Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • Direct-Reading Dosimeters

    Company: Arrow Tech

    The Direct-Reading Dosimeters are rugged, precision instruments. They are designed to measure and directly read, at any time accumulated dose of gamma and x-ray radiation exposure. The Direct-Reading Dosimeter is designed to satisfy military specifications for the IM-Series RADIAC METER and ANSI N13.5 and N322 requirements. The sturdy metal clip attaches the dosimeter to a pocket or any object to monitor total radiation exposure. They are hermetically-sealed and immersion proof.

  • BIBER - Discharge Measurement Application

    Company: Kisters AG

    BIBER is a discharge measurement application you can use both in the field and in the office. BIBER provides all necessary functions for direct collection of discharge measurement data through a field computer and for manual collection and evaluation of the flow measurement data in the office. In the field, BIBER works with all common measuring devices. The wireless transmission of current meter impulse measurements to the field computer is an excellent example of the flexibility offered by BIBER.

  • EMF Hunter - EMF Radiation Detector

    Company: Osun Technologies

    This EMF Hunter will detect EMF LF and HF radiation strength of all electrical appliances with numerical bar display, visual and audible alarm, and temperature reading. You could use this meter to help choose the appliances with the lowest radiation, and conduct many interesting tests including paranormal phenomena. Frequency range: 50 Hz to 5.5 GHz.

  • Motor Stator Test System

    Company: Chroma Systems Solutions

    The new Chroma 1920 integrates several of Chroma’s best instruments: the Chroma Wound Component EST Analyzer Model 19036, equipped with AC & DC Hi-Pot testing, insulation resistance measurement, 4-terminal DC resistance measurement, and impulse winding test capabilities with 10 ports for scanning; the Chroma LCR Meter Model 3252 for Ls/Q and winding phase measurement; a vacuum system and a test fixture. It also includes standard software for system control and test data collection.

  • Mini Air - Digital Thermo-Anemometer

    Company: Eurotron Srl

    Sensitive and Accurate (ultra low friction jewel bearing)• Ergonomic and easy-to-use design• Read while measuring (detached vane)• Large digits LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)• 2 meters coiled cable and mounting nut for long extension• Low power consumption• Data/Max/Min hold function• Building-in low battery indicator

  • Barometers

    Company: Control Company

    Ideal for recording ambient changes in lab, monitoring conditions affecting sample analysis, and assisting in prediction of weather changesUnit includes a barometer, thermometer, clock, altitude adjustment, and weather symbol forecasting symbolsAdjustable altitude compensation from –900 to 3600 feet (–300 to 1200 meters)Barometric trend shows current reading, previous 1, 3, 6, and 12-hour readings in bar chart f

  • ULTRAPROBE 100 - Analog Ultrasonic Inspection System

    Company: UE Systems

    The Ultraprobe senses high frequency sounds produced by operating equipment, leaks and electrical discharges. It electronically translates these signals by heterodyning them down into the audible range so that a user can hear these sounds through a headset and see them as intensity increments on the meter. Heterodyning works the same as a radio in that it accurately transforms the sounds so that they are easily recognized and understood.

  • Concrete Analysis

    Company: Hong Kong Joint Stars

    Moisture meter for walls and floors is a high-performance and digital moisturetesting equipment firstly launched in our country by our company based on introduction of foreignadvanced technology. The instrument is widely used in rendering of paints, flooring installation, floorconstruction, building, leakage inspection and repairing of houses, chimney cleaning, indoor and outdoordecoration and other industries requiring quick measurement of moisture, such as moisturemeasurement of walls, cement floor, wall tiles, marble, gypsum board, concrete, etc.

  • M143(i) - Portable Multifunction Calibrator

    Company: Meatest S.r.o.

    M143/143i Portable multifunction calibrator is cost saving solution for calibration of meters of electric quantities up to 1000 V and 20 A. It offers basic accuracy 0.01% in DC voltage needed for calibration of 3½ and 4½ digit multimeters. Resistance function is covered by eight fix resistors in range from 10 Ω to 100 MΩ. The calibrator offers TC temperature sensor simulation. It can be delivered optionally as well with RTD temperature sensor simulator. Thanks to its small dimensions and low weight the calibrator can be applied easily for field calibrations. The calibrator main application field are production lines of panel meters, multimeters, transducers, measuring amplifiers, thermometers, and calibration laboratories where the calibrator can be applied as source of standard value for calibrations, verifications and adjustments of units under test. Interface RS-232 and optionally GPIB interface bus enable automated operation in remote mode offering time saving automatic calibrations. Model M143 is fully compatible with Meatest calibration SW package CALIBER/WinQbase. Model M143i has limited AC/DC current range to 2 A against full version.

