Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • HP 99-50 - Power Potentiostats

    Company: Bank Elektronik

    High current laboratory potentiostat Wenking HP 99-50, current ranges 50 mA to 50 A, current recording threshold < 5 µA, max. output voltage ± 8 V, max. output current ± 50 A, output power 300 W, reference electrode input > 10¹² Ohms, slew rate 1 V / µs, 2 control inputs, current recorder output 2 V (full range), analogue meter. 19" 8 HU panel, housing 550 x 400 x 380 mm (w x h x d), weight 38 kg.

  • HLE-Z - Rack & Pinion Drive

    Company: Parker Hannifin

    Parker’s HLE-Z, the "endless" linear module, is a quiet running linear drive unit designed to position payloads over very long travels with high rigidity and repeatability. It is ideal for overhead gantry robots, storage and retrieval systems, and other applications requiring long travels, high performance, and maintenance free operation. A standard unit can transport payloads that weigh as much as 600 kilograms over distances up to fifty meters. The HLE-Z features a unique new “Par-Trac” drive system, an innovative variation of a conventional rack and pinion drive which offers the same advantages of the rack and pinion, without many of the drawbacks.

  • IHC - Precision Measurements

    Company: Isabellenhütte Heusler

    Operating range between 300 A and 1,000 A continuous currentAccuracy: 0.1% ± 100 mA or 0.3% ± 300 mA of the measured value*Current measurement resolution: 0.015 A or 0.004 A*DC isolation voltage: up to 891 V (IEC 60747-5-2)Interface: RS232, RS485 (isolated)Current output parameters: DC component, effective value of AC component, effective AC/DC value, peak value, time integral, oscilloscope functionVoltage output parameters: DC component, effective value of AC component, effective AC/DC value, peak value, oscilloscope functionPower: apparent power, effective power, time integral (kWh meter)Bus bar temperature -40 °C to 85 °C

  • P1 - PowerStation

    Company: Compumotor Division

    A powerful display-based panel replacement alternative CTC's 1/4 VGA PowerStation is a powerful, PC architecture hardware and HMI solution for your panel replacement applications. The Model P1 workstation includes Interact software for panel replacement and alarming, plus graphics capability. This software combination makes it easy for you to replace pushbuttons, digital meters, and other devices used in panels, eliminating the time and cost of hardwiring. The Model P1 PowerStation gives operators the information they need to more effectively monitor and control your machine or process. In addition, free-form graphics and animation capability enables you to provide a realistic representation of your application.

  • Profoscope - Rebar Locator

    Company: PASI Srl

    The Profoscope is a versatile, fully-integrated rebar detector and cover meter with a unique real-time rebar visualization allowing the user to actually “SEE” the location of the rebar beneath the concrete surface to a maximum depth of 180 mm. This is coupled with rebar-proximity indicators and optical and acoustical locating aids. Rebar diameter can also be estimated within the specified testing range. The Profoscope combines these unique features in a compact, light device that allows the user to operate this rebar detector with one hand making the task of locating rebars a simple and efficient process. In addition, Proceq’s rebar detector convinces through its intuitive user interface making rebar detection easy.


    Company: Hipotronics Incorporated

    The CET-2000 can be used with a high voltage coupler (HVC-4100 Series) and a time domain reflectometer (TDR-1150 or TDR-1170) to quickly provide a specific distance to the fault in feet or meters. This combination of equipment can greatly reduce the amount of high voltage discharge (number of thumps) on the cable resulting in reduced damage or degradation to the cable under test. The package is very lightweight for the voltage and energy rating which makes for easy installation in all types of vehicles. The standard 5 feet output cable easily connects to a Hipotronics 8100 Cable Reel with a lockable MC connector. A standard MC locking plier termination is included.

  • HX601E - Pressure Data Logger

    Company: Huaxin Instrument

    HX601E Pressure Data Logger with its software forms an integrated data logging solution. The software application handles all of the transfer and saving of data to your computer's hard drive, while Pressure Datalogger performs all of the actual data collection. Once measurement data have been collected and transferred, the data file can be saved directly into Microsoft Excel sheets.HX601E Pressure Data Logger can be used for real-time measurement and recording of pressure value in water, power, oil, chemical, metallurgy, meter industries. In this particular model, a 4-20 mA current input channel is implemented for a second instrument data logging.

  • 1500 - Portable Dew Point Monitor

    Company: Edgetech Instruments

    The Model 1500 is a self contained system; not only is there no field assembly required, there’s no need to carry around a myriad of individual components such as control boxes, sensors, cables, pumps, and power cords. Simply attach the sample line, adjust the flow (with the integral flow meter) and turn on the power. Within minutes you’ll be collecting field dew point data with the same chilled mirror accuracy of a lab standard hygrometer. And with a nominal battery life of 12 hours, you will be able to collect for the entire shift or spot check your processes for several days.

