Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • Power Inverters

    Company: Whistler

    1200 Watts Continuous - 2400 Watts Peak Power3 AC Outlets - 2 USB Ports for powering/charging devices such as game systems, laptops, and moreDigital Volt/Watt Meter for monitoring power usageThermostat Controlled Fan and Overload IndicatorElectronic Circuit Protection which includes: Smart Surge Control, Overload/Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, and Thermal Cutoff

  • Grounding Power System Testing Equipment

    Company: Xi'an Sifang EM Co

    Application It is used to the earth resistance of earth grid,lightning arrester of power system,and earth equipment of other electrical equipment.Total electron-type circuit,constant current supply,good function,big output current.It take 4 wire measurement with high resolution power,less error,light weight,easy operation and portable the ideal selection of earth meter.

  • Gas Flow Analyzers and Ventilator Testers

    Company: Fluke Biomedical

    The Fluke Biomedical family of gas flow analyzers and ventilator testers measure pressure, flow, volume, oxygen concentration and gas temperature. Additionally, they test a variety of medical gas flow and pressure devices such as endoscopic insufflators, anesthesia machines, flow meters, pressure gauges and suction devices. Their versatility is part of what makes them the test tools of choice for healthcare quality and safety professionals.

  • Gas Flow Standards

    Company: Fluke Calibration

    Fluke Calibration offers molbloc/molbox gas flow calibration systems to calibrate flow meters and controllers over a very wide range of flows. The systems are fast, precise and transportable and can be fully automated using COMPASS for Flow software. molblocs, which are the heart of the measurement system, are mechanically stable, gravimetrically calibrated laminar flow and sonic nozzle elements.

  • LaserTrace - Trace Gas Analyzer

    Company: Tiger Optics

    The LaserTrace product line comprises our most versaile and powerful trace gas analyzers, capable of measuring four molecules at a time on up to four separate gas lines. This innovative product uses fiber optic cables to connect our electronics modules as far as 50 meters from their separate sensor modules. Modules can be installed in a 19" rack or populated individually in a plant or fab. With the ability to traverse a vast concentration range, the multi-channel LaserTrace takes gas analysis to a whole new level.

  • Mass Flowmeters

    Company: Krohne

    Coriolis mass flowmeters are able to measure gas and liquids and provide three direct measurement values: mass flow, density and temperature. Values such as volume, mass and volume totals are calculated, e. g. the volume flow is calculated from the mass flow and the density. Similar to variable area meters, mass flowmeters can also measure low flow rates.

  • Corona Camera

    Company: Scope T&M Pvt Ltd

    ULIRvision Gas infrared camera TG series are patented product, enable to scan and diagnose SF6 leaks even in small amounts in the electrical substations and equipment’s. As the SF6 is perfect dielectric to quench the arcs so it is widely used in gas Insulated Substations, Circuit Breakers and other switchgears but it has significant impact on global climate change. ULRIvision SF6 leak detector spots and detects gas leakage accurately with vivid thermal video images from ground level whether leakage is at nearby or from meters away.

  • ED39DIN - Multitariff energy counter

    Company: Elcontrol Energy

    ED39din 485 is a multi-functional instrument in a 9 DIN modules casing, ideal for the measurement and display of instant, average and maximum electrical consumption. ED39din can record active energy consumption on up to 4 tariff bands, selected via external digital signals. The 2 digital inputs can also be used as multipurpose pulse counters to count pulses from any kind of meter (gas, water, steam etc.).

  • Flow Computers

    Company: Badger Meter

    Cox FC30 flow computers service both liquid and gas applications. The FC30 features batching, 40-point flow meter linearization tables, and temperature viscosity correction using Strouhal/Roshko advanced linearization methods and multiple flow and control inputs. Relay outputs are independently assignable for alarms and general purpose warnings. The FC30 has serial communications, both RS232 and 485, and isolated analog and pulse outputs.

  • IM1911 - Flow Rate Indicator

    Company: Ajinkya Electronic

    Ajinkya Electronic Systems offer a series of digital and versatile IM 1900 indicators that are micro-controller based. The flow rate meters are used t measure flow of liquid as well as gas. Our series of different models are available to accept inputs such as 4-20 mA signal, pulses, unbalance bridge inputs, 0-10 / 100 mV etc. Hence, it can be interfaced to wide range of sensors. Different options as Alarm relay outputs, Retransmission of signal, set point etc. are also available.

  • SSR-6000 - Solid-State Demand Recorder

    Company: TransData

    The TransData SSR-6000 is a Load Profiling Interval Pulse Data Recorder used for recording and profiling pulse data received from electricity, gas and/or water meters. The SSR-6000 features a cover-mounted optical port and remote communications via integrated digital cellular, ethernet, telephone modem or RS232 communications options; and includes totalizing capability for aggregated metering applications.

  • SMOKE900 - Smoke Machine Tester Kit

    Company: Matco Tools

    Lightweight,compact,and durable suitcase design. Diagnostic Smoke(TM) Technology (Meets ALL OEMs specifications). Patented UltraTraceUV(R) dye (The only OEM- approved dye). Uses Shop air or Nitrogen for EVAP testing (to meet manufactures procedures). Electronic flow valve safely stop gas fumes from potentially filling your work bay. Flow meter that covers ALL leaks ranges (Gross .080" small .040" & very small .020").

  • Power Analyzers

    Company: Ainuo Instrument

    Power meter adopts ARM7 series controller as the core,using direct sampling and intellignet indentification technology,widely used for single-phase electrical equipments test,such as voltage,current,power,power factor,frequency,electric energy,time etc,Highlighted LED 3-window display ,simple and fast operation,serial communication,over limit alarm,voltage/current ratio setings and other functions,prcise and durable.

  • 8020 - Adapter/Charger ATS

    Company: Chroma ATE

    Chroma 8020 Adapter/Charger ATS is the best test system for testing Adapter and Charger in the production line. 8020 is able to test multiple UUTs concurrently that improve productivity significantly, the hardware architecture is also as flexible as Chroma 8000 ATS. There are many hardware devices available for selection such as AC Power Supply, Electronic Load, Timing/ Noise Analyzer and Power Meter.

  • 8010 - PC Power Supply ATS

    Company: Chroma ATE

    Chroma 8010 PC Power Supply ATS is the test system of choice for PC power testing on the production line. Its test performance not only compares favorably with the Chroma 6000 ATS, but also has the flexibility of the Chroma 8000ATS hardware architecture. Available for selection are a range of hardware devices including AC/DC Power Supply, Electronic Load, Timing/Noise Analyzer, Power Meter and Extended Measurement Controller.