Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • Barometers

    Company: Control Company

    Ideal for recording ambient changes in lab, monitoring conditions affecting sample analysis, and assisting in prediction of weather changesUnit includes a barometer, thermometer, clock, altitude adjustment, and weather symbol forecasting symbolsAdjustable altitude compensation from –900 to 3600 feet (–300 to 1200 meters)Barometric trend shows current reading, previous 1, 3, 6, and 12-hour readings in bar chart f

  • Model M30 - Bearing Tester

    Company: Wenesco

    Bearing Tester shown with a partial selection of available blocks. Testing results are displayed on the analog meter within 15 seconds. HOW IT WORKS: The bearing is simply inserted into a block which holds the bearing in position for testing. You then manually move the motorized spinning rubber cone into the inner race, which spins the bearing at about 3000 rpm.

  • 460 Series - Bench Thermometers

    Company: Doric Instruments

    The Series 460 measures and displays accurate temperatures reliably and repeatedly. Sensor input types are selectable from a smooth, environmentally protected front panel keypad. Choose either Model 460, a 4-digit resolution meter, or Model 461, a higher resolution 5-digit instrument. With either model, you can add a variety of input options to tailor the instrument precisely to your needs. 

  • PST-500 - Battery Load Tester

    Company: Schumacher Electric

    500 Amp Carbon Pile Charging System Analyzer for 12 Volt Battery Systems • Variable load carbon pile tester offers maximum accuracy when performing battery load tests • Separate voltmeter and ammeter– allow easy viewing and understanding of battery test results • Color coded, temperature compensation pass/fail bands on volt meter • Tests batteries up to 1000 CCA

  • MEGA-CHECK Pocket - Coating Thickness Gauge

    Company: List Magnetik GmbH

    The new MEGA-CHECK Pocket coating thickness gauges use digital measuring probes in which the analog signals are digitized directly in the probe and transmitted over the digital probe cable to the meter. This new technology is very trouble-free and allows for very accurate, repeatable measurements. The probe cable is both sides (control unit and probe) and is therefore extremely easy, because if a cable breaks, the cable must only be replaced in case. The practical format of the housing with rubber reinforced sides, is hardly bigger than the probe.

  • Compact Ultra-high Resolution Spectrum Analyzer for Laser characterization

    Company: Resolution Spectra

    SWIFTS™ technology is fundamentally a high-performance solution and an integrated solution, not a compromise between the two. Based on SWIFTS™ technology, our spectrometers combine unique features: excellent absolute accuracy of a multi-avelength meter: down to 650 MHz. Ultra-high spectral resolution of a laser spectrum analyzer with 6 GHz. Access to unprecedented high measurement rate: up to 30,000 Hz. Those innovative instruments are mainly dedicated to the characterization of narrow-linewidth lasers in VIS-NIR (630-1083 nm range), pulsed and CW.

  • Compact Inspection Camera

    Company: General Tools & Instruments

    Fits in your pocket or clips on your beltAffordable1 meter drop-proofLong, thin camera-tipped probe with excellent depth of field penetrates tight, hard-to-reach spacesProbe is waterproof, holds its configured shape, and coils inside clamshell case for storageFour camera-lighting LEDs produce bright, crisp video on large color LCDFour screen controlsFour useful probe tip accessories (pickup hook, magnetic pickup, 45 mirror, thread protector)

  • RK Series - Compact High Power Supply with Power Factor Correction

    Company: Matsusada Precision

    Design of high power of 400 W in such compact and portable size is ideal for various testing on your bench top. It has individual 4-digits meters and rotary encoder for both voltage and current for more operability. With power factor correction and worldwide input features, you can set up RK power supply anywhere without the concern for an AC outlet's voltage or power consumption.

  • Clampmeters

    Company: Shanghai Yi Hua V&A

    New intelligent clamp meter support more availability measure function and safety protection:CAT.IV and waterproof(IP65)extend your measure environment.Up to 2000A current measurements update your measure range.Off-line data logger support up to 10,000 point record.Bluetooth wireless connection with PC for analysis and record data is expediently.Wave view can analyze the instantaneous signal and load state.Voltage and Current both measure and display same time.Power measure support VA, W, Var, PF and more.

  • Calibration Laboratory’s Quality System

    Company: Solar Light Company

    Our products are recommended for annual calibration to maintain Good Laboratory Practice. Solar Light meters and detectors should be calibrated annually and light sources should be cleaned and aligned annually.Our calibration laboratory’s Quality System is compliant to ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994.72 hour Expedited Calibration Service – For an additional 50% you can have your instrument(s) calibrated and shipped with 72 hours of reaching our door. Inquire about receiving expedited calibrations or just send your unit to us with expedited calibration service on the PO or shipping label.

  • LIRA Portable - Cable Condition Monitoring & Assessment Tool

    Company: Wirescan As

    LIRA Portable is a unique Cable Condition Monitoring & Assessment Tool that provides valuable information of the condition of your cables. By using the non-destructive LIRA test method, LIRA Portable can measure all kinds of electrical cables, ranging from less than 50 meters to several hundred kilometers. LIRA Portable is sensitive to small impedance changes in the insulation material, which allows an early indication of challenging areas, detecting and localizing single and multiple faults/damages/failures and their severity.

  • LIRA Acquire - Cable Condition & Fault Locator

    Company: Wirescan As

    The LIRA Acquire is the all new data collecting hardware from Wirescan. The unit is small in size, flexible in use and provides measurement data to any computer running the LIRA software.LIRA Acquire together with the LIRA software provides a powerful cable condition assessment and fault location tool, suitable for almost any electrical cable design ranging from less than 50 meters to hundreds of kilometers.

  • Automated Laser Test System

    Company: AB Controls

    Motorized and pneumatic actuators were used for placement and actuation of sensors and measurement devices. LabVIEW and TestStand were used in unison to create a flexible system that gives the end user the flexibility for modifying many test variables, including timing, and pass/fail criteria, etc. These systems integrate various measurement and profiling devices including: an Agilent functions generator, a Tektornix oscilloscope, a Cognex Vision System, a Spiricon Laser Beam Profiler, an Ophir laser power meter.

  • LTS-1500 - Automated Fibre Loss Test Set

    Company: Scitec Instruments

    The LTS-1500 is a small, rugged automated fiber optic loss test set that characterises singlemode fiber links at wavelengths of 1310, 1490 and 1550 nm. It is comprised of a sensitive InGaAs based optical power meter calibrated at six wavelengths with better than -75 dBm noise level plus a stabilised laser light source with up to three selectable wavelengths.

  • CoRx-Tester - Automated Coherent Receiver Tester

    Company: Coherent Solutions

    Providing you automated measurement of key coherent receiver performance parameters.The CoRx-Tester is comprised of a pre-configured MTP1000 chassis, a two channel LaserBlade, a PolBlade (Polarization Controller) and a VOABlade (Variable Optical Attenuator) with built-in power meter. Just connect the two optical outputs to your ICR, connect your ICR to the oscilloscope and let the CoRx-Tester software do all the rest.