  • TE6-0713 - Professional Circuit Tester

    Company: Hangzhou Tonny Electric

    This circuit tester is a simple but extrememly useful tool. If you are trying to diagnose and troubleshoot an electrical problem, sometimes a circuit tester can help you rule out possible causes much more quickly and easily than a DMM (Digital Multi Meter). It's quick, easy and very versatile, so the test light style of circuit tester can be a lifesaver. You can use it to check any positive circuit. Headlights not coming on? if the fuse is good, you can use a circuit tester to trace the wiring path and find out what's gone wrong. If the positive path is intact, you can also use the test light to check the grounding points of the circuit.


    Company: Nippen Electrical

    This is flush mounting micro controller based instrument with multilayer PCB having SMT components offering accuracy and reliability along with reduction in EMI and EMC interference. These are specially designed to simultaneously measure, display and communicate several electrical parameters. This meter is an Ideal data source for effective Energy management, SCADA, PLC, BMS etc to measure as many as 36 parameters on 23 display pages, which are true RMS. The readings are displayed on 3 line bright Red 7 segment LED, each row/ line having 4 14.2mm high LEDS.

  • Stroboscopes

    Company: PCE Instruments

    Stroboscopes are used to measure revolutions, velocity and frequency of rotating components or moving parts. Online you will be able to find stroboscopes by PCE and several other companies. Some stroboscopes can be used without a mains adaptor as they have rechargeable batteries and each model is light and easy to use. For these reasons they are perfect for on-site work for busy professionals in many sectors of the industry. Some of the stroboscopes have a high light intensity of 600 to 900 lux at a distance of 1m. The high-end products of the Beacon-series have even got a luminosity of 1374 lux on a distance of 5 meters.

  • DTS SMX - Surface Mount 3 Phase Energy Sub-meter

    Company: Measurlogic

    Line powered single / three phase energy sub-meterClass 0.5 Energy Meter** (ANSI C12.20) - “Revenue grade”NEMA 4x weather-proof surface mount enclosureBi-directional for renewable systems (NET metering)Interfaces with “safe” mV, RopeCTs or 1/5A CTsFused Voltage Terminals included for quick installationEasy access voltage and current terminationsEmbedded Ethernet connectivity - Modbus/TCP, BACnet/IP, SNMP or DNP 3.00RS-485 connectivity - Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TPCommunications setting via DIP switches for Modbus RTULonWorks FT-10 communicationsPulse output standard2 digital status/counter inputs OR digital outputs - optional

  • MW14 - Iron Handy Photometer

    Company: Milwaukee Instruments

    The revolutionary new range of Milwaukee handy photometers are compact and easy to use, have a modern design, and measure Free Chlorine (MW10); Total Chlorine (MW11); Phosphate (MW12); Iodine (MW13) and Iron (MW14). Their main advantages are the small size, and the real simplicity when doing measurements on the spot. Within a few minutes you can get the required result on the LCD and the instrument directly displays the concentration of the specific component in ppm. The meter automatically turns off after 2 minutes in order to save the battery.They work exactly the same way as the other Milwaukee photometer

  • LRF-8801 - Laser Range Finder

    Company: Dongguan Kejian Instrument

    Range(use target plate for longer : 0.05-60 meter(0.02ft-197ft) Masuring accuracy up to 80m(in the room) Typ:±1.5mm Smallest unit displayed :1mm Laser class :Class2 Laser type :635nm,< 1mw Automatic switch off : 3minutes of inactivity Display illumination Minimum/Maximum measurement, Continuous measurement Addition/Subtration Pythagoras measurement Area/volume calculation Trapezoid measurement Triangular area measurement Historical storage ( 30) Measure range of tilt sensor :±45° Accuracy of tilt sensor :±0.3° Battery life, TypeAAA,4*1.5v :up to 20000 measurements IP rating : IP54 Dimension/Weight :116*52*28 mm/129g Storage/Operating Temperature :- 2.5°C-70°C, -10°C-50°C

  • EL08 Series - Load Banks

    Company: Manatronics Pty Ltd

    Quality ProductRugged and Reliable DesignVery Cost effectiveMicroprocessor controlled36 Amps at 230V (continuous rating). 36 Amps down to 153V.Also 25 Amps at 110V and 11 Amps at 48V.8.2kW Rated.Option for19 inch Rack Mount caseContinuously variable currentConstant Current operation is standardOptions for CP, CR, CV modes.Mains poweredTwo LCD digital panel meters for Voltage and currentThermally safeFan fail detector on all fans / Air flow blockage detectorsOvervolt protectionShunt output is availableRemote enable / disable (suitable for UPS control)Anderson SB ® Series Connector for DC power connectionPortable – very light weight Load