Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • Digital Multimeters

    Company: Amprobe Test Tools

    Whether you work in industrial, HVAC, commercial or residential electrical environments, there's an Amprobe digital multimeter with features to match your requirements. From heavy-duty industrial Amprobe DMMs with CAT IV safety ratings, to pocket size meters that handle all the basics, Amprobe makes some of the best digital multimeters around. Whatever your application, there's an Amprobe multimeter ready to get the job done.

  • Turbidity / Chlorine

    Company: Sper Scientific

    Turbidity (undissolved solids) is an important measure of water quality in environmental testing, wastewater, petrochemical, beverage industry, and electroplating. Water chlorination is the process of adding chlorine (Cl2) to water as a method of water purification to make it fit for human consumption as drinking water. Sper Scientific offers Turbidity and Chlorine meters that meet the EPA method 330.5 for waste water and standard method 4500-CI G for drinking water and the ISO 7027 standards.

  • Automatic Relay Tester

    Company: AJIT Electronics

    The protective devices such as relays, overload coils, circuit breakers must be checked regularly to ensure that, they are always ready to operate correctly. If a fault occurs in the equipment, which they are protecting, routine relay testing will quickly detect the faulty, incorrectly adjusted protection circuits correctly. It is usually necessary to measure its operating time. The micro controller based time interval meter is used for this purpose in all AJIT brand relay testers.

  • 2226 - USB HD-SDI Audio/Video Codec

    Company: Sensoray Co.

    High profile H.264 HD/SD encoding and decoding Transport stream format HD (1080i, 720p) and SD (NTSC, PAL) Audio on SDI or external Audio level meter Blu-ray compatible HD/SD uncompressed frame snapshot capture Full screen 16-bit color graphics and text overlays with transparency Low latency uncompressed preview stream

  • 2180 - Resistivity Measurement System

    Company: Magnetic Instrumentation

    The Model 2180 Resistivity Meter is used to measure the resistivity of metals. The Model F-2604 fixture is optimized for holding specimens measuring 1/4" x 3/16" x 41/4" long. The fixture contains a high gain preamplifier (X20) and a four point probe assembly whose design maximizes the voltage drop along the surface of the sample.

  • Push Pull Testers

    Company: IMADA Incorporated

    Lever-operated manual systems enable rapid push/pull testing up to 220 lbf.Wheel-operated manual systems enable slower, more precise movement with the hand wheel up to 750 lbf.Motorized push/pull testers offer the most control and highest degree of repeatability with the ability to set a constant test speed and range of movement up to 1100 lbf.All push/pull testers can be configured with a digital force gauge with data output for analysis by data acquisition software. An optional digital distance meter to measure displacement is available.

  • Spring Testers

    Company: IMADA Incorporated

    Imada offers manual or motorized spring testers in vertical or horizontal configurations.Lever-operated manual systems enable rapid compression and tension spring testing.Wheel-operated manual systems enable slower, more precise movement with the hand wheel.Motorized compression testers offer the most control and highest degree of repeatability with the ability to set a constant test speed and range of movement.All spring testers can be configured with a digital force gauge with data output for analysis by data acquisition software. An optional digital distance meter to measure displacement is available.


    Company: EMSYST Ltd

    The three-phase standard PEWM-3A is used for a precise test of all types of electricity meters on site. The current can be measured via direct connection in two ranges (up to 12A or to 120A). Measurements with current clamps to 100A are also possible. The current clamps are electronically compensated.The accuracy class of PEWM-3A is 0.05 for direct measurement of voltage, current and power; class 0.2 for current clamps.

  • Consistency & Ductility

    Company: Anton Paar GmbH

    Benefit from Anton Paar’s longstanding experience in consistency and ductility testing. From essential tools for surface penetration, grease working and softening point testing to reliable breaking point testers and force-ductility meters – Anton Paar’s widely applicable solutions for consistency and ductility testing guarantee full compliance with a vast range of relevant standards.Get in touch


    Company: ETAS

    The AWS2 Signal Conditioning Unit is an excellent choice for Air/Fuel ratio measuring. It is a cost-effective alternative for those applications where our high-precision Lambda Meter LA3/LA4 is not required. Its compact size and light weight make the AWS2 ideally suited for on-board diagnostic systems or test bench use. Additionally, the AWS2 can be used for continuous measurements to determine the sensor accuracy and for map optimization.

  • Ohm-Stat Deluxe Combo Data Logger Tester

    Company: Static Solutions

    ISO-9000 conformance: no more log booksResults automatically entered onto a computerAutomatically stores results for 50,000 employeesIncludes ESD protection test log software: free upgrades foreverCE mark, NIST listedTests heelgrounders and wriststraps in 3 sec individually and simultaneouslyBarcode, mag stripe, proximity meter availableResults can be emailed and/or networkedAdjustable limits9v battery or 110/220v powered

  • Compact Inspection Camera

    Company: General Tools & Instruments

    Fits in your pocket or clips on your beltAffordable1 meter drop-proofLong, thin camera-tipped probe with excellent depth of field penetrates tight, hard-to-reach spacesProbe is waterproof, holds its configured shape, and coils inside clamshell case for storageFour camera-lighting LEDs produce bright, crisp video on large color LCDFour screen controlsFour useful probe tip accessories (pickup hook, magnetic pickup, 45 mirror, thread protector)

  • Temperature/Humidity Monitors

    Company: General Tools & Instruments

    Together, an environment’s temperature and relative humidity (RH) indicate how comfortable it “feels” to humans. General sells a variety of temperature/humidity monitors that either show real-time readings like the A600FC High Temperature Analog Humidity-Temperature Meter or log measurements over time for trending purposes such as the HT50 USB Temperature-Humidity Data Logger. Trend analysis is the rationale for another popular application for temperature/RH monitors - water damage restoration.

  • 202A-O - 3 1/2 DIGIT OHMMETER

    Company: Newport Electronics

    Model 202A-O is a low-cost 3 1/2 digit (1,999-count) resistance meter with readout directly in ohms. Four ranges are jumper-selectable: 19.99 ohms, 199.9 ohms, 1.999 kOhm, 19.99 kOhm. It is complete with low-level current excitation and open-resistance indication. The current source is tied to the reference of the A/D converter for true ratiometric operation and immunity to changes in line voltage.

  • i32 - Temperature & Process

    Company: Newport Electronics

    1/32 DIN Meter. The i32 is the first 1/32 DIN controller offering 2 SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) Form C relays, instead of the single throw relays on typical 1/32 DIN controllers. The i32 is the first to offer both RS-232 and RS-422/485 serial communications in one instrument (C24 option). Both ASCII protocol and modbus protocol are selectable from the menu.