Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • SY021 - Digital weight indicator & Logger - Hand held

    Company: Synectic Electronics

    This battery powered hand held digital indicator measures signals from most transducer types. The programmable gain allows for load cell, LVDT, pressure transducer, torque transducer, potentiometer and many more. The scaled value is displayed on the 2 lines of 16 characters as any unit you wish. The meter has an alpha-numeric display, with prompts that make the set up and calibration procedures very easy.

  • TS2300 - Digital Tin Side Detector

    Company: EDTM

    The new digital Tin Side Detector offers a new technology for identifying the tin surface of float glass. This new detector boasts a number of advantages over traditional bulb-style detectors:• By placing the meter on both sides of the glass, the instrument will immediately determine which surface is the tin surface.• The user no longer has to interpret the reflection of a bulb-style lamp on the surface of the glass to make a subjective guess as to which surface is the tin side.• The TS2300 can be used in any lighting conditions.

  • Digiair PRO

    Company: Emitor AB

    Frequency range of 45-860MHz.• The meter to use for easy Digital terrestial installations.• Very sensitive, easy to maximize weak and strong signals.• Signal level reads out in dBuV.• Presents one channel readout with high resolution or six channels.simultaneously or the complete spectrum.• Built in beeper (pitch tone) and maxhold function.• Aerial power output, 0, 5 and 12V.• Built in, rechargeable battery.• Power supply and car-charger enclosed.• Carrying-case enclosed.• Small and handy design.• Made in Sweden.

  • DECT3 - Digital Earth Clamp Tester

    Company: The Motwane Manufacturing

    The Digital Earth Clamp Tester measures earth / ground resistance using clamp on technology. This is major breakthrough in traditional grounding resistance measurement.DECT 2 can measure earth resistance and earth bond while DECT 3 can measure earth resistance, earth bond & leakage current measurement upto 30A.This meter is a useful addition to the more traditional methods of earth/ground resistance testing that may require disconnection & the use of stakes or ground rods.

  • DirectSense® IAQ Monitors

    Company: GrayWolf Sensing

    DirectSense® IAQ Monitors from GrayWolf make proactive indoor air quality surveys efficient and easy to conduct. Optimize the balance between facility energy efficiency and occupant health & comfort. Identify potential IAQ issues before they become problems and respond immediately to complaints with the highly accurate, extremely advanced and the most intuitive portable IAQ meters and test instrumentation available today.

  • Digital Multimeters

    Company: All-sun

    LCD display, Max.displayed value: 6000(frequency: 9999)● Measures the true-rms values of AC voltage and AC current.● Transfers the measurement readings of the meter to a computer through standard USB port ● Data-hold mode ● Analog bar graph(61 segments), reading unit indication and backlight ● Automatic polarity indication● Manual range mode and autorange mode ● Automatic/manual power-off ● Relative value measurement ● Max./Min. measurement● Overload protection, CAT III 1000V ● Provides low battery indication

  • Digital Screen Checker

    Company: Harkness Screens

    The low-cost digital cinema luminance meter for accurately measuring screen brightness. Now available, the Digital Screen Checker is an ideal tool for projection managers / projectionists or service engineers to monitor screen brightness and check lamp life. The Digital Screen Checker from Harkness Screens helps exhibitors to ensure that their presentations remain at optimum levels and ensure DCI-compliancy.

  • Digital Multimeters

    Company: Standard Electric

    4000 counts LCD with a maximum display of 3999.● Angled display design helps the user to identify the reading of value easier.● Auto ranging designed.● Range change function.● Continuity check.● Diode measurement.● Data hold function.● Low battery indication.● Over range indication.● Fuse protection.● Special hook design used to hang the meter for ease of use.

  • FGA100K5 - Function Generator / Amplifier

    Company: Crotech Instruments

    Crotech's new Model FGA100K5 is a unique 3 in 1 instrument. It consists of a function generator, a digital frequency meter & a power amplifier. The function generator generates sine, square triangle & pulse waveforms. These waveforms can be used for a variety of applications like checking amplifiers, filters etc. Also provided is a TTL/CMOS as a trigger signal for synchronising waveforms on an oscilloscope. The instrument also has a VCG input which can be used to generate output waveforms as per the input signal.

  • NS601 - Handheld Digital Signal Analyzer

    Company: Ponovo Power Co

    The handheld digital signal analyzer NS601 is specially designed for fiber optic signal instruments. This relay test- digital signal analyzer has the functions of multimeter, oscilloscope, harmonic meter and CT polarity analyzer etc. to automatically probe and analyze IEC61850-8-1, IEC61850-9-1, IEC61850-9-2/LE, and IEC60044-8 format report. For its light weight, and small dimension, it is one of the ideal lest inspection tools in substation.

  • ST-3207 - Handheld Optic Multimeter

    Company: Wuhan Sunma Technologies

    integrates the functions of an intelligent optical power meter module and of a highly stable light source module in one unit which can perform closed-loop tests by incorporating both modules. Individual regimes of operation can also be manually chosen using menu operation to switch functions. A perfect combination to make your optical fiber tests a lot more convenient.

  • 2235 GR · DGR - GCR-mini relay tester

    Company: Musashi Intek

    Condensed into a compact body, GR and DGR test functionsMicrocomputer control can be tested simply by testing the inertial propertiesStart the test output zero-cross method (reference voltage) test can be accurateThe setting function, you can set a pre-test output voltage and current output withoutVisible in the display unit displays a single collective hour meter voltage and current phaseNotice in the screen and buzzer internal circuit protection and wiring mistakes during abnormal

  • AE1601 - ETEKT+ Low E Coating Detector

    Company: EDTM

    The ETEKT + has been serving an important role for glaziers worldwide for nearly 20 years: locate invisible Low-E coatings on IG units with a definitive, non-destructive test. With the release of the AE1601 (second generation ETEKT+), we've made some improvements to the reliability and temperature stability of the meter without compromising the features our customers have grown to love.

  • OT-9900 - FiberPal iOTDR

    Company: Radiantech

    FiberPal OT-9900 iOTDR series, with power meter built-in, is designed with ultra portable, light, reliable and easy to use as Fiber Quick test and Troubleshooter to locating fiber connector, break and imperfections for PON DSN, FTTX, CATV and optical LANs. FiberPal OT-9900 iOTDR series detects event locations along the optical fiber and displays the results on a portable device like notebook, Tablet PC and Mobiles phones with Android 4.x or Windows XP/ Windows 7 operation system.

  • OT-8900 - FiberPal Mini OTDR

    Company: Radiantech

    FiberPal OT-8900 series instruments, with power meter built-in, are new miniature, high performance optical time domain reflectometer which is designed as fiber troubleshooter for locating fiber connector, break and imperfections for access networks. It detects event locations along the optical fiber and displays the results on a 7" color LCD display. FiberPal OT-8900 series are light, reliable and easy to use, hence it is ideal for FTTX testing.