Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • Fiber Optic Light Sources

    Company: Fiberinthebox

    Fiber optic light sources are a necessity for performing optical fiber network testing to measure the optical fiberal loss for both single mode fiber cable and multimode fiber cables. They are designed to cover a variety of wavelength ranges to suit all optical testing needs and usually the optical light sources are used with the optical fiber power meter to test the fiber system loss. Light sources are offered in a variety of types including LED, halogen and laser. Usually the optical light source is used with the optical fiber power meters, they act as an economic and efficient solution for the optical fiber network works.

  • Flow Totalizer

    Company: R&B Instrument

    Flow Totalizer Universal input, can be used with various types of sensors, transmitters used in conjunction, without compensation to achieve a liquid (such as water, oil) flow parameters measured display, alarm control, instantaneous flow transmission and cumulative flow totalizer; can receive orifice differential input or vortex flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, electromagnetic flow meter and other flow meter input signal; a prescription, small-signal removal and multi line input correction function; can achieve 4-bit 8-bit instantaneous flow and cumulative flow with the screen display. Through the serial communication port can be implemented in the host computer to read and write all parameters. By setting the instrument parameters can be quantitatively (volume) control.

  • Multiparameters

    Company: Hanna Instruments

    an economical waterproof portable meter that measures pH, conductivity (EC), total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature with a single probe. The meter operation is simplified with dedicated buttons for measurement modes to be be displayed on the LCD and knobs for single point calibration of pH and EC/TDS. The HI9813-5 has a variable EC to TDS conversion factor that automatically changes from 0.56 to 0.78 ppm = 1 µS/cm based on the actual EC reading. All readings are automatically temperature compensated using a temperature correction coefficient (β) fixed at 2%/°C. The HI9813-5 is suitable for agricultural, greenhouse and hydroponic applications.

  • PH-3A and PH-1000 - Power Cell Power Transducers for Wide Ranging AC/DC Loads

    Company: Powertek

    You can know the load on an electric motor by measuring the electric current going to the motor (Amps). But, this is not the best way to do it since a lightly-loaded motor doesn't use the electricity very efficiently. (In technical terms, the power factor is low.)A better way to know the load is to measure the motor power. (Power is measured in Horsepower or Watts.) Motor power gives you a straight line so it works well even when the motor is lightly loaded.The Power Sensors that we make measure the motor load (Horsepower or Watts) and send a signal to meters or computers. The operator can see what the status is on the meter or, the computer can make decisions.

  • LB 96 H - Power Potentiostats

    Company: Bank Elektronik

    Precision high-voltage laboratory potentiostat / galvanostat Wenking LB 96 H, current ranges 100 µA to 100 mA, current recording threshold < 10 nA, max. output voltage ± 190 V, max. output current ± 120 mA, max. output power 20 W, reference electrode input > 10¹² Ohms, slew rate 5 V/µs, 2 superimposing control inputs, current output 2 V full scale, 3 ½-digit current meter, 3 ¾-digit potential meter. Housing 540 x 155 x 380 mm (w x h x d), weight 10 kg.

  • HP 96 - Power Potentiostats

    Company: Bank Elektronik

    Fast high power laboratory potentiostat / galvanostat Wenking HP 96, current ranges 100 µA to 10 A, current resoluton < 10 nA, max. output voltage selectable ± 40 V / ± 20 V, max. output current ± 5.5 A or ± 10 A, respectively, output power 200 W, internal control voltage ± 4V, reference electrode input > 10¹² Ohms, slew rate 10 V / µs, 2 control inputs, current output 2 V, 4 ½ digit potential meter, analogue current meter. 19" 4 HU panel, housing 550 x 198 x 380 mm (w x h x d), weight 19 kg.

  • LPG 03 - Precision Potentiostats

    Company: Bank Elektronik

    Low noise precision potentiostat / galvanostat Wenking LPG 03, current ranges 100 nA to 1 A in 8 decades, resolution < 1 pA, max. output voltage ± 35 V, max. current ± 1.1 A, max. output power 25 W, reference electrode input > 10¹² Ohms, slew rate 10 V / µs, 2 control inputs, IR-drop compensation input, monitor output current 2 V full scale, analogue current meter, 4 ½ - digit LCD potential meter, internal control voltage source ± 2 V, front panel 19" 3 HU. Dimensions 540 x 155 x 380 mm, weight 12 kg.

