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  • Series K7V3 - Three Phase Kilowatt Hour / kW Demand Power Quality Analyzer

    Company: National Meter Industries

    Series K7V3 three phase kWh and kW Demand Power Quality Analyzers are processor based (driven by firmware) for metering electrical usage in commercial, industrial, military and / or institutional facilities. Using 25 PPM Mill Spec components these meters are +/- 0.2% accurate through a wide temperature range. All readings are stored in a RAM chip, without the use of batteries. All readings are direct read, without the use of multipliers. The maximum demand value is reset using a keyed switch.

  • 484 - Three Phase Voltage And Current Phantom Load

    Company: Red Phase Instruments

    Suited to heavy duty workshop testing of meters up to 150A, this Model is conveniently housed in two separate voltage and current units. Voltage unit: The unit is powered from a 3 phase 4 wire 220/380V supply. The output voltage is individually switch selectable per element. The test output voltage is switch selectable in three ranges (70V, 127V and 220V) and directly switchable to 90%, 100% and 110% of the selected range.

  • 50A-3PH - Three Phase Current Injection System

    Company: T&R Test Equipment

    The unit has a range of outputs allowing injection of currents as low as a few mA and as high as 50A. Voltages up to 18V are available on the main outputs. Three true RMS metering ranges are provided, allowing the full scale of the meter and trip level to be set independently of the selected output. Industry standard safety connectors are used on all inputs and outputs for convenience, reliability and safety.

  • Astral Series S - Thermal Detectors Calorimeter

    Company: Scientech

    These hardy systems consist of a handheld meter and your choice of either highly sensitive, silicon, optical detectors or thermal detectors which can yield either watt or joule measurements. Also the thermal detectors vary in aperture size from 25mm to 200mm in diameter. Utilizing intelligent sensor detector technology, these easy-to-use handy systems will provide you with an excellent value-based system.

  • Photometers

    Company: Sapphire Technical

    The PHOTO-100 Series of extremely accurate Ethernet data servers apply a very precise silicon sensor, precision amplifier system, scaling network, & on-board computer, producing digital photometric measurements under control of its host. Supports a wide measurement & dynamic range spanning 5 milli-cd to 5 mega-cd @ 100ft ( 30.5 meters ) in six-decades. Supports standard 100base-T Ethernet, and utilizes a wide range of accessories & attachments for a wide range of applications. The photometer module is powered with Direct Current to reduce the effects of conducted electrical noise.

  • OFT-820 POF - Plastic optical fiber - Loss Test Set

    Company: Optokon A.s.

    The OFT-820 POF series Loss Test Set is designed for POF – Plastic optical fiber network testing. It combines two optical test equipments – Light Source and Power Meter in the same box. The optical Light Source fulfills all the necessary technical requirements for field POF network measurements. The source sends optical light into both fibers of duplex output...

  • Power Inverters

    Company: Whistler

    1200 Watts Continuous - 2400 Watts Peak Power3 AC Outlets - 2 USB Ports for powering/charging devices such as game systems, laptops, and moreDigital Volt/Watt Meter for monitoring power usageThermostat Controlled Fan and Overload IndicatorElectronic Circuit Protection which includes: Smart Surge Control, Overload/Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, and Thermal Cutoff

  • Rangefinder

    Company: Opti-Logic

    All of our Insight Laser Rangefinders are easy to use instruments, designed to be incorporated in a variety of different applications. With a ranging ability from 4-1000 yards (meters) depending on model, each unit allows rapid, accurate range determination of the acquired target with single touch operation in about a second giving you the opportunity to make accurate judgments for all ranging applications. Each unit displays range data using both an internal LED and external LCD simultaneously.

  • SUBNET SEL - Relay Data Emulator™

    Company: SUBNET Solutions

    SUBNET SEL Relay Data Emulator Software can automatically learn a SEL relay’s communication capabilities. SUBNET SELRDE Software can then be directly substituted for the physical SEL relay to safely and reliably commission relay communications. Effortlessly change target and meter data through SUBNET SELRDE Software without the inconvenience or risk of physically jumpering contacts or using expensive and often unavailable test sets to directly inject voltage/current.

  • SFJ018 - Relay Protection Test Cabinet

    Company: Shanghai Launch Electric

    SFJ018 relay protection test cabinet uses double carbon brushes regulator, big buttons for regulating AC/DC voltage, current under large loading, small buttons for regulating AC/DC voltage, current under small loading,. The two output channels could work simultaneously. It also take use of digital meters of Grade 0.5, sensor of high accuracy, six digital display stop watch, satisfying requirements for time measurement.

  • Sensor Carrier Demodulators

    Company: Validyne Engineering

    Ideal for use in R & D labs, medical laboratories, and field use. The compact instrument accurately displays the transducer signal on its integral 5-inch analog meter, as well as providing two analog outputs, one of which is controlled by the suppression circuitry. A suppression circuit is incorporated into the CD12 to critically observe signal deviations around a reference level. Input signals can be suppressed from 0 to 10 Vdc in either a positive or negative direction using a single multi-turn dial.

  • Robustness of Terminations Tester

    Company: King Design Industrial

    1. Tester: 2080W (can be extended to 3070) x 2020Hmm aluminum rack: table surface is padded by slip-stop pad.2. Air-electrical combination torque mechanism: pneumatic pump: 1hp; air pressure: 6kg/cm2; circuit & pneumatic control system.3. Torque control system: left, right & front spinning motor; positioning and rotating arm.4. Tension force corrector: pneumatic cylinder and torque meter.5. Accept customized order.

  • SCCH - Salt Fog Chambers

    Company: Singleton

    Seamless, oven-cured vinyl lining for maximum service life and corrosion resistanceClear acrylic cover optimizes test observation.Individual temperature display for Dry Bulb, Wet bulb and Humidifying tower.Internally-baffled Opti-fog® tower for uniform atmosphere and efficient solution usage.Air Flow Meter - Convenient indication of Opti-fog® performance without waiting hours for collection rates.Level-Matic® Reservoir Assembly Automatically maintains proper solution levels to Opti-fog® and Humidifying Tower.Standard operating temperature of ambient to 120°F/49°C (higher temps optional)Fully tested and certified prior to shipment.

  • Remote Interface Unit

    Company: Group3 Technology

    A perfect accessory to your existing DTM-151-S teslameter. You can now monitor your DTM operation from a distance (30 meters maximum) using this unit that connects to a Group3-enabled tablet PC monitor using the Group3 simplex fibre optic cable. It''s basically an extension of your display plus more features at your fingertips.

  • PMK-151 - Resistance System Kit

    Company: Prostat

    The PMK-151 Basic Measurement Kit has all the functionality of the PMK-152, but adds computer downloading capabilities. It contains all the instruments you need to take a variety of resistance measurements.The PMK-151 includes Prostat's PRS-801 Resistance Set with modified 5 pound conductive rubber electrodes, the PRS-801 wide range resistance meter, and Prostat PRS-801 Connectivity software for computer data downloading. You can take measurements at 10 and 100 volts with accuracy within ±5%.