  • ZGF-120KV/2mA - DC High Voltage Generator

    Company: Wuhan Huaying Electric

    1. High accuracy and reliability: high frequency voltage is boosted by multi-double rectifier. The voltage value is stable and high accuracy. The voltage booster circuit is simple which make the tester is high reliable. 2. Small size and light weight: one person can carry the largest DC HV generator (less than 200kV/2mA). That makes the application of the tester simple and easy. 3. Perfect seal by metal housing make the high voltage booster has strong mechanical performance and high insulation ability. 4. High voltage circuit is protected by metal shell which is connected to earth. That makes the application of the tester is safety enough. 5. Protection circuit avoid the wrong operation of tester. All test should start from zero voltage. If the regulator of voltage is not at zero position the tester will be disenabled when switched on. 6. The leakage current at HV side is measured by digital micro ampere meter. The maximum error of meter can be assured is not more than 1uA.

  • I-210+ - residential metering

    Company: GE Digital Energy

    With over 3MM installed since 2009, the I-210+ has a wide install base among US utilities for residential metering installations. Equipped with a fully rated 200A service switch, this meter platform is ideal for providing basic load management functionality. Reliability In this dynamic time of regulatory scrutiny and customer engagement, you can rest assured of the product and the company behind the product. We have ANSI and ISO certified labs to ensure that our product design and manufacturing processes yield a robust product every time. Our testing procedures go well beyond the ANSI and IEC requirements , including aggressive internal standards. With the addition of GE MDS to the GE Digital Energy family, we have now included world class RF communications expertise to ensure that our meter products are hardened to withstand even the harshest of RF environments without sacrificing the quality or integrity of the metrology or the communications technology. Integrity of Supply Having a partner that can provide assurance in supply is critical when a utility begins a mass deployment of meters. GE's supply chain excellence minimizes the risk to the utility, giving them confidence to manage installation crews and provide accurate scheduling to customers. Communications Designed to specifically accommodate the communications technology required to support the smart grid, the I-210+ has the same electrical and mechanical interface as our I-210+c platform, therefore making communications interchangeable and interoperable between these two residential metering platforms. Multiple RF Mesh and PLC communication technologies are supported with a newly updated power supply on the I-210+ platform.


    Company: DURST Motor & Electric

    Single meter with rocker switch between volts and amps makes this unit a compact, powerful tester. High rate accurate discharge through heavy duty carbon pile load rheostat. Suitable for 6 and 12 volt batteries. New heavy duty cables with an in-built trace wire for high accuracy. Spiral cable protectors, fully insulated covered booster clamps for maximum safety and protection. Vented steel cabinet, carry handle. Internal cooling fan. Volts 0-16 volts Amps 0-1000 CCA, 0-500 amps, 0-150 amp/hour.

  • R4K-80 Series - Bench top DC Power Supply

    Company: Matsusada Precision

    R4K-80 series is higher performance and next generation model of existing RK-80 series DC variable power supply, which has been receiving good reputation for its innovative compact size and variable range feature. 4-digit meter and high resolution D/A, A/D converters are added newly for more precise setting and reading. Needless to say, the innovative compact size, variable range feature and high operability are remaining same as conventional RK-80. R4K-80 series is the best suitable DC power supply for a variety of applications from laboratory experiment to line productions.

  • Nor1516 - Bluetooth BA System

    Company: Norsonic AS

    The Nor1516B offers wireless communication between the PC in the hands of the operater and the measuring instruments in both the source and receiving room. The new Nor1516B system greatly simplifies the setup and communication protocols. By connecting the small external special developed Bluetooth Transceiver Nor520 directly to one or two of the Nor140 handheld sound analyser(s), a single or dual channel wireless building acoustic system may be setup with a minimum of time at almost any location. The nominal maximum distance from the analyser to the operating PC is 300 meters in free sight which for practical purposes is powerful enough to communicate through most building constructions.

  • TE6-0708C - Circuit Tester

    Company: Hangzhou Tonny Electric

    This circuit tester is a simple but extrememly useful tool. If you are trying to diagnose and troubleshoot an electrical problem, sometimes a circuit tester can help you rule out possible causes much more quickly and easily than a DMM (Digital Multi Meter). It's quick, easy and very versatile, so the test light style of circuit tester can be a lifesaver. You can use it to check any positive circuit. Headlights not coming on? if the fuse is good, you can use a circuit tester to trace the wiring path and find out what's gone wrong. If the positive path is intact, you can also use the test light to check the grounding points of the circuit.