Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • 3360F Series - High Voltage DC Load

    Company: Prodigit Electonics

    5 digit V/A/W Meter? Power ON status can be set? High-speed measurement and communication transmission? CC, CR, CV, CP, Dynamic and Short operation mode? Large LCD Display?setting values can be adjusted by rotary knob or push button? SHORT time setting? Voltage ?Current and Watt value can be displayed simultaneously? Protections against V,I,W, and ?? 150 sets Store/Recall memory

  • UFC Series - Ultrasonic Flow Converters

    Company: Acam-messelectronic

    Ultrasonic flow meters for heat, water and gas get more and more popular. From the beginning acam TDC products successfully solved the time-of-flight measurement task in those applications. With the UFC family acam provides solutions that extend the pure time measurement functionality. The flow measurement part of the electronics can be designed in a very compact manner as the main elements of the analog frontend like comparator and temperature measurement are already integrated into the UFC.

  • PowerCost Series - Wireless Energy Monitoring Solution

    Company: Blue Line Innovations

    The PowerCost Series system is a wireless energy monitoring solution. Your energy usage data is transmitted in real-time from your electricity meter via the Blue Line optical sensor and sent to your portable In-Home Display and via the WiFi Bridge to your Energy Cloud account. You can monitor usage remotely on-line as well manage your energy use.

  • 1B-HDMI-W-TX/RX - Wireless HDMI Video Transport

    Company: QuestTel

    QuestTel''s long range wireless HDMI Transmitter/Receiver kit fully compliant with HDCP, extends high definition audio and video to any HDTV display up to 650 feet (up to 200 meters). It supports HD resolutions up to 1080p. Wirelessly transmit the HDMI signal to any HDTV over the AIR, it also supports IR remote control function to control source device content from long distance.

  • ZigBee Family - Wireless Protocol Analyzers

    Company: Perytons Ltd

    Protocol Analyzers wireless product line is an indispensable sniffing and analysis tool for ZigBee. This helps in their development, integration, installation, monitoring, and troubleshooting processes. Whether involved in applications like Automatic Meter Reading or Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMR, AMI), Smart Energy, Smart Metering, Home Automation, Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems as well as other mesh wireless sensor networks and Internet of things (IOT) related environments, the Perytons Protocol Analyzers are critical for all stages of a product's development cycle and contribute to a smooth network operation.

  • Workhorse Quartermaster

    Company: Teledyne RD Instruments

    RDI's 150 kHz QuarterMaster ADCP has been designed to fill a gap between our 300 kHz Workhorse ADCPs and our 75 kHz Workhorse Long Ranger. This unit offers an extended current profiling range over our higher frequency units, in our proven Long Ranger configuration. The Quartermaster is ideally suited for applications in which you're interested in measuring the top 300 meters of the water column. The highly versatile QuarterMaster can also be upgraded to include our bottom tracking option.

  • Turbine Logging System

    Company: Banair

    This Turbine Overspeed Trip Logging system has been developed to check the operation of steam turbines. The speed of the turbine is monitored using an optical sensor, the logging system can be mounted up to 30 meters from the sensor. This allows the overspeed trip speed to be monitored and recorded with greater safety that using a simple tachometer. The results are logged together with time and date stamp so that it can be demonstrated that the test has been carried out.

  • Turbidity / Chlorine

    Company: Sper Scientific

    Turbidity (undissolved solids) is an important measure of water quality in environmental testing, wastewater, petrochemical, beverage industry, and electroplating. Water chlorination is the process of adding chlorine (Cl2) to water as a method of water purification to make it fit for human consumption as drinking water. Sper Scientific offers Turbidity and Chlorine meters that meet the EPA method 330.5 for waste water and standard method 4500-CI G for drinking water and the ISO 7027 standards.

  • RM 1 - Tube Tester / Tube Checker

    Company: Beck Elektroakustik

    Using the RM 1 Tube Checker it is immediately possible to do an exact plate current measurement without doing the often very toilsome procedures mostly necessary with classical devices. Put the electron tube, which should be measured, simply into the accordingly marked test socket, switch the equipment on, select the socket by using the rotary switch (it is indicated by a LED), wait for approx. three minutes till the tube is working stabile and read off the value on the panel meter.

  • Transformer Test Bench

    Company: Wuhan Huatian Electric

    This product meets the national standard: GB/T4776,GB/T5169,GB/4285. This product mainly used for transformer, load & no-load substation transformer characteristics, also can do double frequency induction and voltage withstand tests. The measuring parts of the device are imported from foreign countries, digital display, the on-load, short circuit data are sampled by single clip, avoid the error caused by voltmeter, ammeter , watt meter separately reading and calculated by people using traditional methods.


    Company: Hipotronics Incorporated

    A close collaboration with major transformer manufacturers has lead to the new Tettex 2796 Transformer Turns Ratio Meter. The Transformer Test Equipment instrument combines mobility and user friendly handling with unmatched accuracy of up to 0.03%. The higher test voltage of 250V, together with the high precision, assures authentic results especially on large power transformers. Advanced analysis features like trending allow the user to detect problems at an early stage.

  • USB Power Sensor

    Company: Keysight Technologies

    Keysight USB power sensors offer the capability to measure peak and average power of a power meter in a compact and portable form factor. Setup is fast and easy with the plug-and-play USB connectivity. Simply connect the sensor to your PC and start performing power measurement immediately with the N1918A power analysis manager software. . With Keysight’s USB power sensors, you get what you need— simple setup, beyond just a sensor.

  • 2226 - USB HD-SDI Audio/Video Codec

    Company: Sensoray Co.

    High profile H.264 HD/SD encoding and decoding Transport stream format HD (1080i, 720p) and SD (NTSC, PAL) Audio on SDI or external Audio level meter Blu-ray compatible HD/SD uncompressed frame snapshot capture Full screen 16-bit color graphics and text overlays with transparency Low latency uncompressed preview stream

  • Voltmeters

    Company: AMPTEC Research

    ARC Flash No Volts Meter is an ultra-safe portable digital voltmeter. It can provide testing of voltage on firing and related system lines. The 620EXV is certified to meet USA MIL. STD. 810 MTD. 511, therefore compliant for use in explosive atmospheres. This product will accurately inform its operator using red and green lights (which can be set to custom levels) to indicate whether or not the voltage level conforms.

  • Water Quality Handhelds

    Company: Xylem Analytics UK

    Single and Multiparameter meters that provide extreme flexibility for the measurement of a variety of combinations for dissolved oxygen, conductivity, specific conductance, salinity, resistivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, ORP, pH/ORP combination, ammonium (ammonia), nitrate, chloride and temperature. Multiple sensor options with brands from YSI, SIA, WTW, and Global water, Xylem Analytics has the handheld instrument to meet your needs.