Meters: sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • Distance Meters

    Company: PCE Instruments

    Distance meters are used for accurately determining the distance of an object from another object without contactDistance meters used in the industrial sector and especially with the professions relating to construction, such as carpentry, masonry, by locksmiths, etc., this task is completed using aDistance meters are used for accurately determining the distance of an object from another object without contact, this task is completed using a lase laser. These distance meters are frequently used in the industrial sector and especially with professions relating to construction, such as carpentry, masonry or locksmiths.

  • Thickness Meters

    Company: PCE Instruments

    The principles behind measuring paint and coating thickness in these thickness meters is the magnetic induction or the interference to current. These thickness meters can be used for all types of metal surfaces (steel, iron, non-ferrous metals). For these reasons, the thickness meters can be used wherever there is a galvanizing process. These devices are particularly practical for quality control in anodizing, galvanizing and zinc coating. They are also perfect fThickness Meters for determining the thickness of paint and surface coatings.or measuring body paint thickness on cars.

  • Volt Meters

    Company: Global Digital Instruments

    SenDEC LED Volt meters were developed to fill the need for a modern, high quality, super rugged DC Volt meter at an economical price.?? These solid state meters display the equipment's DC voltage level using a 10 segment LED bar graph display.?? Each bar represents 1 volt and corresponds to the printed voltage on the meter face.?? Models may be ordered for 12, 24, 36, or 48 volt DC systems.??

  • Power Meters

    Company: PITE TECH.

    PITE has combined experience of 35 years in developing and manufacturing power meter calibrating equipments, PITE''s new series testing systems have been widely applied by metrological institutes, QC department, test laboratories, meter manufacturer and management department of energy providers. With optional standard referenced meter, amplifier, meter position and so on, customers with different demands will find their ideal models accordingly.


    Company: Photonix Technologies

    The LANLITE™ series of optical power meters provides the test technician with an inexpensive, accurate, and easy to use instrument for making power and loss measurements in the LAN environment.LANLITE™ meters are NIST traceable, calibrated test instruments featuring a dynamic range as broad as 55dB and a resolution of 0.1dB. LANLITE™ meters also have distinct advantages over expensive add-on fiber modules. LANLITE™ meters do not require a docking unit or mainframe to provide intelligence.

  • 9000B - Power Meter

    Company: Krytar

    The Krytar Model 9000B is a low cost, high performance CW power meter using a diode based power sensor. The power meter can measure power levels from -39 to +20 dBm and cover frequencies from 100 kHz to 40 GHz. With bench and field service applications in mind, the power meter was designed to be completely portable. The power meter can be used for swept measurement.

  • Light Meters

    Company: Edmund Optics

    Light Meters are used to measure the light output of an illumination source for a number of optical applications. Light Meters are measurement devices that feature photodiodes to determine the level of light transmitted from a source. Light Meters possess simple, easy to read screens upon which measurements are displayed in one or more photometric units. Most Light Meters possess traceable NIST certification for proof of accuracy.


    Company: Nippen Electrical

    NIPPEN's Frequency Meters are of two types:1) Vibrating Reed Type Frequency Meters.2) Transducer Type, Pointer Frequency Meters.VIBRATING REED TYPE FREQUENCY METERSThe vibrating reed frequency meter has steel reed elements placed in the field of an electromagnet. The reeds vibrate in resonance with the energizing Alternating Current of this electromagnet. Meters are manufactured having 11, 13 or 21 reeds

  • Oxygen Meters

    Company: PCE Instruments

    There are oxygen meters for both pure oxygen content and for oxygenconcentration in water available. Oxygen meters can be either water-proof, or equipped with an internal data storage or as a classic edition for laboratorial applications. Most of our oxygen meters are handheld devices due to the fact that they are the most demanded chemical instruments for water analysis with a high accuracy and easy handling. Calibration of oxygen meters for water is very easy to perform (manual two-points calibration or automatic calibration), therefore even inexperienced users can learn to calibrate the instrument (mostly calibration by atmospheric air).

  • Moisture Meters

    Company: Shenzhen Graigar

    A moisture meter is an essential instrument used in many industries to detect moisture content in materials. Home and building inspectors rely on moisture meters to identify potential problems and damage to structures from moisture buildup. Woodworking industries, such as furniture makers, use wood moisture meters to insure a quality product. Flooring contractors use moisture meters to determine ideal conditions when installing a floor over a concrete slab or subfloor.

  • Hardness Meters

    Company: PCE Instruments

    The hardness meters that you will find on our website are used for determining surface hardness. We have a selection of hardness meters for determining the hardness of metal, plastic, rubber, fabric, etc. These hardness meters measure the hardness in Rockwell B, Rockwell C, Vickers HV, Brinell HB, Shore, HS, Leeb HL or in hardness units (DIN ISO). These deviceThe Hardness meters that you will find on our webpages are used for determining surface hardnesss are especially practical in areas of production, quality control and technical service due to their portability. One advantage of digital hardness meters is the internal rechargeable battery found in model PCE-1000.

  • KT7120 - Clamp meter

    Company: KTI Ketai Instrument

    Universally usable analogue clamp meter in a compact housing

  • KT7170 - Clamp meter

    Company: KTI Ketai Instrument

    Analogue current clamp meter in a handy and compact housing

  • Sound Meters

    Company: Anaheim Scientific

    Meters that measure sound vibration, pressure, levels, or frequencies.

  • Power Meter

    Company: Appointech

    A meter for measuring the amount of electric power used.