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  • MYN - Thyristor regulated power supply

    Company: FuG Elektronik GmbH

    Simple construction Extremely robust High efficiency Short circuit proof and unlimited operation with full current in short circuit condition Voltage and current regulation with automatic and sharp transition; control mode indicated by LEDs Voltage and current setting with 10-turn potentiometers with precision scale; the adjusting knob can be locked 3 digit DVM for voltage and current Limitation of inrush current on switching on Suitable for inductive and capacitive loads Interlock loop to monitor the external load and internal loop as a standard Elapsed-hour meter as a standard

  • Fixed Attenuators

    Company: ZTS Technologies

    Coaxial fixed attenuators are used for absorbing energy of transmission line, expanding power range and controlling power level, they are also used in accurately measuring power or spectrum of RF microwave transmitters accompany with small power meter, comprehensive tester or spectrum analyzer.ATS serial coaxial fixed attenuators featured with wide frequency band, low VSWR, flat attenuation value, excellent capacity in anti-pulse and anti-burnout etc.

  • 13138 - LANtest Network/Modular Cable Test Kit

    Company: C2G Lastar

    Test cable installations up to 200 meters (656 feet). The simplest and most affordable wire-mapping device for networking cables available on the market. Use it to read the actual wiring configuration for Cat5, coaxial and modular telephone cables by comparing one transmitting end to another receiving end. Easy verification for cabling faults including discontinuity, open wires, shorts, miswiring and crossed pairs is quickly detected with the LANtest's unique LED display. Can also test the grounding. Perform all the above tests on installed cables with the included remote terminator.

  • 39004 - SOHOTest-E - Residential Cable Tester

    Company: C2G Lastar

    The SOHOTest-E (Small Office Home Office) tester is an economic solution to test the most commonly used cables in residential wiring, those with f-type and RJ45 connectors. Use this handy tester to determine wiring faults in network, phone and cable TV cables before or after installation in cable installations up to 200 meters (656 feet). Has a compact, lightweight design with a small form factor of 2in x 3in x 1in. Uses a pass/fail coaxial test. Includes a remote unit for single person testing.

  • GFL3000 - Ground Fault Locator

    Company: Armada Technologies

    The GFL3000 is designed to pinpoint nicks or cuts in direct buried underground cables or wires where voltage is leaking to ground. The GFL3000 transmits a powerful pulsed charge that is detected by the receiver at the top of the A-Frame. The receiver has an analog meter that kicks in the direction of ground faults. Following these kicks will quickly lead you to the exact location where electrical voltage is being lost to ground.

  • Motor Stator Test System

    Company: Chroma Systems Solutions

    The new Chroma 1920 integrates several of Chroma's best instruments: the Chroma Wound Component EST Analyzer Model 19036, equipped with AC & DC Hi-Pot testing, insulation resistance measurement, 4-terminal DC resistance measurement, and impulse winding test capabilities with 10 ports for scanning; the Chroma LCR Meter Model 3252 for Ls/Q and winding phase measurement; a vacuum system and a test fixture. It also includes standard software for system control and test data collection.

  • I-FORCE Positioners - Ironless Motor Positioners

    Company: Compumotor Division

    Ironless Motor Positioners. Six different product series with configurable options for "best fit" linear motor solution. I Force Ironless design for maximum efficiency, patented, RE34674. Standard Travel lengths up to 3 meters with easy customization. Cable track options accommodate customer payload tubes and cables along with motor and encoder cables

  • BLMA - Linear Actuator

    Company: Compumotor Division

    Linear Actuator. With travels up to 6.3 meters the BLMA120 linear motor actuator brings direct drive performance to the 'industrial' actuator world. An integral linear encoder and pre-loaded wheel bearings are protected by a standard strip seal for industrial environments. The 'BLAM' packs an impressive 386 pounds of peak thrust and offers impressive dynamic performance and settling times at any travel.

  • HLE-RB Spliced - High Speed, Belt Driven Linear Modules

    Company: Compumotor Division

    HLE-RB high speed, belt driven linear modules are offered with standard travels up to 7.9 meters. Longer travels can be easily achieved by splicing several HLE extruded housings together. Splice plate assemblies enable travels to extend significantly beyond the standard range which is limited by extrusion length. Design concepts and factory installation expertise combine to produce perfectly spliced units which are easily recreated on site.

  • ST2303 - Test Analyzer

    Company: Shenzhen Star Instrument

    The ST2303 three-phase energy meter field test analyzer reaches accuracy class 0.05. It generates stable signals by using ARM and digital signal processing technologies. Its highlights include compactness, light weight and portability. Various supply options, including measuring circuit, external AC power supply and internal lithium battery are offered.

  • R4K-36 Series - Palm-top DC Power Supply

    Company: Matsusada Precision

    R4K-36 series is the most compact power supply among the family of ultra compact bench-top DC supply, RK series. In addition to its impressive compact size, 4-digit voltage and current meters make circuit testing easier. With capability of digital interface, it is also ideal for production line of electrical components and for quality inspection. R4K-36 is an innovative power supply, and more than just an ordinary DC regulated supply.

  • RK Series - Compact High Power Supply with Power Factor Correction

    Company: Matsusada Precision

    Design of high power of 400 W in such compact and portable size is ideal for various testing on your bench top. It has individual 4-digits meters and rotary encoder for both voltage and current for more operability. With power factor correction and worldwide input features, you can set up RK power supply anywhere without the concern for an AC outlet's voltage or power consumption.

  • SmartClass™ Fiber MPOLx - Optical Loss Test Set

    Company: Viavi Solutions

    The MPOLx provides a source and power meter that integrate essential MPO test capabilities together to ensure a fast and reliable workflow when testing and certifying network links with native MPO connectivity. With the MPOLx, field technicians can perform all the necessary test requirements for Tier 1 (Basic) certification in a single solution: Measure MPO length, Measure optical loss, Check polarity, Inspect fiber end faces, Generate certification reports.


    Company: ETAS GmbH

    The AWS2 Signal Conditioning Unit is an excellent choice for Air/Fuel ratio measuring. It is a cost-effective alternative for those applications where our high-precision Lambda Meter LA3/LA4 is not required. Its compact size and light weight make the AWS2 ideally suited for on-board diagnostic systems or test bench use. Additionally, the AWS2 can be used for continuous measurements to determine the sensor accuracy and for map optimization.

  • UMX-2 - Thickness Gauges

    Company: Dakota Ultrasonics

    UMX-2 underwater material and coating thickness gauge, designed for offshore inspections, and rated to a depth of 1000 feet (300 meters). The UMX-2 is very versatile, offering both Dual & Single element transducers. Equipped with multiple measurement mode options, the UMX-2 will meet all your application requirements. Onboard 5,000 point data logger, all UMX-2 settings stored for each measurement, along with an actual A-Scan waveform.