Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • UDB1202S - Signal Generator

    Company: Nanjing Clean Energy

    UDB12xxS series direct digital synthesis signal generator use DDS technology and FPGA design with the characters of high stability and low distortion ect., with the function of TTL output and 60MHz frequency meter,UDB100xS series have sweep function, the start and end frequency and sweep time can be set at will. It’s the ideal equipment of electronic engineer, laboratory, production lines, the teaching and scientific research.

  • Boomerang III - State-of-the-Art Shooter Detection

    Company: BBN Technologies

    Boomerang pinpoints the shooter’s location of incoming small arms fire. Boomerang uses passive acoustic detection and computer-based signal processing to locate a shooter in less than a second. Whether vehicle mounted or in a fixed position, Boomerang detects small arms fire travelling toward it for bullets passing within approximately 30 meters of the mast-mounted compact array of microphones, even when shooters are firing from maximum effective weapons ranges.

  • PDT-740B - Static Decay Timer

    Company: Prostat

    Designed to measure the time required for a 1,000 volt charge to dissipate to less than 100, 50 or 10 volts in tenths of a second.Used to evaluate the static decay capabilities of materials, personnel, equipment and other products.Compatible with most portable CPM's and field meters having an analog output of ± 2 (10,000 volts equals 1 volt).Used in conjunction with the PFM-711A Field Meter.Can be used with the PGB-745 Decay Electrodes or PRF-911 Concentric Ring

  • SoundTrack LxT

    Company: Larson Davis

    The SoundTrack LxT Sound Level Meter was developed to meet the unique needs of those involved in workplace noise exposure assessment and plant noise surveys. With its sleek ergonomic design slender and able to be held and operated with just one hand to its exceptional exposure data presentations, the SoundTrack LxT is the perfect tool for gathering, analyzing, and presenting detailed noise environment data quickly, easily and concisely.

  • CRY5611 - Sound Level Calibrator

    Company: Hangzhou JiGao Electroacoustical

    CRY5611 Sound Level Calibrator is suit for the sound pressure calibration of sound level meter and electroacoustic tester. CRY5611 has the merit of high stability, small, light weight, low power and facility of using. Its Work frequency is 1000Hz, it has no relationship with the weighting network when be calibrated. (Attenuation of weighting network of A,B,C,D, is zero, at 1000Hz).

  • Robustness of Terminations Tester

    Company: King Design Industrial

    1. Tester: 2080W (can be extended to 3070) x 2020Hmm aluminum rack: table surface is padded by slip-stop pad.2. Air-electrical combination torque mechanism: pneumatic pump: 1hp; air pressure: 6kg/cm2; circuit & pneumatic control system.3. Torque control system: left, right & front spinning motor; positioning and rotating arm.4. Tension force corrector: pneumatic cylinder and torque meter.5. Accept customized order.

  • SCCH - Salt Fog Chambers

    Company: Singleton

    Seamless, oven-cured vinyl lining for maximum service life and corrosion resistanceClear acrylic cover optimizes test observation.Individual temperature display for Dry Bulb, Wet bulb and Humidifying tower.Internally-baffled Opti-fog® tower for uniform atmosphere and efficient solution usage.Air Flow Meter - Convenient indication of Opti-fog® performance without waiting hours for collection rates.Level-Matic® Reservoir Assembly Automatically maintains proper solution levels to Opti-fog® and Humidifying Tower.Standard operating temperature of ambient to 120°F/49°C (higher temps optional)Fully tested and certified prior to shipment.

  • ST-3111 - Six wavelengths OLS

    Company: Wuhan Sunma Technologies

    it is a handheld optical light source, newly released in 2007. It can provide 1 to 6 wavelengths output to satisfy specific requirements including the 650nm visible light source and the 1310/1550nm wavelengths for single mode fiber or the 850/1300nm wavelengths for multimode fiber, as well as other wavelengths according to customer’s needs. Together with the ST-3211 optical power meter, it is a perfect solution for fiber optic network applications.

  • IM2 Hardware - Smart Building and Energy Management Technology

    Company: IBEXIS Technologies

    These products are capable of monitoring and controlling HVAC, Security, Smoke Control and Ventilation Systems, Utility Meters, HMIs, as well as Programmable logic controllers (PLCS) and when used with our Building and Energy Analytic Monitoring Software (BEAMS) provide users with the centrally integrated, real time information they require to maintain the energy efficient and smooth operation of their building portfolios.

  • AE3600 - Single Pane Low-E Coating Detector

    Company: EDTM

    The AE3600 is optimized for testing sheets of glass in the factory. With one push of a button, users can determine if the meter is contacting the low E surface or if the coating is on surface two. Because the AE3600 does not use contact pins to identify coatings, it works every time in factory situations where the glass is covered with Lucor or other separator granules, regardless of how thick the granules are.

  • NR602 - Single Phase Relay Test Set

    Company: Wuhan NANR Electric

    NR602 Single Phase Relay Test Set adopting single-chip microprocessor technology, combining with automatic synchronized digital millisecond meter, logic control units, multi-function digital display unit, high-precision data acquisition and processing unit, current and voltage output unit, overload and over-range protection unit and other components. Comes with printing and displaying function, automatic testing process, greatly improve accuracy and efficiency.

  • Swimming Pool Testers

    Company: Shenzhen Calibeur

    PH an chlorine 2 main data in one panel. Innovation;No guess, easy read;-More and accurate reading than traditional color liquids. -Testing PH/Chlorine levels for pools and spas;-PH level for pools & spas: 7.2 to 7.8, -Chorine level for pools & spas: 1.2 to 1.7ppm; -Ultrasonic seal for meter body covers;-One switch easy operation-Size: 11.5*17*2.5cm-Weight: 165g

  • 13138 - LANtest Network/Modular Cable Test Kit

    Company: C2G Lastar

    Test cable installations up to 200 meters (656 feet). The simplest and most affordable wire-mapping device for networking cables available on the market. Use it to read the actual wiring configuration for Cat5, coaxial and modular telephone cables by comparing one transmitting end to another receiving end. Easy verification for cabling faults including discontinuity, open wires, shorts, miswiring and crossed pairs is quickly detected with the LANtest's unique LED display. Can also test the grounding. Perform all the above tests on installed cables with the included remote terminator.


    Company: Beijing GFUVE Electronics

    TEST-901 primary current injection test set adopts ARM Chip to control its output process and large capacity of toroidal transformers. It is equipped with LCD display and current meter; it can show primary current value, second current value, turn ratio and the action time. Packing is used as aluminum alloy body with PC panel. TEST-901 is mainly applied to CT turn ratio testing in the power system and contact resistance test which need large current.

  • PK-168 NEXTpro S2 - LAN Cable Tester

    Company: Pansco Ltd

    PK-168 is capable of wire mapping by pin & pair up to 300 meters, Provides Telecom, Datacom and cable installers and technicians with NEXTpro S2 includes both pin by pin continuity test and split pairs (wrong twisted pairs) detection for testing Lan cable via one-ended (no remote) testing finds split pairs, opens or shorts.