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  • Millivolt Drop Tester

    Company: Crest Technology

    The Millivolt Drop Tester is a powerful, digital micro-ohm meter consisting of a 4 & 1/2 digit display, an in-built 100A continuous DC source, no ON-OFF duty cycle, and ability to measure contact resistances of a variety of test objects like circuit breakers, isolators, bus-bars, cables. Thus MVT is an ideal preventive maintenance tool for measuring critical resistances.

  • Water Level Indicators

    Company: Integrated Geo Instruments

    Water Level Indicators with counter mechanism is a very handy device to quickly check the level of water in open wells and in bore wells. A sensor attached to the end of a cable, wound on a winch is lowered in to the well over a calibrated wheel attached to the counter mechanism. The moment the sensor touches the water surface, a panel meter on the winch which is on the ground shows full deflection with buzzer sound. The depth to the water level from the ground can be read off in metric scale on the counter.

  • Concrete Analysis

    Company: Hong Kong Joint Stars

    Moisture meter for walls and floors is a high-performance and digital moisturetesting equipment firstly launched in our country by our company based on introduction of foreignadvanced technology. The instrument is widely used in rendering of paints, flooring installation, floorconstruction, building, leakage inspection and repairing of houses, chimney cleaning, indoor and outdoordecoration and other industries requiring quick measurement of moisture, such as moisturemeasurement of walls, cement floor, wall tiles, marble, gypsum board, concrete, etc.

  • JW3319PLC - Bare Optical Splitter Ddevice Test System

    Company: Shanghai Joinwit

    bare optical splitter device test system designed to address the current PLC bare device test facing low test efficiency, high cost of testing, testing and other difficult issues. PLC provides a new testing program. The system combines a sophisticated platform, high-speed polarization controller, high-speed optical power meter advantage and optimized control algorithm, greatly reduces test time and lower test costs, improve product testing efficiency, and increase the level setting.

  • LV 5838 - Audio Monitor

    Company: Leader Electronics

    The LV 5838 is an audio monitor for audio console and master monitoring. It measures audio signals that are embedded in 3G, HD, and SD-SDI signals and AES/EBU signals.It can display loudness measurements, level meters, Lissajous curves, surround sound fields, and audio status independently or in combination.All errors and events can be logged with local time information or time code information that is embedded in video signals.Logs can be stored in external storage media.

  • DON-H - Oval Gear Flowmeter for High Pressures

    Company: Kobold Instruments

    The DON-H Series high-pressure oval gear positive-displacement flowmeters are the preferred choice for measuring clean, high and low viscosity liquids such as lubricating/hydraulic oils, diesel fuels, chemicals, solvents, resins and pastes. This flowmeter uses 2 precision-machined oval gears which allow for a very specific volume of liquid to pass through the meter with each rotation. These gears enable the DON-H flowmeters to precisely measure liquid flow over a very wide viscosity range.

  • LB679A - USB Pk, Pulse, and Average Wide Dynamic Range Power Sensor

    Company: LadyBug Technologies

    The LB679A is a 50 MHz to 20 GHz USB power sensor/meter capable of measuring peak, pulse, and average power within a 10 MHz video bandwidth. With a VSWR of 1.20:1 and operation over a wide -40 dBm to +20 dBm, it offers users a high performance peak power measurement solution at a much lower cost than traditional peak power meters.

  • Environmental Optical Test System (ETOS)

    Company: JGR Optics

    Based on the same technology as the industry leading MS12 Return Loss Meter, the EOTS Environmental Optical Test System provides a fully integrated solution for long-term IL and RL testing of optical components. accurately verify component’s compliance to Telcordia and Verizon FOC requirements. With a capacity of up to 210 channels and the support for single-mode or multimode devices, the EOTS Environmental Optical Test System is the perfect tool to test a broad range of components used in transmission networks.

  • Compact Ultra-high Resolution Spectrum Analyzer for Laser characterization

    Company: Resolution Spectra

    SWIFTS™ technology is fundamentally a high-performance solution and an integrated solution, not a compromise between the two. Based on SWIFTS™ technology, our spectrometers combine unique features: excellent absolute accuracy of a multi-avelength meter: down to 650 MHz. Ultra-high spectral resolution of a laser spectrum analyzer with 6 GHz. Access to unprecedented high measurement rate: up to 30,000 Hz. Those innovative instruments are mainly dedicated to the characterization of narrow-linewidth lasers in VIS-NIR (630-1083 nm range), pulsed and CW.

  • Resistance

    Company: Haefely Hipotronics

    HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS Resistance Meters includes both high voltage megohmmeters for isolating resistance as well as highly accurate micro ohmmeters for particular applications like high inductive or low resistive test objects . Our high voltage Megohmmeters measures the insulation resistance of transformers, motors, generators, switchgear, bushings, etc. . Whether you are testing insulation resistance in the field, factory, or lab, we have a test equipment for you.

  • Sensors

    Company: Shimpo Instruments

    SHIMPO INSTRUMENTS offers a variety of sensors and rotary pulse generators to send various trigger signals to panel tachometers, counters and stroboscopes. When coupled with the appropriate SHIMPO panel meter or stroboscope, our sensors can be used in many different operating environments from laboratory to hazardous Class I -Group C&D and Class II- Group E, F, & G.

  • DR-770 - Pocket-In Tester

    Company: Daerim Electronics

    Since DR-770 contains 'M Ohms meter' for checking insulation resistance, telephone linemen can independently and efficiently find out line condition(faults) without help of CO test room.Its mini size and hands free function can let linemen use both hands on poles or in manholes, enhancing lineman's safety, working efficiency and easiness to carry.

  • Acoustic Camera

    Company: Norsonic AS

    Norsonic has the world’s most compact and performing acoustic camera for its size: the Nor848A-0,4 equipped with 128 microphones on a 0.4 meter surface. The weight is only 2.5 kg. The array is equipped with two handles for easy handheld operation. The small size make it possible to operate close to the source and in areas with limited space. With excellent high frequency resolution it is the perfect choice for searching for squeak and rattle noises and other abnormal noises

  • BVC-700A - Whole Cell Clamp

    Company: DAGAN

    Operates as both a Bridge Current Clamp and a Continuous Voltage Clamp Amplifier. Small Box Probe in five current ranges with automatic decimal point selector on meterGated Independent Step Command current or voltage generator with a three digit digital push wheel programming dial.LED indicator lights for headstage multiplier and meter modeBuzz control to facilitate cell penetrationSmall size takes up less rack space, yet is uncluttered, easy to use, with well defined controls  Optional 1000 Gain AC Coupled Headstage for extracellular recording

  • FlashLink BLE - Data Loggers

    Company: DeltaTRAK

    Monitor temperature and locationTracks route and conditions inside vehicles during deliveryTracks conditions in storage, processing and packing facilitiesView data on mobile device up to ~100 feet / 30 meters awayNo need to open doors and locate logger for downloadingWirelessly transmits data to smart devices with appCustomize settings: ID/name, logging interval, high/low alarm limitsEmail PDF and CSV reports from mobile device and web appData stored in a cloud-based applicationAnalyze information from any web enabled device to make cold chain management decisions