Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • PST-500 - Battery Load Tester

    Company: Schumacher Electric

    500 Amp Carbon Pile Charging System Analyzer for 12 Volt Battery Systems • Variable load carbon pile tester offers maximum accuracy when performing battery load tests • Separate voltmeter and ammeter– allow easy viewing and understanding of battery test results • Color coded, temperature compensation pass/fail bands on volt meter • Tests batteries up to 1000 CCA

  • GM8001B - Bench-Top Lightwave Multimeter

    Company: UC Instruments

    Single or dual channel optical power meters•Single or dual channel tunable laser sources•Single or dual channel tunable filters•Optical attenuator•Single or dual channel optical spectrum analyzer•Optical channel monitors•Loss test set•Return loss test set•Tunable laser source full range sweep with 1 pm minimum step•Capable of being configurated as a passive optical component in a testing system to recordtesting spectrum curve

  • LIRA Acquire - Cable Condition & Fault Locator

    Company: Wirescan As

    The LIRA Acquire is the all new data collecting hardware from Wirescan. The unit is small in size, flexible in use and provides measurement data to any computer running the LIRA software.LIRA Acquire together with the LIRA software provides a powerful cable condition assessment and fault location tool, suitable for almost any electrical cable design ranging from less than 50 meters to hundreds of kilometers.

  • LIRA Portable - Cable Condition Monitoring & Assessment Tool

    Company: Wirescan As

    LIRA Portable is a unique Cable Condition Monitoring & Assessment Tool that provides valuable information of the condition of your cables. By using the non-destructive LIRA test method, LIRA Portable can measure all kinds of electrical cables, ranging from less than 50 meters to several hundred kilometers. LIRA Portable is sensitive to small impedance changes in the insulation material, which allows an early indication of challenging areas, detecting and localizing single and multiple faults/damages/failures and their severity.

  • Calibration Laboratory’s Quality System

    Company: Solar Light Company

    Our products are recommended for annual calibration to maintain Good Laboratory Practice. Solar Light meters and detectors should be calibrated annually and light sources should be cleaned and aligned annually.Our calibration laboratory’s Quality System is compliant to ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994.72 hour Expedited Calibration Service – For an additional 50% you can have your instrument(s) calibrated and shipped with 72 hours of reaching our door. Inquire about receiving expedited calibrations or just send your unit to us with expedited calibration service on the PO or shipping label.

  • Calibration Source Checker

    Company: Extech Instruments

    Low-cost, pocket sized calibration source checker for simulating current loops and providing a quick and easy way for checking calibration of meters or controllers. Sources three current levels: 4mA, 12mA, and 20mA. Bright red LEDs indicate simulation output and battery status. Overload indication when load exceeds 240ohms. Comes complete with 9V battery, case, and calibration cable terminated with subminiature and spade lug connector.

  • Clampmeters

    Company: Shanghai Yi Hua V&A

    New intelligent clamp meter support more availability measure function and safety protection:CAT.IV and waterproof(IP65)extend your measure environment.Up to 2000A current measurements update your measure range.Off-line data logger support up to 10,000 point record.Bluetooth wireless connection with PC for analysis and record data is expediently.Wave view can analyze the instantaneous signal and load state.Voltage and Current both measure and display same time.Power measure support VA, W, Var, PF and more.

  • MEGA-CHECK Pocket - Coating Thickness Gauge

    Company: List Magnetik GmbH

    The new MEGA-CHECK Pocket coating thickness gauges use digital measuring probes in which the analog signals are digitized directly in the probe and transmitted over the digital probe cable to the meter. This new technology is very trouble-free and allows for very accurate, repeatable measurements. The probe cable is both sides (control unit and probe) and is therefore extremely easy, because if a cable breaks, the cable must only be replaced in case. The practical format of the housing with rubber reinforced sides, is hardly bigger than the probe.

  • CPM-760A - Collapsible 6 Inch Charge Plate Monitor Assembly

    Company: Prostat

    The CPM-760A is a 20pF, 6-inch Charge Plate Monitor assembly intended for use with the Prostat PFM-711A Field Meter, PCS-730 Charging Source and PDT-740B Static Decay Timer. This handy accessory is designed to perform very accurate performance audits on overhead ionizers and room ionization systems. Used with extension wings, the CPM-760A is also used to evaluate and balance bench top ionizers.

  • C Series - Colorimeters

    Company: Eutech Instruments

    Eutech’s latest range of laboratory grade microprocessorbased portable waterproof colorimeters measure Chlorine (Free and Total), Cyanuric Acid, pH, Chlorine Dioxide, Bromine and Ozone with quick, accurate and repeatable results. The meters are easy to use because of their simple, intuitive and direct user interface. Guiding messages and self-diagnostics are displayed on a large custom-made liquid crystal display (LCD).

  • RX1550 - "RefleX" Programmable Coating Detector

    Company: EDTM

    The meter comes pre-loaded with the ability to detect:• Low-E Coatings (single pane)• Tin Side of clear (uncoated) float glass• Self-Clean Coatings (Pilkington Activ® and PPG Sunclean®)• Guardian ShowerGuard® Coatings• Guardian DiamondGuard® Coatings• Guardian Surface 4 Low-E coatings (IS15 & IS20)• Cardinal Surface 4 Low-E coatings (i81 & i89)• AR (Anti-Reflective) coatings (PPG, Guardian and Pilkington)• Saint-Gobain Bioclean® coatings

  • SP 8-100 - 14.2mm (0.56") Digit Height

    Company: Lascar Electronics

    The SP 8-100 features a 200mV d.c. measurement range with auto-zero and auto-polarity. Decimal points are user selectable. The SP 8-100 features a negative rail generator which enables the meter to measure a signal referenced to its own power supply 0V. The bright red LED display ensures excellent readability under low light conditions

  • 72-1098 - 7.0A Isolated Variable AC Power Supply

    Company: Tenma

    Variable AC supplies combine the safety benefits of an isolation transformer with the service advantages of a variable autotransformer. ?Provides isolation from the AC line when servicing ?hot? chassis equipment ?Protects AC powered test equipment ?Variable 0~145VAC output ?Safely troubleshoot power supplies, regulators and output circuits ?Minimize damage to associated components ?Dual analog meters simultaneously display output voltage and current

  • CT2666A - 900MHz RF Probe

    Company: Cal Test Electronics

    This probe allows a DMM to measure sine-wave AC signals up to 900 MHz with an accuracy of ±2.0 dB. Slim styled body for easy handling. Output is through 4mm sheathed banana plugs. The probe meets the latest IEC61010-1 international safety standards. Signals between 100k and 900MHz. Conversion factor: 1Veff = 1V DC on meter. Accuracy to ±2.0dB# Meets IEC61010-1# Accessory kit included

  • 3250A Series - AC & DC Electronic Load

    Company: Prodigit Electonics

    Voltage, Current Watt and VA display? CC, Linear CC, CR and Crest Factor mode? Can be configured in 3302C or 3300C series Mainframe? Power Factor (PF) adjustable: 1, 0.85~ -0.85? Threshold Upper/Lower limit capability? Protections against V, I, W, and ?.? Dual 4 1/2 Meter Display for Voltage, Current, Watt and VA? Suitable for Sine, Square, Step wave