  • PC Suite - Reference Standard Software

    Company: Radian Research

    Metrics enables the user to view and manipulate views of all measurements including: Instantaneous, MIN/MAX, and Accumulating• Configure enables setting and control of various device parameters• Meter Test allows you to perform a test on a revenue meter• Standard Test allows you to test up to three secondary standards• Vectors graphically displays three phase vector diagrams with flexible display settings• Harmonics provides total harmonic distortion (THD) for all three phases of voltage and current waveforms, displays amplitude and relative phase angle data up to the 64th harmonic, and provides graphical representations of all harmonics information• Trend enables you to generate a trend chart for any of the instantaneous metrics

  • Kestrel 4200 - Pocket Air Flow Tracker


    The Kestrel 4200 Pocket Air Flow Tracker is a premium addition to the expanding line of Kestrel pocket weather meters. The Kestrel 4200 monitors and reports an extensive list of environmental parameters — from temperature to barometric pressure, altitude, relative humidity, and more**. Like all Kestrel 4000-series meters, the Kestrel 4200 also stores that information and even charts up to 2000 data points for later analysis. The entire Kestrel 4000 series is now available with Bluetooth Technology for wireless communication. The Kestrel 4200 has all available monitoring functions of the Kestrel 4000, plus Humidity Ratio and Air flow

  • Laser Distance Levels

    Company: PCE Instruments

    Laser distance levels are used for accurately determining the distance of an object from another object without contact, Laser Distance Meters used in the industrial sector and especially with the professions relating to construction, such as carpentry, masonry, by locksmiths, etc. this task is completed using a laser. These laser distance levels are frequently used in the industrial sector and especially with professions relating to construction, such as carpentry, masonry or locksmiths. These laser distance levels are attractive due to their ease of use and their high level of aLaser distance levels used in the industrial sector and especially with the professions relating to construction, such as carpentry, masonry, by locksmiths, etc.ccuracy in the results recorded. They come with a Leica lens, the world leader in producing optical distance measuring meters.

  • Multiline - Water

    Company: PASI Srl

    The new multi-parameter systems with intelligent, digital sensors for pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity measurement revolutionize multi-parameter measurement:
The signal processing is completely located in the sensor, and the measuring signal is transmitted to the meter without interference and in a clearly identifiable manner via thin, highstrength cables. A wide range of sensors are available for virtually every application.The MultiLine® meters are in a class of their own:
 3 models with one, two or three universal channels measure every parameter either sequentially or simultaneously. Every model possesses a brilliant color graphic display, two USB interfaces (USB-A and Mini-USB), and rechargeable batteries that can be charged directly in the device.

  • PFC-252 - Professional Floor Certification Kit

    Company: Prostat

    The PFC-252 includes Prostat's PRS-812 Resistance System Set with modified 5 pound conductive rubber electrodes and Prostat’s Cable Spacers for exact measurements. The PRS-812 wide range resistance system can take measurements at 10 and 100 volts with accuracy within ±5%. Also included is the PFK-100 Field Meter Set. The PFK-100 set includes Prostat's unique PFM-711A dual range field meter, CPM-720A charged plate monitor assembly and PCS-730 ±1 kv charging source. With this instrument set you can measure electrostatic fields, analyze ionizer performance and assess the voltage generation of materials, equipment and personnel.

  • Swift - Smart Electrode System

    Company: Advanced Geosciences

    Swift smart electrode switches are a complement to the Sting R1 Earth resistsivity meter which enables automatic measurements to be made for 2D and 3D surveys as well as depth soundings.The system consists of a central electronic and power unit which interfaces to the STING R1 resistivity meter and (optionally) to a standard PC. Connected to this control unit are the switched electrode cables with up to 254 electrodes. All electrodes are controlled from STING or from the PC depending on configuration. Any combination of current and voltage electrode connections can be set up remotely before a reading is taken.

  • IM1953 - Programmable Ammeter

    Company: Ajinkya Electronic

    An ammeter is a measuring instrument used to measure the electric current in a circuit. The majority of ammeters are either connected in series with the circuit carrying the current to be measured or have their shunt resistors connected similarly in series. We manufacture Programmable Ammeters, which are DC current indicators with High and Low alarm limits. These ammeters are acknowledged for their smooth functioning, reliability and high efficiency. Moreover, these are available with various features like peak hold, retransmission output, MODBUS serial PC Interface. Other models available are: Ampere hour meters / Watt meters / Current Voltage loggers etc.

  • ADE9000 - High Performance Polyphase Energy Metering AFE w/ Power Quality Analysis

    Company: Analog Devices

    The ADE9000 is a highly accurate, fully integrated energy-metering device. Interfacing with both current transformer (CT) and Rogowski coil sensors, the ADE9000 enables users to develop a three-phase metrology platform, which achieves high performance for Class 1 through Class 0.2 meters. Power quality features enable advanced meter designs with fast rms measurements and power quality level monitoring for EN50160 compliance. The ADE9000 integrates seven high performances ADC’s, a flexible DSP core. An integrated high-end reference ensures low drift over temperature with a combined drift of less than ±25 ppm/°C max for the whole channel including PGA and ADC.