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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • Chroma LCR Meters

    Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc.

    Some of the key features to look for in an LCR meter (also known as an impedance meter) are: accuracy, test frequency, measured parameters, test voltage and test current. Additionally, an easy to understand display of test results and the ability to access and use these results has become increasingly important. Component testing often requires much more than simply a resistance, capacitance or inductance value at a given test frequency and stimulus voltage. An LCR meter or impedance meter must have the flexibility to provide multi-parameters over wide frequency and voltage ranges.

  • Meters for Reclaimed Water

    Badger Meter

    Badger Meter offers precise revenue-generating measurement for non-potable water distribution. If your community is faced with increasing water costs and limited water resources, you may be considering installing or upgrading a reclaimed water distribution system. If so, make certain your system is equipped with meters from the Badger Meter family of Disc and Turbo Series meters exclusively for measuring non-potable water in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

  • Laser Distance Meters

    PCE Instruments

    Laser distance meters are used for accurately determining the distance of an object from another object without contact, this task is completed using a laser. These laser distance meters are frequently used in the industrial sector and especially with professions relating to construction, such as carpentry, masonry or locksmiths. These laser distance meters are attractive Laser Distance Meters used in the industrial sector and especially with the professions relating to construction, such as carpentry, masonry, by locksmiths, etc.due to their ease of use and their high level of accuracy in the results recorded.

  • Laser Power & Energy Meters

    Ophir Photonics

    Ophir laser power meters work on the smart plug principle. This means that almost any Ophir power meter can work – plug and play – with almost any of the wide range of Ophir sensors. Ophir power meters are also the most precisely calibrated units on the market thus measuring with the highest accuracy. Noted for their versatility, ease of use, and user friendly interface, Ophir meters can be used stand-alone or interfaced with LabVIEW or the user's own software.

  • Handheld Capacitance Meter

    U1701B - Keysight Technologies

    Capacitance meters do not always need to be on the bench. Neither do they always need to strain your budget. Keysight's new U1701A capacitance meter now puts the capacitance meter into the palm of your hand while doing random checks across the production floor or performing checks at your inspection or sorting stations. With wide measurement range, and features to ease your sorting tasks, the U1701A puts a new level of convenience into the world of capacitance meters.

  • Advanced Panel Meter

    CT Meter - Trumeter Technologies Ltd.

    The APM CT Meter completes the range alongside the Amp Meter and Shunt Meter, enabling all types of accurate current measurement to now be available. When used with an external current transformer, it is possible to accurately measure up to 10,000 amps, whilst providing a range of features including set-points and dynamic backlighting, which have made the APM range the most popular panel meter on the market today.

  • Optical Power Meters

    Ophir Photonics

    Ophir IRG Optical Power Meters are highly accurate and can measure from picowatts to 3W. Unlike most optical power meters, they can measure either free space beams or fiber coupled beams. Since the beams are coupled from the fiber optics thru air into the receiver, there are no errors in measurement due to improper fiber mating. The PD300-IRG and 3A-IS-IRG optical power meters are compatible with all Ophir meters and PC interfaces.

  • Pitot Tube Pressure Meters

    PCE Instruments

    Pitot tube pressure meters are integral in measuring the velocity of gas and air flow. Pitot Tube Pressure Meters to measure the velocity of gas and air flowDifferent types of Pitot tube pressure meters with distinct characteristics can be found in our catalogue. Pitot tube air flow meters are based on the classic Prandtl tube, which includes a Pitot tube to measure total pressure and a sensor to measure static pressure.

  • Pocket Weather Meter

    Kestrel 4000 -

    The Kestrel 4000 Pocket Weather Meter is the baseline wind and weather meter in the Kestrel 4000 series. What sets the 4000 series apart from the rest of the Kestrel family is that these high tech weather meters have the capability to store up to 2000 points of weather data, enabling you to track changes in the environment over time. This unique function opens up an entirely new realm of weather tracking capabilities for Kestrel Meter users.

  • SRM-362 Standard Reference Meter

    SRM-362 - Kongter Test & Measurement Co., Limited

    Phase: 3Accuracy: Class 0.05AC voltage measurement: 0-660VAC current measurement: 0-120AWith high accuracy and reliability, SRM-362 is used as standard reference meter to test electric meter, energy meter and all kinds of AC electric quantity. These make it widely applied in measurement center, power supply corporations, power stations, quality control departments, research institutions, universities, manufacturers of electric meters, etc.

  • Blue ESR/Low Ohms Meter

    Anatek Instruments

    This is the fully-assembled, cablibrated and tested Blue ESR/Low Ohms Meter The latest and best Bob Parker design and successor to the famous Dick Smith ESR/Low Ohms Meter. This handy and affordable meter measures capacitor equivalent series resistance (ESR) in the circuit. ESR is a very important characteristic of capacitors greater than 1 ufd. This meter makes measurements which are often impossible to check with capacitance meters.

  • Vortex Flow Meters

    Omega Engineering, Inc

    A vortex flow meter is suitable for flow rate or flow totalization measurements in industrial grade, brass or all plastic models. Its sensitivity to variations is low in process conditions and low wear relative to other types of flow meters. It is indicated for low initial maintenance costs. Vortex meters are custom built as they require appropriate sizing for different applications. Contact our Engineering department after choosing one of the vortex flow meters avalable.

  • Vortex Flow Meters

    Sparling Instruments

    Vortex flow meters with rugged material construction and design engineering that are suited for a wide array of applications. Injection molded and constructed of durable (PPS) polyphenylene sulphide material and stainless steel, these vortex meters can withstand extreme temperatures. These robust vortex flow meters are small, compact, lightweight measuring devices and available in a wide variety of configurations and options including wafer, flanged and with replaceable sensors. For questions or to custom configure a vortex meter for your specifice application, contact your local Sparling representative.

  • Power Quality Meter

    Electro Industries/GaugeTech

    technology leading revenue and power quality meter. With Constant Calibration architecture, the Nexus 1500+ meter is designed specifically for high accuracy applications, providing 0.06% accuracy throughout its calibration range, from 0.1 A to 20 A. Using the auto-calibrating Constant Calibration architecture circuit, this meter offers superior accuracy and stability through its temperature range. The meter is intended for substation and critical load metering applications.

  • Digital Counter & Frequency Meter

    XC-4 - Non-Linear Systems

    NLS panel mount digital counters, frequency meters, and interval timers are available in four case sizes and feature a wide range of functions. These versatile, rugged, and low cost meters find many applications. Features in various meters include highly accurate crystal time base circuitry, counts of up to one million per second, frequencies to 60 MHz, battery back-up and a presettable decimal point. Multiplexed BCD outputs are also available for some meters