Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • 1681A - Explosive and Detonator Resistance Tester

    Company: Aeronautical & General

    The 1681A safety ohm meter has been designed to measure the resistance of different types of explosive devices such as detonators and squibs. It meets the UK Ministry of Defence standard 07-85 for intrinsically safe operation when working with explosives. It is also ATEX certified to 11 2G EEx ib 11C T4. Power is provided by four AA size approved batteries and the unit has a 3 digit display. Six measurement ranges enable it to measure resistances from 1m and 20k.

  • AT - 2040 - Vibration Sensor Test Set

    Company: Agate Technology

    The AT-2040 is designed as an advanced, self contained, battery powered transducer calibration system that does not require external equipment. This system is capable of testing and calibrating various types of transducers; Including Charge, IEPE, Piezoresistive, Velocity, 4-20ma, and Proximity (eddie) probes.In addition to test inputs the AT-2040 can simulate Charge, IEPE, Piezoresistive, 4-20ma and Proximity signals as well to insure working conditions of meters, cabling, drivers, connectors and other control room equipment.

  • HVManager - Software

    Company: Larson Davis

    HVManager is a Risk Assessment and Recordkeeping software tool for reporting Vibration measurements and predicting Personal Exposure Levels. It provides reports of vibration measurement data from hand-arm and whole-body measurements acquired from the Larson Davis HVM100 Human Vibration Meter and produces vibration database records by tool type and serial number. HVManager also compiles cumulative predicted vibration exposure levels from any combination of tools and task durations taken from the measurement database.

  • Moisture Test Chamber

    Company: Thermotron Industries

    The chamber features a self-contained water recirculation system that eliminates the cost and inconvenience of plumbing in a facility water supply. Water is injected into the test enclosure through specifically-sized nozzles. Flow meters with adjustment valves supply the spray at specified flow parameters. A rotating test platform can be incorporated to promote even moisture distribution over the surface of the products under test.

  • 2410 - Wideband Spectrum Power Analyzers

    Company: Valhalla Scientific

    Valhallas state of the art 2400 Series Power Analyzers offer high performance in both single and three phase. Unlike other instruments at this price level the 2400 is designed to operate with extreme signals generated on frequency inverter drivers. These analyzers provide precise reliable measurements for any waveform. Large clear monitor lets you read displayed values from a distance of four meters.

  • ART-3 - Shakespeare Style Antenna Radio Tester

    Company: Shakespeare Electronic

    No need to call for a radio check when you have this compact, easy to use, unit on-board. Unlike other meters in its class, the ART-3 tests receiver function as well as output power and VSWR (antenna efficiency). Frequency Range: 155-158 MHz;RF Power Scale: 0 to 30 watts. Antenna and Radio Tester, tests Tx and Rx.

  • WIMA - Antenna System

    Company: Elbit Systems Of

    The MICOM WIMA is a wide-band, mobile, and automatic antenna system. The system consists of a fast-tuning, microprocessor-controlled, antenna tuner and a six ft. (2.13 meter) fiberglass whip antenna. The tuner is rated at 125 watts for voice and limited data operation. It covers the entire HF frequency range of 1.6 to 30 MHz with a nominal VSWR of 1.5:1. Also available for increasing transmission range, is a 12 ft., three section, fiberglass whip or a Near Vertical Incidence Sky wave (NVIS) kit.

  • MS9020D Optical Loss Test Set

    Company: Anritsu

    The MS9020D is a handy optical measuring instrument that incorporates an LD or an LED light source and an optical power meter. It can also be used for return loss measurement. Every unit of the LD light source (4 types), LED source (7 types), the sensors (8 types) and the return loss measurement unit (1 type) is a plug in type, for easy exchange and highest suitability for field use.

  • MS2036A - VNA Master

    Company: Anritsu

    For field engineers and technicians who need all essential RF measurements anytime and anywhere, the MS2034A VNA Masters are the first and only truly portable handhelds with integrated 2-port vector network analyzer from 2 MHz to 6 GHz, spectrum analyzer from 100 kHz to 7.1 GHz, and power meter capabilities in a single instrument.

  • ML2530A - Calibration Receiver

    Company: Anritsu

    The ML2530A is a receiver for calibrating the output power level of such devices as signal generators and attenuators, covering the range of 100 kHz to 3 GHz. It is suitable for use as a reference level meter for the RF communications bands used by the world?s mobile communications markets. High linearity is achieved by using a level detector that uses DSP technology. The level can be measured while observing the signal waveform to be measured by using the spectrum monitor function

  • CMA5000a OTDR - Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Application

    Company: Anritsu

    The CMA5000a Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) application aids in increasing revenue through accurate fiber characterization by providing: * Ultra-fast dynamic range acquisition reduces testing time and expense * Dedicated testing modes simplify operation for all users * Power meter, light source and visual fault locator options * Up to 256,000 data points for unparalleled trace resolution * A variety of wavelengths and dynamic ranges for all applications * SCPI command support for remote operation or automated testing routines

  • Flaw Detector KL8600A

    Company: Anritsu

    The KL8600A has been specifically developed for detecting lumps and neckdowns of coated optical fiber. Using triple axis detection with a scanning rate of 50,000 times per second, the KL8600A can detect partial lumps and neckdowns of optical fiber running as fast as 1,000 meters per minute. By using three detecting axes the KL8600A provides a significant reduction in the "blind spot" area as compared with a traditional dual axes detection system

  • ML9002A

    Company: Anritsu

    The ML9002A is a compact handy power meter with a measurement level as wide as other more expensive instruments. Seven optical sensors available for different wavelengths, measurement levels, and optical input types. The ML9002A can be used to check optical disks, optical printers and optical communications systems and can back-up on-site operations as a powerful multifunctional measuring instrument for maintenance

  • MS8609A

    Company: Anritsu

    The MS8609A is a transmitter tester equipped with an internal spectrum analyzer, a modulation analyzer and a power meter. One tester covers the development to manufacturing of base stations, mobile stations and devices. BER/BLER measurement of stand-alone RF receiver modules for 3G W-CDMA mobile telephone terminals can be performed by installing the MU860920A Demodulation Unit and the MX860920A W-CDMA BER/BLER Measurement Software and combining with the Anritsu MG3681A Digital Modulation Signal Generator

  • MT8860C WLAN Test Set

    Company: Anritsu

    The MT8860C replaces existing test systems that typically require power meters, spectrum analyzers, and Gold Radios with external attenuators. The result is a test instrument with faster integration into production, offers a universal solution for all WLAN chip sets, and is simpler to maintain and calibrate. The MT8860C also reduces test system costs, increases production throughput, and delivers the most flexible WLAN testing available.