate Class 2 sound level meters and noise dosimeters with1/2" microphones. Unlike many others, the robust housing of the calibrator gives comfort of a secure grip to its users. Similarly to other SVANTEK acoustic calibrators, the SV 34 does not require adjusting as it compensates automatically the temperature and humidity changes.

  • 4-Slot ExpressCard-To-PCI Expansion system

    ECS-8582-4S - ADLINK Technology Inc.

    Harnessing the bandwidth potential and convenience of ExpressCard technology, the ECS-8582-4S expansion system enables a laptop computer with an ExpressCard slot to remotely manage and control PCI devices installed in an expansion chassis. ExpressCard technology leverages the features of PCI Express bus but in a small form factor for laptop computer usage. With ECS-8582-4S, laptop users can easily plug an ExpressCard host adapter into the laptop, and then cable it to an expansion chassis up to 7 meters away. The expansion chassis is capable of accommodating four half-size PCI cards with built-in power supply.

  • 500 AMP Carbon Pile Load Tester

    710 - Electronic Specialties Inc.

    The #710 will perform variable load testing on 12 volt batteries rated as high as 1000 Cold Cranking Amps. Use this battery tester to simulate actual cranking loads. Also tests alternator charging voltage and relative starter current draw. The #710 features large dual meters to display the battery voltage and load current simultaneously, during the test.

  • 5/10A Phantom Loads

    462 Series - Red Phase Instruments Australia Pty Ltd.

    C.T. operated meter testing only requires a lightweight phantom load with a maximum output of 10A. There are 4 versions of the Model 462. The Model 462B is the lightest and lowest cost type with 1.0 and 0.5PF switching. The 462E can inject currents in 30º steps from 60º lead to 90º lag. This model can also be fitted, as an option, with 3 digital ammeters and a voltmeter switched between phases to monitor the outputs.


    B8562KIT - Botron Inc.

    100 volt LED ESD Audit kit, one B8562 megohmmeter, 2 5-lbs weights, 2 testleads and case. A 10 light Surface Resistivity Meter with 5 lbs weights that test at 100 volts. This portable test instrument provides both RTT (resistance top to top) and RTG (resistance top to ground) will measure a wide variety of static dissipative and conductive materials.

  • 10 MHz to 6 GHz/33 GHz LAN Power Sensor

    U2049XA - Keysight Technologies

    Wide dynamic range (-70 to +20 dBm) for small signal measurementsLAN/ Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) connectivity for long distance remote monitoring (up to 100 meter)TVAC compliant for operation in vacuumBest-in-class long term drift performanceInternal zero and automatic calibration saves time and reduces measurement uncertaintyEasy measurement start-up with new intuitive BenchVue software

  • AC Power Measurement and Logging

    WattNode® Logger for LonWorks® - Continental Control Systems LLC

    The WattNode Logger is a kilowatt hour (kWh) energy meter that communicates on a LonWorks network, and can log 24,000+ measurement records in non-volatile memory. The WattNode Logger measures 1, 2, or 3 phases with voltages from 120 to 600 volts alternating current (Vac) and 5 to 6,000 amps in delta (phase to phase) and wye (phase to neutral) configurations.

  • Addressable RS-422/485 to RS-232 Converter

    ADAM-4521-AE - B+B SmartWorx

    Automatic RS-485 data flow control1000 VDC isolation protectionSurge protection RS-485 data lineTransmission speed up to 115.2 KbpsNetworking up to 1200 meters (4000 feet)Reserved space for termination resistorsPower and data flow indicator for troubleshootingPower requirement: +10 to +30 VDCMounts easily on a DIN-rail, panel or piggybackRS-232 and RS-485 can be set to different baud ratesWatchdog timer functionSoftware confi gurable to either addressable or non-addressable modeAll communication setups stored in EEPROM

  • Anemometers


    If you want to keep your electrical equipment healthy and running, it is essential to monitor heating, ventilation, and air conditioning as well as the indoor air quality (HVAC/IAQ). Bioaerosols like dust mites and fungus, for example, can thrive in uncontrolled conditions and block HVAC ducts. Prevent your equipment from breaking down unnecessarily with an air flow meter from Beha-Amprobe.

  • Antenna Analyzer

    iP60z - iPortable

    The new iP60z iPortable™ Antenna SWR Analyzer is designed for field use. This compact battery powered unit has an easy to read frequency display and measures SWR and impedance in the HF Band and VHF 6 Meter band. The SWR readings quickly show you the actual VSWR measurement and Magnitude of the impedance (Z). This is the easiest way to adjust your portable or base station antenna to be best matched for your radio.

  • Pil Dielectric Test Sets

    DTS Series - High Voltage Inc.

    The DTS Series provides repeatable and accurate measurements of the breakdown voltage of insulating oils used in electrical equipment. The DTS-60D & DTS-100D offer 60 kV AC and 100 kV AC output respectively. They include three user-selectable, automatic voltage rates-of-rise, and automatic voltage shutdown with the meter indicating the flashover voltage. Various test cells are available.

  • Plastic optical fiber - Loss Test Set

    OFT-820 POF - OPTOKON a.s.

    The OFT-820 POF series Loss Test Set is designed for POF – Plastic optical fiber network testing. It combines two optical test equipments – Light Source and Power Meter in the same box. The optical Light Source fulfills all the necessary technical requirements for field POF network measurements. The source sends optical light into both fibers of duplex output...

  • Pocket-In Tester

    DR-770 - Daerim Electronics Co.

    Since DR-770 contains 'M Ohms meter' for checking insulation resistance, telephone linemen can independently and efficiently find out line condition(faults) without help of CO test room.Its mini size and hands free function can let linemen use both hands on poles or in manholes, enhancing lineman's safety, working efficiency and easiness to carry.

  • Optical 3D Scanner

    ATOS Core - GOM GmbH

    ATOS Core is the specialist for the three-dimensional measurement of small components up to 500 millimeters in size. The sensor forms the basis for a diverse range of measuring tasks – from simple 3D scanning to fully automated measurement and inspection processes. The ATOS Core is used for the three-dimensional measurement of small and medium-sized objects such as ceramic cores, and cast or plastic parts. To capture also large objects of several meters in optimal workflows, the ATOS Core can be easily combined with digital photogrammetry of GOM's optical 3D coordinate measuring machine TRITOP.

  • Optical light source

    FTTX 830 series - OPTOKON a.s.

    The LS 830 FTTX optical Light Source is designed for simultaneous three wavelength testing of optical lines, specially in FTTX projects. It combines 1310 nm, 1550 nm and 1490 nm output wavelengths at one output port. In cooperation with PM 830 FTTX power meter it allows simultanously measurement and display of all three wavelengths. If required it is possible to measure at one or two...